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  • Summary: In PANGYA: Fantasy Golf, players practice and perfect their swing on the nine fantasy fairways of Pangya Island. Combining golf gameplay, endless customization options and a slew of sassy female characters set in beautiful environments, PANGYA: Fantasy Golf is based on the global PC MMO PANGYA game developed by Ntreev Soft, and boasts an original storyline with new, exclusive features for the PSP system. Players can utilize the in-game Pangya Shop to customize as many as 18 playable characters and their golf equipment with thousands of unlockable accessories, outfits, gear and power items to improve their golfer's stats and land that hole-in-one. Multiple gameplay modes including Story, Free Round, License, Tournament and Network Mode offer an engaging and varied golf experience. Additionally, Network Mode allows the ultimate golf gaming fan to connect with up to eight players and compete against one another in either single or team-based tournaments. [Tomy Corporation] Expand
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  1. Sure, it can overload the senses with cuteness but in the end it will win you over with its enchanting style and satisfying gameplay.
  2. 80
    Despite Pangya: Fantasy Golf's technical shortcomings, it's still really fun and has a lot of replay value. You could spend 15 to 20 hours playing through the Story mode alone, followed by tons of challenges to complete and tournaments to join.
  3. Even though Pangya is not the most unique title gameplay-wise, it is still enjoyable.
  4. Pangya: Fantasy Golf is a decent golf title on the system, and it's nice to have something else to play other than Hot Shots.
  5. Pangya should provide golf fans (and RPG fans mildly interested in golf) dozens of hours of entertainment with its several modes, gentle learning curve, and unlockable content. [Aug 2009, p.73]
  6. Pangya may not be as technologically robust as its competition, but it definitely makes up for it in personality. Golf is rarely this weird, but we loved every minute of it.

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  1. Jul 7, 2014
    I find Pangya simply the best of them all other Gold games. First of all, the system of Pangya is easy-to-learn and neat. The animations are simply great, the dialogs between some characters are funny, especially those between Uncle Bob and Lolo. It could have been better if they updated the game... but it still rocks! Expand

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