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  • Summary: Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts takes players on a single-player campaign with four field-proven experts from the competitive world of big game hunting.
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  1. Jun 18, 2014
    Since it no one has reviewed this game yet, I was bored with my Wii U for a while, and the game was only $30, I decided I'd buy it and let youSince it no one has reviewed this game yet, I was bored with my Wii U for a while, and the game was only $30, I decided I'd buy it and let you guys know what I think. And it's actually surprisingly fun. The game has a very long campaign, about 15-20 hours depending on how fast you get the hang of things. The game is divided into 4 separate large areas each of which has smaller hunting areas within them. Each hunt takes place in a generously sized hunting area, which is fun, but can also lead to a lot of wandering around before you actually find the kind of animal you're looking for. Hunting is very difficult and feels more realistic than other hunting games I've played in the past. It's not just "shoot the animal and it dies", it requires a well aimed shot and even after that the animal will run for a while and you will have to follow its blood trail. After doing enough of the hunting in each area, you unlock a 'Pro Hunt', which basically plays like a boss fight. In a Pro Hunt you will have to hunt a stronger, smarter, or faster version of whichever animals you have been hunting in the world. The Pro Hunts took place in small areas and were pretty linear, but also were very fun and challenging. Controls also feel nice and responsive. Right now it sounds like a great game right? Well here's where it screws up majorly: graphics. The game has really bad graphics, and I usually don't even care about graphics. However, between the $30 price and the 15-20 hours worth of good hunting gameplay, I think it shouldn't be too hard to forgive the game's poor graphics. I should also point out that the game has 3 different types of weapons, shotguns, rifles, and bows, each of which is a very different kind of hunting experience and adds keeps the gameplay from getting repetitive. In the end, if you can forgive the bad graphics and the fact that Cabela games have sucked for a really long time, this game is one of the most enjoyable hunting games out right now, and a nice, low-priced addition to any bored Wii U owners collection. Expand