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  • Summary: (Note: This is not a video game) The Silent Hill Experience combines a variety of media - comics, music and movies to deliver a complete behind-the-scenes look at the popular Silent Hill franchise. Using an intuitive 3D interface, Silent Hill fans will be able to view all-new digital interactive comics, listen to music from the long-running series of Silent Hill video games, and watch exclusive video content, including an interview with the director of the highly-anticipated Silent Hill motion picture. View over 2 hours of digital comics based on the popular Silent Hill comic series presented with haunted music. Includes the acclaimed comic series Silent Hill: Dying Inside and a brand new Silent Hill story The Hunger. 20 unforgettable music tracks selected from series' producer and music composer Akira Yamaoka. Exclusive video interview with the director of the Silent Hill movie Christophe Gans and series' music composer Akira Yamaoka. Rare video content from previous Silent Hill games. [Konami] Expand
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  1. An absolute must-have for any Silent Hill fan. Even though I would’ve loved to have seen more movie features, the digital comics, compilation soundtrack, movie trailer, video interviews and game trailers (yes, the trailers for each game in the series have been included as well) are totally worth throwing down 20 bucks for, no questions asked.
  2. If you're a fan of Silent Hill, you need to buy this. And if you're a publisher releasing titles on UMD, you need to get this so you can see how it should be done.
  3. The Silent Hill Experience gives diehard SH fans something to creep and crawl over. You won't find it anywhere but Sony's luscious handheld. This is a great package that shouldn't be missed.
  4. A must-buy for fans of the series and an interesting extension to what the film portrays. If you own a PSP and are a die hard Silent Hill fan, than this little UMD is worth a purchase.
  5. It’s doubtful we’ll ever get another UMD so loaded with extras. Interviews, movies, hidden clips, a slideshow, music videos. There’s a ton of stuff to find here, and most of it is directly related to the games themselves.
  6. Having the menus laid out in different rooms of the school may seem like a good idea on paper, but it’s a chore to navigate, and it’s easy to miss stuff.
  7. This is little more than a random compilation of one long movie trailer, countless tedious game trailers and 20 music tracks.
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