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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 14
  2. Negative: 4 out of 14
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  1. Simply put, this is one of the most value-packed UMDs ever created. Yes, you have to still love slaughtering (sorry, KOing) enemies by the thousands, but the number of modes, characters and upgrade options are without peer.
  2. Basically, if you want a portable DW experience, Warriors Orochi 2 is the way to go. It's the best version of the series on the PSP so far, and you can tell that KOEI is getting better and better at porting the console experience over mostly intact, so it's absolutely worth buying for fans.
  3. While Warriors Orochi 2 faithfully captures the feel of the console version, the new additions make this a far more refreshing version fit for the PSP.
  4. Seams are starting to show. If this franchise is to survive, it's going to need a compete overhaul from tip to stern. The peasants can only be gouged so much before they revolt.
  5. The PSP release should be considered the superior one, running so much more smoothly than is console-based predecessor, packing more content, and feeling at home on a system more suited to its gameplay, despite the fact that playing for too long isn't recommended if you don't like pain in your fingers.
  6. It’s hard to tell if Koei and W-Force are simply trying to cash in on gullible gamers or that they really do enough Focus Testing before releasing their titles. Regardless of how you look at it, there isn’t enough here to warrant any fan of the series to pick this up.
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    For some, Warriors Orochi 2 will feel like the same old song and dance. However, give Koei credit for making enough changes to make it feel like a sequel rather than a lame expansion.
  8. 52
    Warriors Orochi 2 is tolerable on the PSP and all the leveling can be somewhat fun, but ultimately this is a repetitive, visually unappealing experience that reiterates what we've seen in all of the game's predecessors -- and there have been many predecessors.
  9. There’s a definite emphasis on quantity over quality in Warriors Orochi 2, and not just in the numbers of mindless soldiers you slice through. The amount of content is frankly overwhelming if you’re one of those completist-types, and the drive to level up every character may appeal to those who have a lot of time to kill while traveling.
  10. Ultimately, Warriors Orochi 2 takes an already tarnished franchise and further beats it into the ground.
  11. Even with the triple tag team and strong character progression, Warriors Orochi 2 for PSP is more of a rehash of a rehash of its franchise rather than a redesign.
  12. The Warriors series continues to set the standard for repetitive button mashing in this dull, ugly sequel.
  13. Warriors Orochi 2 might provide some entertainment to long-time fans of the series, but newcomers should steer clear: there's little enjoyment to be found in this title.
  14. For everyone else, if you're thinking of getting into the Warriors games with this one, well, don't. Save your hands and your time for something better.

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