Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice PSP

  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Jan 29, 2008

Mixed or average reviews - based on 44 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 44
  2. Negative: 0 out of 44
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  1. VideoGamer
    Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is one of the best PSP games I've played.
  2. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    The original "Pursuit Force" remains one of our top PSP games. The missions have more variety this time around. [Feb 2008, p.75]
  3. AceGamez
    Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is a high-octane, lighthearted, linear game and it's a must play for every PSP owner. Most importantly, the game is fantastic fun to play, using every section of its large amount of modes to make you enjoy every moment.
  4. A pure, unadulterated action flick boiled down into its simplest parts, Extreme Justice wantonly flaunts its ignorance of depth or basis in reality and as a result walks away a top-notch portable effort, and a damn fine follow-up to the original.
  5. Games Master UK
    Full-pelt gaming that does everything it said it would very well. [Dec 2007, p.84]
  6. Fans of the original Pursuit Force game shouldn't hesitate for a second in purchasing what is essentially a textbook example of a substantial sequel. Newcomers to Pursuit Force should also strongly consider getting hold of this game, which complements the PSP so perfectly.
  7. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    Action fans won’t be disappointed by this game. The fun factor throws realism out the window and there’s hardly a dull moment. [Nov 2007]
  8. Play Magazine
    Pursue this game. [Jan 2008, p.61]
  9. 80
    Does Extreme Justice live up to the fast-paced nature of the original game? Yes it does thanks to its rail-shooting sequences and breathtaking leaps between vehicles. Its story is also rather intriguing and fun to play through.
  10. The multiplayer games are great, along with the new Bounty and Challenge stages for those desiring a bigger challenge.
  11. 80
    Overall, though, despite the ridiculous scripture and the lacking on-foot crap, Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is a rock-solid sequel, one that you won't mind coming back to for breezy runs through the city.
  12. The PSP has definitely turned a corner in the past few months, and this latest Pursuit Force really illustrates what the system is capable of when developers really care about making a quality game with an original property.
  13. 80
    Extreme Justice is no world beater, and you wouldn't call it deep; but it is a solidly crafted action game with a good amount of gameplay. If you enjoyed the first Pursuit Force, this one's even better. And putting away bad guys is always a good time.
  14. This isn't a huge leap forward, it is more of a gracious step forward that offers enough to keep the game at status quo. This game doesn't reinvent the wheel, it just improves the wheel to last longer and perform better.
  15. 78
    As no-nonsense arcade thrills go Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is something of a flawed diamond. Behind the wheel its huge fun and the jumping from car to car idea works so well you wonder why it's not been done before. The on foot sections however are awkward and frustrating enough to wipe the smile off your face every time they appear.
  16. 77
    Extreme Justice is a definite improvement over the first title and kudos for trying to expand the Pursuit Force universe.
  17. Pursuit Force increases the action and goes more over-the-top in Extreme Justice.
  18. Play UK
    More forgiving than its predecessor, Extreme Justice makes few changes to the "Chase HQ" formula. The graphics are identical and cut-scenes are slightly entertaining, but the ideally replayable missions make this a valid release. [Issue#159, p.74]
  19. Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice still feels like a bit of a shallow showcase title, albeit a less impressive now that over two years have passed.
  20. 75
    Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is an entertaining action game with plenty to do and see. Though players won't bore of tearing up the highway in a cop car, boss battles may eventually get the better of you.
  21. Extreme Justice is a worthy sequel to the first Pursuit Force but it’s far from a perfect game despite a few new additions and improvements. Still, its fast pace and action-packed missions will keep you more than busy from start to finish.
  22. An action-packed story mode and plenty of extras make Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice a worthy sequel to one of the PSP's more innovative action games.
  23. 75
    The addition of multiplayer adds plenty of gameplay and luckily removes some of the frustrations you’ll encounter in single-player.
  24. If you enjoyed the first title, this one definitely has improvements and will satisfy your craving for more.
  25. I don't expect this game to be a smash hit because it is a simple cops and robbers chase arcade that's off the commercial radar. However, the game is a lot of mindless fun.
  26. Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is solid game for the PSP and it is a fun little game for gaming on the go.
  27. Game Informer
    With a little more polish BigBig might have had a good series on its hand, but it's not quite there yet. [Feb 2008, p.102]
  28. PSM3 Magazine UK
    A rip-roaring ride, but it's a shame it feels so familiar. [Dec 2007, p.83]
  29. Pursuit Force remains a great idea in search of the right execution, and there's clearly a fantastic arcade game in here absolutely bursting to get out, but it's still not there yet. Not quite.
  30. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    Extreme, yes; pursuit, lots of it; fun, mostly; but essential? Not really. [Jan 2008, p.123]
  31. Although it isn't quite the game it could be, Extreme Justice is nevertheless a polished, outrageous and – most importantly – highly competent video game equivalent of the kind of films that have turned high-camp action into an art form.
  32. With new additions like the Shop, leaner graphics and a custom difficulty option, ensure this is the best Pursuit Force yet. Twenty-plus hours of macho gaming in your hand.
  33. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Extreme Justice works though, because it delivers simple, primitive thrills with absolute clarity. [Dec 2007, p.103]
  34. 70
    It's not going to blow you away but it is fun enough to keep you engaged for a few hours. [Mar 2008, p.88]
  35. 70
    It's unapologetically cheesy in presentation, from the one-dimensional characters to the terrible dialogue to the awkwardly awful stereotypes, but it's oddly endearing.
  36. Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is the sort of game ‘real’ gamers hate to acknowledge, and having it in my collection makes me feel somehow illicit, like a raw-foods vegan tucking into a Big Mac. It’s bold, brash, skin-deep but oddly irresistible, and while it doesn’t leave my desk with a firm recommendation, fans of arcade action could certainly do worse.
  37. Even though Extreme Justice keeps throwing out issues such as bland foot missions and the uninteresting Challenges mode, it’s still got 30 levels of decent gaming wrapped in an entertainingly cheesy story.
  38. Those who had a blast with Pursuit Force will likely also very much enjoy the sequel, as it's more of the same. If you haven't played the first game however I'd almost recommend going for that version before going "Extreme".
  39. Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is grounded by its single acrobatic gimmick. The game itself is a well-presented - but ultimately shallow - series of car chases, shooting sequences, and escort missions.
  40. It feels as if, somewhere during development, the overall idea suddenly got truncated and was left as a concept stretched out into a full game, so it eventually wears out nearly every idea it's got.
  41. Edge Magazine
    Far from perfect but enduringly hard to dislike. [Dec 2007, p.95]
  42. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    It'd be so much better as just a driving game. [Feb 2008, p.84]
  43. 55
    Extreme Justice throws a lot out there and hits the mark on a few counts, but it doesn't all come together as a cohesive whole.
  44. games(TM)
    For those moments of genuine excitement and exhilaration, it’s a game that will put a smile on your face. [Dec 2007, p.132]

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#26 Most Discussed PSP Game of 2008
#28 Most Shared PSP Game of 2008
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  1. Paul
    Feb 7, 2008
    I did not expect this game to be this good. I played the fitst Pursuit Force (about halfway through) and thought it was decent. Pursuit Force:I did not expect this game to be this good. I played the fitst Pursuit Force (about halfway through) and thought it was decent. Pursuit Force: EJ takes it to another level. I really believe this is the game they always meant to make. This game is simply FUN. That is why we play right! Graphics are very sharp and impressive. Gameplay is fast and frantic - it feels like you are in a high speed chase in a Hollywood movie. I was shocked at the depth too (52 levels and you will want to replay them to earn stars to unlock more items for the game). Worth the 30 bucks for sure. Full Review »
  2. Feb 11, 2014
    One of the hidden golden gems of the old, dusty and forgotten PSP. I made the mistake of trading it in for Juiced 2: HIN and regretted it everOne of the hidden golden gems of the old, dusty and forgotten PSP. I made the mistake of trading it in for Juiced 2: HIN and regretted it ever since. It was action packed and had a really good story, and even if the screenshots don't look so pretty, once in action this game looks absolutely stunning. A must buy for the PSP. Full Review »
  3. Apr 12, 2012
    Pursuit force is great franchise. Too bad it is buried now, but anyway it is worth checking. You won't find anything like this.