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  • Summary: Possess the never-before-experienced powers of Black-Suited Spider-Man. Unleash incredible agility, amazing durability and awe-inspiring web abilities. But be warned - the rush your intensified powers bring could overwhelm you. More freedom than ever. More city than ever. For the first time, enjoy unprecedented freedom—choosing what you want to do, when you want to do it. There's no checklist to complete in order to progress. You set your own next goal, roaming anywhere you want - including subterranean areas such as subways, sewers and villains' lairs - in the most massive, detailed New York City ever seen in a Spider-Man game. Experience an all-new combat system, two exciting ways. Redesigned from the ground up, a unique combat system empowers both Spider-Man and Black-Suited Spider-Man to perform suit-specific powers and abilities. State of the art animations, combos and finishers make punch, kick and web attacks more super-heroic than ever. Battle 10 of Spider-Man’s most infamous enemies from the movie and Marvel universe, including Sandman and Venom. [Activision] Expand
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  1. However, the fact that Spider-Man 3 is late to the party, coupled with the PSP’s control limitations, keep this version from achieving the same success that the other versions achieved.
  2. Overall, unless you really need to have your Spidey on a portable, you're better off with the console versions here.
  3. Just a below-average game that looks dated, plays poorly, and probably isn't worth your time.
  4. 53
    As a comic book nerd, the liberties taken with the story and the meaningless tasks forced on our superhero frustrate to no end. I never felt like Spider-Man in this game.
  5. A loveless afterthought that's best avoided. [Mar 2008, p.107]
  6. It just about beats sitting in an empty room, which is my new scoring standard for movie games. [Feb 2008, p.98]
  7. 32
    Spider-Man 3 was okay, for about five minutes. Shortly after, it became a series of painful stabs to the soul, culminating in a single realisation: Activision has put out the worst Spider-Man game of recent times. [Issue#162, p.94]
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  1. TertioE.
    Nov 26, 2007
    Owning both the Xbox 360 version and the PSP version, I've got to say, they did do an amazing job cramming the PS2 version onto the PSP. Xbox had great graphics and obviously prefer it over the PSP version, but PSP version is just as special. Its very polished and is perfect in what it attempt to accomplish, Spider-man on the go. Easy to get used to, no framerate issues even though the entire new york is being rendered. This is one hell of a great game and if you're a Spidey fan, get this game. The only thing that I would improve on would have been the story, their not as detailed as to could have been, but the game aint meant for story, its meant to be pickup in the car and play on your way to somewhere, and thats why I'm forgiving on that factor. Great Game. Collapse