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  • Summary: Wild ARMs XF (pronounced "Crossfire") is the newest installment in the long-running role-playing series which marks a couple firsts for the franchise; the first one containing tactical strategy gameplay, as well as the first Wild ARMs game to appear on a handheld system. Wild ARMs XF offers a unique strategy role-playing experience with a hex-based grid system producing more tactical positioning options, a large number of job classes allowing vast party customization, and a wide range of mission objectives making it one of the deepest strategy games on the PSP. Wild ARMs XF features an all-new cast in an epic story of death, betrayal and redemption played out against the backdrop of the dying world of Filgaia. The once vibrant world of Filgaia is slowly dying, a result of some cataclysmic event lost in the dim, misty reaches of the past. The few pathetic remnants of once mighty nations are caught up in an endless cycle of war, fighting over Filgaia’s ever-dwindling natural resources. Amidst the carnage and slow decay, there is one kingdom that has until recently managed to avoid the chaos and suffering plaguing its neighbors; the kingdom of Elesius. However, the kingdom is slowly descending into anarchy with the king inflicted with a mysterious illness that has kept him bed-ridden, intensifying the future uncertainty as the heir-apparent disappeared a year earlier and is presumed dead. An opportunistic senate has formed its own police force and is gradually usurping power from the royal family. It is against this backdrop of political intrigue and social decay that the main character Clarissa Arwin, accompanied by her half-brother and protector, Felius, enter Elesius hot on the trail of Rupert Dandridge, the man who murdered her mother. What started out as a personal vendetta soon turns into an epic battle to not only keep a kingdom from falling, but to save the world of Filgaia from being turned into an uninhabitable wasteland. [XSEED] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 22
  2. Negative: 3 out of 22
  1. I recommend Wild Arms XF to anyone that is looking for a new challenge or another reason to buy a PSP. Strategy RPGs just don't get any better than this.
  2. This is a game crafted and polished to a surprising degree, from the beautiful graphics and music to the distinct selection of character classes available to you. [May 2008, p.65]
  3. A safe purchase for fans of the genre and most likely the series, as well as newcomers, too. It certainly has a place in the PSP's newfound SRPG library.
  4. It also looks great, the character classes are interesting, and I appreciate the puzzlelike missions with more ambitious objectives than "kill everyone". [May 2008, p.89]
  5. While we appreciate the attempts at making an intensely deep strategy experience, Wild Arms XF may just be too deep for a portable game. Incredibly patient gamers may be okay with the chess-like pace and high level of strategizing, but for the rest, I'd recommend renting this title before purchasing.
  6. 58
    The gameplay just has too many holes to be enjoyable. The objective-based battles aren't particularly well designed and character class implementation takes away a lot of player freedom.
  7. 42
    The game has some ambition, and I admire that. But in the end, a score is based on how much fun I have (that's why we play, right?), and I had very little fun playing Wild Arms XF. This says it all: I can't wait to whip out strategy gems like Final Fantasy Tactics or Disgaea on my commute...but I had to force myself to drag out XF.

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  1. keitht
    Sep 1, 2009
    certainly a great hard chanllenging psp game I thought FF Dissida would be better but well it was good but not fucking great and I can't understand why people can't stand a dam chanllenge weak gamers Expand
  2. JonasB
    Nov 20, 2009
    This game opened up my eyes in more than one way. I looked forward to this before it was released and bought it before i read any reviews. I enjoyed the game thoroughly and thought for sure it was one of the strongest PSP titles out there. The only thing lacking is story, the rest is there. Great 2D graphics with detailed colorful sprites. Great user interface, very welldesigned gameplay that is a unique take on a Final Fantasy Tactics formula. I played it for some time and then went ahead to check how professional reviewers viewed it, which was nothing like i expected. Before this game I basivcally always read reviews and seldom to never bought a game that had under 80% in gamerankings average or later metacritic. When i discovered the bad scores this title had recieved i finally lost my trust in reviews, something i regret not doing alot sooner. What im really trying to say is that if you know you enjoy FFT or games like it, any turnbased rph strategy game, thisone is in my opinion, aside from the story, the top of the crop for any system. Better than disgaea and better than FFT Expand