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  1. 80
    Collection is a fine fighter to add to your collection.
  2. All in all, for a mere $30, whether on your PSP or PS2, The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga is a fantastic deal for a series of fantastic games.
  3. The King of Fighters Collection includes five great games, all of which are real classic fighters that still play great today.
  4. While it doesn’t quite reach the level of fighting game goodness that you would find on the console version, The King of Fighters Collection for the PSP is not a bad alternative for portable gamers.
  5. While I'm glad to get five games for a price that's typically less than the cost of a new title, I also have to admit that some of the titles in King of the Fighters: The Orochi Saga are a bit redundant.
  6. 68
    The main advantage of the portable version is how sharp the sprites look on screen, but I'd still say console is the way to go.
  7. 65
    It's a shame that technical issues hold KOF: Orochi Saga back so much, because it's a collection with a heck of a lot of potential.
  8. The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga ultimately falls flat because of technical issues that render its attempts at historical authenticity paltry.
  9. Much like the PS2 version, this is still a good collection content-wise, but the PSP version greatly amplifies every flaw that the PS2 version has.
  10. So no version is perfect, but the faster loading makes the Wii version the best choice, provided you've got the right controllers on-hand.
  11. There might be five games with a lot of unlockable content in this compilation, but the long loading times and the dull multiplayer part ruin a lot of the fun.
  12. If you are looking for a good fighting experience for your PSP, I would check out Tekken: Dark Resurrection. If you were one of those young men crowded around the NEO GEO machine 10 years ago, you will probably enjoy this title and relive some fond memories from the past.
  13. 42
    The lack of a versus mode is a gross oversight that makes versus battles an uncomfortable chore (the winner can't switch characters without resetting the entire game -- just like in the arcades!).
  14. The King of Fighters deserves better than this sloppy port.
  15. Featuring a compilation of near identical games, complete with a poor versus mode and terrible glitches KOF is hardly a celebration the series deserves.
  16. PSM3 Magazine UK
    In 2009, portable King of Fighters seems far from magic. [Apr 2009, p.78]

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