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  • Summary: Puzzle Guzzle is an action puzzle game in vein of classics like Tetris except faster paced and evolved for the PSP. The goal is to complete shapes using blocks that drop down. Puzzle Guzzle features three puzzle modes, each with multiple impossible-to-put-down gameplay styles and mini games. In addition to hot puzzle intensity, the game pushes the player to progress and face off against opponents by offering loads of unlockable content. [Agetec Inc.] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 12
  2. Negative: 1 out of 12
  1. 85
    It's cute, fun, and for some extra whimsy it gives you a daily fortune reading as well. At twenty dollars, this game should be selling like crazy.
  2. Puzzle Guzzle is a good buy for gamers of all skill levels who love puzzlers, but it is not for those who play puzzle games casually. PG is moderately hardcore and will take some time to learn; mastering it could take weeks or months.
  3. Though a bit square, this puzzle game fits nicely into any lazy day.
  4. 67
    Despite its flaws, Puzzle Guzzle is still fun and the amount of extra content it offers is nice. But unlike the great puzzle games before it, Puzzle Guzzle just isn't as intuitive or addictive, which are critical for a high quality puzzler.
  5. 65
    It does a lot of things right and only suffers from not being flashy or overly innovative.
  6. Not only is the overall presentation forgettable, it's relentlessly so.
  7. Frustrating. Unbalanced. Dull. [June 2008, p.83]

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