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  • Summary: THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS on the PSP packs a vast world of magic, mystery and battles into the palm of your hands. At its heart are more than 300 digital trading cards, over 30 of which are brand new to the franchise! What makes it even more portable is that the card collecting experience from the PS3 hit has been streamlined, no longer requiring the PlayStation Eye peripheral nor physical cards to be carried along with you. The PSP version’s digital cards can be earned by playing through the game, traded wirelessly from one PSP to another, won in battle with friends and enemies, and even bought from the PlayStation Store in future downloadable content releases. Each card features a monster, dragon, mage or mythical warrior with their own special skills ready to do battle against your opponent, and some cards are rare to come across. However, players must carefully choose among the cards they have collected to compile their ultimate deck. The cards are not lifeless images – these creatures come to life on screen springing out of their card and into attack, battling real time as they hack, slash and cast spells on each other. Deploy the right creatures from your deck to defeat your opponent and secure victory. [SCEA] Expand
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  1. The good things are: Booster packs won‘t cost you money like it was usual when playing the PS3 version as well as testing your tactical wits against computer and friends was never so much fun. But if you‘re not too much interested in fine-tuning your personal deck, you‘ll find yourself swearing when battling against an opponent that has a deck of this kind. Damn Ouroboros.
  2. Get through the steep learning curve and there's an addictive strategy game underneath. [May 2010, p.96]
  3. The Eye of Judgment is a niche game which will appeal only fans of the genre. As such, this porting is obviously a quite complete production which is based on the very same solid and deep rules of the original game, allowing a deep customization.
  4. If you love strategy and cards, The Eye of Judgment Legends represents a good opportunity to enjoy of the turn-based fighting in your PSP.
  5. Eye of Judgment Legends is a very solid strategic card game very and can be addictive for lovers of the genre.
  6. The undeniable truth about Eye of Judgement Legends is that without the use of real life cards, the game simply doesn’t stand up on its own. Every element of the game has been carefully constructed, from the effective aesthetics to the longevity present; it’s a real shame that forgiving the game’s lack of depth is near impossible.
  7. The only players I would feel comfortable in recommending this title too would be existing hardcore Eye of Judgement fans (I know that they’re out there) who are looking to get their hands on a portable fix.

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  1. DJAbacus
    Apr 11, 2010
    For anyone who hasn't played Eye of Judgment and loves strategy games then give it a try. The original on the PS3 set me back about £1000 over 2 years and it was worth every cent. Now its gone portable and practically free to play.....very addictive fun game. Expand
  2. SterlingR
    Mar 19, 2010
    This version of the game is better then the PS3 version simply because you can play without having to set up cards and the PS3 eye. The game is really polished. No 3D creatures, announcer naming summoned creatures or creature voices. This would make a great iPhone game for sure. Only card game that's better would be Magic the Gathering. Expand
  3. DanteR
    Mar 25, 2010
    Simply one of the best games released for PSP in some time. For $30, you're getting hours upon hours of excellent card strategy. With both a story mode, AI duels, and Multiplayer via Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure, you'll never want for an opponent. My only gripe, is that occasionally, the AI can be brutally unforgiving. Expand
  4. Sep 12, 2011
    he original PS3 game Eye of Judgment which required real cards and the PS3 eye was replaced by this game. How does it fair? Well, I would have a hard time scoring this game low simply because of its nature however I am really not a big fan of this version. For me the fun of the original was learning all the cards and being able to make a custom deck. I enjoyed the original version for the two years it was out and am very mad at Sony for discontinuing that version. This version is its replacement and has many creatures somewhat modified in an attempt to "balance" the game better. This is guess is where my real problem is with this version. In the original I did not really agree it was fairly balanced but with the changes they made to the creatures in this version I would argue that it is possibly more balanced but then because of this balancing it also has become more speed based and less strategic. So, in effect the love I had of the first game making confusing large strategic decks is even less effective in this game. Another thing I find silly is how this game is puzzle based and they just slapped together any old story they could to appease all the people bashing the first game saying it had no story. Fundamentally I think our world is getting rather silly when a puzzle game needs a story. Last time I played chess or checkers I don't remember them having any stories. So, basically i find the inclusion of the story in this game simply annoying and skipping events and story is easy but I'd certainly prefer the story not being there. The beauty of this game is the play. For those who never played the original or those still addicted to the original I advise this game but warn it may be the same ol and just an ok game for keepsake only as was my purchase. I basically just checked it out and once an while use my portable which rarely gets used and this game does not change that. The best feature of this portable version is that everyone can easily unlock set 3 creatures. In the original version on ps3 not many people were lucky enough to buy the sets because they were made in short supply. I guess in this regard this game is more expansive than the first and corrects a huge mistake. I however had all the set 3 cards so this game isn't bonus material for me but for those who had not completed their sets 1-3 you can do it all here easily. I guess for $30 then it is easy to recommend purchase so you can finally play the full version PS3 messed up. Expand
  5. Aug 8, 2013
    Good TCG game. Good story mode (dialogue makes no sense sometimes, but it's fun though), great gameplay and lots of cards. HUGE encyclopedia. It also features a trophy-like system, so battling in the coliseum has even more replayability. Recommended. Expand
  6. Apr 15, 2012
    For fans of the original and hardly anyone else. I am a fan of the original game, but the craptastic story mode and severely brutal A.I. left a bad taste. Sure, challenge can be good, but the developers went way to far with this one. The CPU knows everything. Here, it is quite clear that it is A.I. because it is non-human in the fact that it is flawless. You better get some good draws, because if you don't the CPU will just destroy you in the blink of an eye (of judgement). It somehow manages to get draws for nearly every situation. There are things that I like. Building decks is fun and can be strategic (again, you better get good draws because the CPU always will), I love the card shop (even though it can be limiting at times) and the gameplay does feel like a CCG. Sadly, I find myself getting frustrated more than enjoying the game. If you really want a CCG fix, this might work, but be prepared to get completely destroyed if you are new to TEOJ, and just plain destroyed even if you are not. Expand