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  1. It's almost worth playing Chronicles just to appreciate how bad it is. Almost, but definitely not. [Apr 2010, p.112]
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  1. May 5, 2011
    I really enjoyed the original Puzzle Quest game which I bought on the PS2. Later when Puzzle kingdoms came out on Wii I decided to give that a chance and appreciated the small differences, afterall you don't want to buy exactly the same game. When I saw this game just by chance I decided to pick it up because it was dirt cheap and probably within the same vein of gameplay as the other two. Actually I found out functionally it is quite different. I do enjoy this game but the other two games were turn based puzzles with RPG elements and this game isn't. Instead it is basically "Columns" or "Tetris" head to head tug of war style. The goal is to expand your play area while decreasing your opponents and vice versa. What I like most about puzzle games is the ability to not be pressed for time so you have time to think. This game does not allow a well planned move as it is real time based puzzle (ie, like tetris has falling pieces and you have limited amount of time). I do still like this game but it loses a lot of complexity and interest because of this. The story and graphics are pretty basic, there is nothing to wow you. I guess all i can say is this is a fairly fun solid value entertainment game priced perfectly at $10. It's fun to have some games that don't demand serious commitment. Full Review »