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  • Summary: Inspired by the events of Universal Pictures' upcoming film, "The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift," this game immerses players in the underground world of drift racing. Set in a world related to, yet separate from, the movie, the game features a drift mechanic that makes drifting accessible to both beginning and veteran racing game drivers. Gameplay features revolutionary new systems like the Drift Indicator. Turn on the assists and feel like a pro, or turn them off and hone your drift skills. Exclusive PSP system Features: Swap Meet - Gamers have the chance to show off their creative side by using the PSP system wireless connectivity option to trick out a ride and send it to other players via "Swap Meet" to use in non-career game mode. Road Sweeper - Putting drift racing skills to the test, up to four players can be challenged in this feature where the aim is to tag as many highlighted corners as possible using drifting maneuvers. The more complex and varied the techniques are, the more points added to the overall score. The player with the most tags (or drift points if there is a tie) wins at the end of the race. Oil Change - No car runs well without oil, so to increase performance, The Tuner Shops will offer a multi-grade oil change as a purchasable item. By purchasing the oil, the player’s speed and performance will be temporarily enhanced upon returning to the HUB. Extras - Fast & Furious fanatics will get a special treat in the "Extras" section that will feature an unlocked selection containing images of both the movie and real world cars. [Namco Bandai Games] Expand
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  1. Authentic, but neither original nor as exciting as its competitors. [Mar 2008, p.84]
  2. 62
    The cars carry a great sense of weight and presence on the street and the customization options are excellent. The load times are terrible, however.
  3. Aside from the name, this street racer has little to distinguish itself from an already crowded field.
  4. Other than the brain petrifying load times, nothing will outrage you too much about TFATF. There’s a healthy mix of drifting and racing, plus gobs of sweet cars and robust customization choices. However, there are better "underground" racers out there with comparable features, better looks, and more fun times.
  5. This is definitely an average game, and with all of the good racing games available, there's no reason to consider purchasing this one. If you enjoyed the movie, don't let this game spoil the fantasy for you.
  6. The challenge drops out of the game entirely. [Apr 2008, p.112]
  7. Impressive handling and a decent package of race events completely undermined by technical issues and clumsy execution.
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