What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? PSP


Mixed or average reviews - based on 31 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 31
  2. Negative: 1 out of 31
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  1. 85
    A true must-have game for the experimented players.
  2. 80
    Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! is a very enjoyable game once you understand the gameplay. You need patience and are willing to fail here and there.
  3. 80
    If you enjoy JRPGs (which this is not), fantasy, manga, and digging up things then this just might be up your alley. The game has a 16-bit era look to it and is just busting with nostalgia for gamers such as myself.
  4. It definitely took a while, but once I understood what Badman was trying to do, I was sold. That doesn't mean everyone will get it or even like what the game is doing when they do, but for me it really was something different and unique.
  5. That being said, the game mechanics are definitely learnable for the patient (and determined), and taking the time is extremely rewarding and enjoyable. The title drew me in, the game piqued my interest, but it was definitely the humor that kept me coming back again and again.
  6. 77
    Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! is an extremely quirky, challenging title that has a few frustrating elements that keep it from being a stellar downloadable.
  7. An enjoyable, quirky, and hilarious game that stands on its own as far as strategy titles go. Pick it up for a great change of pace.
  8. It isn't for everyone - it's in a genre of its own, halfway in-between an RPG, a simulation, and a tower defense. In the end, the main faults lie in the unpredictable AI, and not being able to control or accurately guide the dungeon dwellers' movements.
  9. While the look is rooted in console RPG lore, the story mode’s gradual build of armies and resources plays more like a sped-up Civilization with a dash of subterranean Dig Dug flavor.
  10. An old fashion title: a simple RTS, with a humorous twist.
  11. Play UK
    Incredibly rewarding, and annoyingly addictive. [Issue#186, p.83]
  12. The title is funny, but I can't honestly say if it's particularly fun, as the brand of fun it offers is restricted to an extremely narrow audience. To all those who enjoy their punishment with a side of laughs, by all means check this one out.
  13. 70
    I liked the deep strategy but I was as frustrated as I was entertained. [Aug 2009, p.83]
  14. The game has certain elements that give it surprising depth and replayability.
  15. Though Badman is insidiously difficult, there’s something about its quirky humor, cutesy retro aesthetic, cool monster ecosystem, and addictive tunnel building gameplay that drew us back repeatedly for round after round of punishment.
  16. If you’re thinking of picking up the game, go into it knowing about the steep difficulty of the story mode, and try out the demo first. I recommend the game with the caveat that you may never obtain the skills needed to see the end of the story, just like arcade games of old.
  17. The biggest thing to take away from this review is that Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! is definitely an acquired taste, which you probably could’ve gathered from the title, screenshots, or everything that is written above this conclusion.
  18. A great gameplay that keeps us playing for hours. Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! may lack great visuals, game modes, or a deep story, but its really fun and interesting. A good handheld game, with an old-school style, and many hours of gameplay.
  19. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Badman's core mechanic is frustrating in that you can't directly control your troops, so it feels like luck plays as much a role as skill. [Nov 2009, p.84]
  20. PSM3 Magazine UK
    It's simple yet rewarding stuff. [Christmas 2009, p.90]
  21. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    It’s very punishing due to the random roaming nature of your monsters and the lack of a timer between levels. It takes a lot of effort to get right. When you do it is very rewarding, a real lightbulb moment, but getting there might prove too frustrating for many. [Christmas 2009, p.79]
  22. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Well made and deeply strategic. [Christmas 2009, p.116]
  23. Badman is ultimately a game that will only appeal to those gamers who will be able to fully appreciate its wonderful sense of humor and intense difficulty.
  24. Badman is one of those smaller titles that can be rewarding for dedicated players, but the ingredients for success are not so easy to divine.
  25. 67
    It's notable for not being just another dungeon- or trap-making game like other villain-centric games that would probably be better anyway. It's a collection of arcade sensibilities mixed with imaginative design you don't see too often anymore, outside of indie developer circles.
  26. This tower-defense-style game brings some unique ideas and bizarre humor to the table, but is hampered by frustratingly unpredictable units.
  27. 60
    No, Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This? won't change the way you look at tower defense games. There are better ones out there with minions that actually act the way they're supposed to. Despite that, there's a decent game hidden within the issues.
  28. Badman isn't bad, it's just unnecessarily difficult, too complex and seemingly has a mind of its own.
  29. Unusually complex for a Tower Defence game, but also needlessly obscure and difficult to play.
  30. The game's peppered through with the sort of idiosyncratic humour that marks so many of Nippon Ichi's games, but here the jokes often come at the expense of clarity, with Badman more eager to poke fun at some crusty JRPG convention than to properly explain his game's own subversions.
  31. A weird and unique freak of nature amongst the mundane shooters and RPGs with their played out themes of morality, but it's trying too hard to be clever.

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