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  • Summary: (Currently available in the UK/EU only) Play as Amitie in the Story Mode to unveil an adventurous story. Amitie will encounter characters who challenge her for a battle of Puyo. Players try to obliterate opponents by linking explosive combinations, and bombarding them with massive chain reaction combo attacks with Fever Mode. Expand
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  1. A pretty standard affair. If you’re a connoisseur of block games or are just on the market for one and don’t particularly care which, then this one is certainly as good as the next.
  2. This version of Puyo Pop feels like nothing more than a last ditch attempt to squeeze some money out of a game that has been converted to every platform available in the last two years. It adds nothing - unlike the 8 player mode offered by the DS.
  3. A solid, deceptively intricate puzzler that is best enjoyed against human opposition.
  4. If you have ever been enticed by the simple yet compelling gameplay of Puyo Pop, this latest PSP version is a great way of continuing the habit. But let me warn you now - it's highly infectious!
  5. The single player experience is good enough to practice on before you go into battle with your friends, but the battle itself is where the action is at.
  6. It's a solid puzzle game that doesn't do anything very wrong. Sadly, nor does it do anything we haven't seen before, and at thirty notes you'd be much better off with top PSP puzzler "Lumines." [July 2006, p.108]
  7. As far as block or blob-based puzzlers go, Puyo Pop Fever is perfectly adequate, but the PSP happens to have a few better alternatives: "Lumines" offers a more classy experience, while "Koloomn" is a more original title, and one that will take every brain cell to master.

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