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  1. Jan 16, 2012
    Yawn again. I never played UNO but thought a good card game might go nicely on my psp since the price was right, just $5. I regretfully wish i didn't. I found out UNO is about the same as most cell phone applications just very very basic and uninteresting. In addition the AI is very scripted and cheats on you to extend gamelife by making you try over and over if you have the willpower. I do not and so this game is useless. My main complaint is that the cards are essentially handed to you and then even in games with 3 AI's two of them essentially make stupid plays to allow the 3rd AI to be very strong.....and then magically the 3rd AI always has the final color UNO card to win the game. Almost never does AI battle against AI, it is always the same AI winning in each round. Makes you wonder why you should waste your time when it is so obvious. Lost interest almost immediately. Not much there to hold your attention. I suppose if you are a huge UNO fan you may like this but for me, lets grab some tin foil and chew on it instead. Expand

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