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Summary: The interactive game of LEGO The Hobbit allows gamers to play along with their favorite scenes from the films, and follows the Hobbit Bilbo Baggins as he is recruited by the Wizard Gandalf to aid Thorin Oakenshield and his Company of Dwarves.
Rating: E10+
Developer: TT Games
Genre(s): Historic
Cast Credit
Ian Livingstone Additional Music
Ian Livingstone Original Music Writer
Bill Martin Cinematics Production
Nick Ricks Executive Producer
Richard Ridings Voice Talent
Jon Burton Design Director / Game Director / Designer
James Cunliffe Tools Scripting
James Cunliffe Tools Scripting
Steve Harding Game Programmer
Steve Harding Head Of Game Programming
Neil Allen Lead Logo Construction Artist
Jeremy Pardon Head Of Animation
Barry Thompson Lego Construction Artist
Will Thompson Character Artist
Dave Dootson Head Of Programming
David Burton Level Construction Artist
Darren Edwards Environment Artist
Stuart jackson Level Construction Artist
Chris Stanforth Game Mechanics Programmer
Chris Stanforth Head Of Game Mechanics
Ralph Ferneyhough Game Mechanics Programmer
Alistair Crowe Head Of Technology
Nicola Daly Lead Environment Artist
Leon Warren Head Of Art
Matt Hill Tools Programmer
Emma Tate Voice Talent
Peter Wyse Production
Ray Donnelly Additional Technology
Guy Avery Environment Artist
Glyn Scragg Game Mechanics Programmer
Alan Dooley Environment Artist
Charles McNair Lead Lego Model Artist
Charles McNair Lego Model Artist
Paul Hunter Tools Programmer
Paul Munro Head Of In-Game Animation
Jonathan Smith Head Of Production
Paul Salmon Cinematics Layout Artist
Duncan Bradshaw Additional Sound Designer
Darren Vaile Character Rigging
Vassilis Poulopoulos Render Technology Programmer
Jonathan Mayer Tools Programmer
David Brown Cinematics Animation Director
David Brown Cinematics Script Adaptation
Loz Doyle Additional Production
Roland Hougs Lead Tools Programmer
Paul McCormack Environment Artist
David Whittaker Head Of Audio
James Norton Senior Producer
Mark Bidewell Game Programmer
Justin Cowie Additional Sound Designer
Andy Chapman Cinematics Animator
Paul Connor Associate Lead, Game Mechanics
Paul Connor Game Mechanics Programmer
Przemyslaw Przybylski Lego Construction Artist
Przemyslaw Przybylski Tools Scripting
Ryszard Momot Level Construction Artist
David Martinez Technical Animator
John Bell Render Technology Programmer
Deborah Crook Lead Technical Construction Artist
Helen Kershaw Lead In-Game Animator
Colm Duggan Cinematics Layout Artist
Phil Gray 2nd Unit Cinematics Animation Director
Phil Gray Cinematics Animator
Phil Gray Cinematics Animator
Duncan Kinnaird Cinematics Animator
Jon Arden Render Technology Programmer
Alan Murta Game Mechanics Programmer
James McLoughlin Designer
James McLoughlin Game Director
Robert Dickerson Lead Technical Artist
Mike Snowdon Lead VFX Artist
Mike Snowdon VFX Artist
Elliot Whittaker Environment Artist
David Wollen Lead Construction Artist
David Wollen Tools Scripting
Stuart Niblock Environment Artist
Mark Crane Associate Lead In-Game Animator
Simon James In-Game Animation
James Stuart In-Game Animation
Duncan Phillpotts Environment Artist
Chris Payne Game Mechanics Programmer
Andy Ingram Environment Artist
Jonathan Kydd Voice Talent
Mike Spencer Game Mechanics Programmer
Dave Connell Lead Render Technology Programmer
Neil Crofts Character Artist
Neil Crofts Lead Character Artist
Tim Bentinck Voice Talent
Jose Mendez Game Mechanics Programmer
Paul Hughes Additional Technology
Phil Owen Additional Technology
Richard Crockford Additional Technology
Justin Exley Cinematics Layout Artist
Stuart Wilson Lead Character Rigger
Derek Swain Cinematics Animator
Dale Hemenway In-Game Animation
Felix Pereira In-Game Animation
Chris Woodworth Cinematics Animator
Clare Corbett Voice Talent
Matt Ellison Additional Production
Adam Dobson Render Technology Programmer
Paul Dobson Level Construction Artist
John Newton Game Programmer
Richard Greene Cinematics Animator
Michael Jackson Game Programmer
Howard Shore Music Composer, Orchestrator, Conductor
Richard Thomas Additional Technology
David Abrams Producer
Andrew Davies Simulation Programmer
Simon Brown Lead Game Technology
Richard Walker Environment Artist
Lukas Buricin Tools Programmer
Sam Brown Game Technology Programmer
Andy Linden Voice Talent
Dean James In-Game Animation
Christopher Evans In-Game Animation
Adam Chapman Voice Direction / Voice Casting
Vanessa Baker Voice Casting
Andy Gathergood Voice Talent
Emma Pierson Voice Talent
Craig Lewis Environment Artist
Stephen Bate Additional Lego Model Art
Neil Dorrington Tools Scripting
Martin Palmer Level Construction Artist
Tim Ceesay Level Construction Artist
Antony Wilkinson Additional Lego Model Art
Tom Wolland Additional Audio Support
Mohammed Bakhsh Game Mechanics Programmer
Mudasir Ahmed Game Mechanics Programmer
Chris Ball Game Mechanics Programmer
Scott Bevin Game Mechanics Programmer
James Douglas Game Mechanics Programmer
Mark Engley Game Mechanics Programmer
Karl Kelly Game Mechanics Programmer
Simon Lever Game Mechanics Programmer
Ian Simpson Acting Assistant Lead, Game Mechanics
Ian Simpson Game Mechanics Programmer
Roger Valldeperas Game Mechanics Programmer
Simon Ward Game Mechanics Programmer
Mick Laidlow Tools Programmer
Alistair Brown Render Technology Programmer
Lucas Gonzalez Render Technology Programmer
Jamie Wither Render Technology Programmer
Tim Gradwell Game Technology Programmer
Sam Hughes Game Technology Programmer
Matthew Phillips Game Technology Programmer
Colin Wilson Game Technology Programmer
Chris Halliday Lead Simulation Programmer
Rob Chinneck Simulation Programmer
Tom McCain Simulation Programmer
Pete Opdam Simulation Programmer
Daniel McCreadie Designer
Penny Clark Editor
Carl Greatrix Lego Model Artist
Thomas Coleman Lego Model Artist
Phill Ring Additional Production
Sam Delaney Additional Production
Vincent Grogan Additional Production
Tim Wileman Associate Producer
Alicia Sprague Coordinator, Music
Ray Yu Director, Technical Production (Game Technology)
Sylvia Gladstone Localization Coordinator
Alex Brown Cinematics Animator
Bryony Muska Additional Character Art
Jonathan Boldiga Technical Producer (Game Technology)
Andrew Holt Assistant Game Director
Andrew Holt Designer
Ben Klages Associate Lead, Game Programming
Ben Klages Game Programmer
Randhir Jutley Project Coordinator
Georgina Cronshaw Designer
Toby Everett Designer
Dewi Roberts Designer / Additional Game Dialogue
Nick Cunliffe Game Programmer
Alvaro Fernandez Luzuriaga Game Programmer
Alex Kitching Game Programmer
Oscar North Game Programmer
Gen Pepper Game Programmer
Mike Battersby Level Construction Artist
Katie Clague Level Construction Artist
Stuart Deakin-Berry Level Construction Artist
Sam Owen Level Construction Artist
Michael Roberts Lego Construction Artist
Cheng Xiang Lego Construction Artist
Cheng Xiang Tools Scripting
Liam Fleming Lego Construction Artist
David Howell Lego Construction Artist
Thomas Hughes Lego Construction Artist
James Lay Lego Construction Artist
Keith Shankland Lego Construction Artist
Finn Allen Environment Artist
John Bakis Environment Artist
Dominic Giles Environment Artist
Stuart Heald Environment Artist
Jonathan Hooper Environment Artist
Stephen Ions Environment Artist
Andrzej Krajewski Environment Artist
Euan Morrison Environment Artist
Roger Robinson Environment Artist
Michael Sillitoe Environment Artist
Jack Walker Environment Artist
Sean Dudley Character Artist
Adam Esat Character Artist
Sidney Thibault Character Artist
Rob Curtis Lego Model Artist
Jeff Hatton Lego Model Artist
Stephen Marshall Additional Lego Model Art
Thomas Litton VFX Artist
Stuart Allardes Concept/2d Artist
Steven DeSykes Concept/2d Artist
Nathan Haines Concept/2d Artist
Tim Webster Concept/2d Artist
Kurste Bythell In-Game Animation
Opinder Singh Chaggar In-Game Animation
Jonathan Hall In-Game Animation
Charlie Hopkins In-Game Animation
Nick Stephens In-Game Animation
Steven Wilson In-Game Animation
Andy Dolan Additional In-Game Animation
Antony Manley Additional In-Game Animation
Antony Manley Character Rigging
Donna Myers Cinematics Production Assistant
Joanne Chalkley Cinematics Production Assistant
Bob H Scott Additional Cinematics Direction
Bob H Scott Cinematics Animator
Tony Perrin Cinematics Layout Artist
Christian Smith Additional Cinematics Animation
Christian Smith Cinematics Layout Artist
Christian Smith Cinematics Layout Artist
Leo Tierney Additional Cinematics Animation
Leo Tierney Cinematics Layout Artist
Leo Tierney Cinematics Layout Artist
Sarah Brown Cinematics Animator
Elisa Capretto Cinematics Animator
Emmett Carlsson Cinematics Animator
Andy Holden Cinematics Animator
Andrew J Latham Cinematics Animator
Florie Poucin Cinematics Animator
Bryn Richards Cinematics Animator
Andy Unsworth Cinematics Animator
Michael Cummings Additional Cinematics Animation
Michael Cummings Technical Animator
John Treece Birch Game Mechanics Programmer
Tom Vernon Game Mechanics Programmer
Mike de Belle Lead Sound Designer
Luke Hatton Sound Designer
Stefen Rutherford Sound Designer
Samir Graba Additional Audio Support
Rob Westwood Additional Music
Rob Westwood Original Music Writer
Mark Warburton Production Assistant
Chris Rose Additional Production
Carlos Alberto Santos Translator
Pamela Brandao TranslatorTranslator
Natasja Hagemeier Translator
John Mayo Product Development
Kirsten Gavoni Executive Producer
Shay Gipson Production Administrator
Gary Lake-Schaal Game Technology
Peter Jackson Executive Producer [Wingnut Films]
Judy Alley Production Liaison [Wingnut Films]
Fredrica Drotos Franchise Development [Middle-Earth Enterprises]
Sam Benson Production Services [Middle-Earth Enterprises]
Joe Mandragona Production Services [Middle-Earth Enterprises]
Sarah Beck Mather Voice Talent
Liz May Brice Voice Talent
Duncan Duff Voice Talent
Daniel Fine Voice Talent
Joel Fry Voice Talent
Jenny Galloway Voice Talent
Anna Koval Voice Talent
Steve Kynman Voice Talent
Jamie Lee Voice Talent
James Naylor Voice Talent
Jason Pitt Voice Talent
Marcia Warren Voice Talent
Andy Stallabrass Recording Engineer
Stephen Gallagher Music Composer, Producer
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