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  1. Feb 4, 2014
    If you can look past the blatant consumerism and potentially damaging image-crafting effect that the classic line of dolls has on children, Barbie Dreamhouse Party has a lot going for it when scrutinized with an eye for metaphor.
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  1. Jul 5, 2014
    I bought this for my 5-year old daughter for $20 new and she loves it, just as she loves the tv show. The review by Nintendo Life is done by an adult-male who didn't make any note of the reduced price for a smaller amount of content or of the fact that this is obviously a game for little girls. The game is made up of minigames that involve makeup, pets, and other barbie-related stuff. The graphics are a very-good recreation of those from the cartoon show, almost identical, not that little kids really care. I haven't noticed any framerate slowdowns or glitches in the hour or so of gameplay that I watched. The sounds and voices sound the same as the show and the writing is as good as the show, which is decent. Just a note: I didn't notice any kind of promotions or advertising for the show or any Barbie products.

    This is Absolutely Not a game for adults. Even if you are a pyscho-Barbie collector, I really doubt you would want to play this for more than an hour or two, but for $20 or less New, you won't take a big hit regardless.
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