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  1. Dec 8, 2010
    awesome. great gameplay decent plot but hours and hours of gameplay. only thing i didnt like is that it broke about a month after i bought it. should've made it for the 360 or ps3.
  2. Nov 7, 2011
    The first fully realised game on the PSP - it made portable third person shooters possible on the PSP, paving the way for the Metal Gear Solid games, particularly Peace Walker, and reinvigorated the Syphon Filter franchise, so much so that a new game is coveted still today. The use of face buttons as a second analog stick is simple when you think about it, but it took this game to fully realise the concept and pave the way for other games. It wasn't just the amazing controls either that made this game great - the combat was awesome, and fluid with the player's movements, while there is a plethora of missions, achievements, and a hard difficulty that's actually hard. Also an amazing score by Mark Snow (Smallville) adds to the greatness of this game. This game may not have as many rabid fans as the Metal Gear Solid games on PSP, but for my money, this is the game to beat for 3rd person shooters on PSP, perhaps even the best portable game of all genres. It's that good! Expand
  3. Jan 27, 2012
    This game is great overall. Perfect story execution, great presentation, and the gameplay and controls for a third-person shooter are flawless. The sound is decent, though the gun sounds are not that impressive. The guns sound underpowered, and sometimes the gun sounds just don't match what the gun should sound like in real life. The graphics are of high quality, and it runs smoothly with no lag (that I can detect). My only issue with this game is some of the graphic details are a bit strange or lacking. For example, some of the guns look strangely small in Logan's hands. Some guns are long enough, but look almost as flat as cardboard. And when you hold the flashlight or the taser, there is not actually a flashlight or taser shown in Logan's hands. Besides that, the story is great to play through, but it's not something I would play over and over again because it can be a little linear. Multiplayer is amazing though. It's a shame that there's not alot of people playing it anymore. The controls work extremely well during combat. Surprisingly, most of the combat takes place at long distances. Players will seldom find themselves circling around their opponent in a chicken fight like they might expect to in a handheld shooter. If you get too close to your opponent to be accurate with your shots, you can always run into them and knock them into the ground via melee attack, and then finish them off with your gun. I think the multiplayer portion of this game is so great, I would choose to play this over ModernWarfare3 on the console.

    Multiplayer offers true variety and intense gunfights. But how about adding extra modes such as coop, or a mini game mode where you go through maps killing baddies who spawn in random locations? The small shortcomings and issues which I have stated earlier are the only things that are keeping me from scoring this game with a 10. But otherwise, it's a damn fine game for a PSP
  4. Dec 27, 2012
    Syphon filter dark mirror could have been made better. Logan's shadow is way better than this one! A very big down fall for this game is that it graphics during the videos is very poor. But the one in Logan's shadow makes you feel like you are playing it in a ps3 but in actual fact it is a psp!

Generally favorable reviews - based on 58 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 53 out of 58
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  1. 93
    Dark Mirror packs an uncommon amount of detail, variety and overall quality. It blends intense action sequences with stealth in a way no portable game has before, and it does so with style to spare.
  2. That sense of design pervades Dark Mirror, making it the best shooter yet released for the PSP. Don't be put off by the learning curve, which demands a bit more effort at the front than most action titles. Once Syphon Filter's rhythms are familiar, you'll find depth and replayability in spades.
  3. Reminiscent of the classic PlayStation originals while adding a healthy dose of fresh stealth and action moments throughout, this game will hook you from start to finish.