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Generally favorable reviews- based on 41 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 33 out of 41
  2. Negative: 4 out of 41

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  1. Sep 20, 2013
    At first I liked this game. There was a considerable effort made for it. Its a decent team based brawler with some cool maps and good artwork. What bogs this game down is the missions and ugly menus. At some point you will think you have cleared the first act, but you realize you don't know what to do next. You went through every map and killed bunch of monsters, and you realize you don't understand the point of the game. Its very easy to get lost once your 2 hours+ in. At that point it ceases to be fun and you won't play it again. Expand
  2. Feb 18, 2012
    A thrilling, large-scale adventure ported onto the PSP, Rise of Apocalypse shows what can be achieved with portable hardware. The variety of characters, abilities and side missions are incredible as is how faithful the game remains to its characters and their world. The story is meaty and well-told and the game has just enough length so that you get your money's worth but not so much that it becomes tedious. The one negative thing I can say about this game is that combat can become repetitive over time. Still, this is a great purchase for any PSP owner. Expand
  3. Jul 3, 2011
    pros: decent roster of characters, pretty good graphics, interesting story. cons: boring and dark gameplay and interface, loading times are annoying, too deep for psp, all the characters' melee are similar, beast isn't a playable character. OVERALL: fun for a while but sometimes too hard and an overall dull game.
  4. Jul 6, 2012
    **** me do I feel bad about this but i'm going to review it as I feel fit. Its a good game, a really good game, but one I personally found quite boring in places and when compared to games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance it feels inferior. For a X-men fan this is one god of a game. But, when I played it I occasionally felt bored and just un-inspired. That said, this is a very small percentage of the game. Very small. For the rest I was pulled into this thrilling game and especially in-love with the cutscenes. Which it has to be said, are amazing and really capture what's happening. Gameplay is pretty awesome because of the powers/mutations at your disposal. Characters are also very well built and captures all of their different characteristics. So yeah, I did enjoy it. Also the top down view is perfect for this game. I do recommend this game, even with its flaws, and hope you buy it. Expand
  5. Feb 23, 2013
    At first I thought: "WOW, a party-based RPG abot X-Men! That's awesome" But the game turned out to be pretty boring and very repetitive. All you do is crawling in similar looking locations (cities, temples, factories) and smashing similar looking enemies, lots of them. The combat system is mostly based on button mashing, no tactics or something like this. You have a squad of your favorite X-Men and you are allowed to change between them any time and in special points you are allowed to change your team. The main advantage of the game is that it has A LOT of awesome characters from the X-Men universe. The story is as always "Apocalypse wants to take over the world and you should stop him". Nothing new here. Overall the game is rather boring, it's some kind of Diablo-style game about X-Men. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 30 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 27 out of 30
  2. Negative: 0 out of 30
  1. It's impressive that Raven somehow managed to cram every little detail of the game onto a handheld, but aside from the portability, there isn't much new here. However, if you haven't played the game on consoles, you won't be sacrificing anything if you pick up the PSP version.
  2. Vicarious Visions have once again done an exceptional job in adapting a console game to a handheld system, yet for the first time ever, have made it virtually indistinguishable.
  3. The extra goodies offset the lower framerate and iffy multiplayer. The core problem still hasn't changed, though, and if you tire of the same thing easily, you're going to be even more turned off by what the PSP version offers.