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  1. Nov 22, 2012
    a fantastic game. with the new extended cut mass effect 3 ends the trilogy in a great way. its epic, exciting, dramatic, its equally as good as mass effect 2. the only negatives are the journal system sucks now...but the gamepaly, characters, graphics, everything is top notch. the best game of 2012 and one of the best games ever overall
  2. Dec 23, 2012
    The WIi U version is great - the reason it has 6.1 is probably due to all the XBOTS / PS Drones. It runs a lot smoother - it's a great experience, and the WIi U gamepad functionality really adds a new dimension to the game which I (now realised) that I lacked on the 360 version and PS3. Unfortunately, the Wii U gamepad functionality isn't as great as I would have hoped - but it's still a superior version to the others. I felt they could have added a lot more, but there is a lot of untapped potential. However, this is to be expected from a launch port - future iterations are most probably going to utilise the gamepad a lot better. However, from a game perspective, it's as great as it's always been. The ending left a bit to be desired, but the whole gameplay experience more than made up for it. Expand
  3. Nov 28, 2012
    Runs so much faster than the other two. Loads more fun and only on one disc. Graphics are much smoother and framerates only lag sometimes. This game shows you what the wii u is capable of and I cant wait to see what it brings us!
  4. Dec 17, 2012
    It's absurd that this has a 5.8. It's better on wiiu than both the mainstream consoles. It's smoother in both graphics and controls. Everything else is the same, and since it scores so well on other consoles I smell industry buy-off corruption *******. Get this damn game!
  5. Jan 11, 2013
    Mass Effect has arrived in style for Wii U. Many fans have enjoyed this series on other platforms and Mass Effect 3 shows what it's all about. In addition to the main game, there's the new gamepad functionality with a convenient map for ordering allies and your special powers and some of the DLC on the other consoles is included for free. The game truly deserves a 10 but as much as I hate to say it 3 key factors hold this version back. 1. Wii U players have no access to the first 2 games resulting in a comic to catch players up on the story, while it gets the job done its not the same as playing 1 and 2 on the system. 2. Any DLC for the other platforms besides the content that's on the disc will not be available on Wii U. 3. ME3 on Wii U is the full $60 on Wii U but other platforms have it around $30 now (and the whole trilogy for $60). None of that changes the fact that this game is amazing and if the Wii U is your weapon of choice for gaming defiantly pick it up. Expand
  6. Feb 2, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 is a great addition to the Wii U library, specially because it was available since launch. It definitely keeps all the essence of the other versions and adds some interesting features through the Wii U GamePad. It's really sad that some of the DLC is not included on this version, which does not make it so special as the title suggests, but it's still Mass Effect 3, a definite must-buy for the Wii U Expand
  7. Sep 12, 2013
    This is a fun game and I have spent countless hours playing online with family, friends, and strangers. It has been a blast to play. The only reason I will drop 1 point is because head shots don't take down your enemies as fast as I think it should but that is my opinion. Either way this game is a fun and great game.
  8. Sep 30, 2013
    Amazing! I had the intention of playing Mass Effect 1 and 2 but didn't quite adapt to the controls on the Xbox360 and PC but this one using the Gamepad and it's touchscreen was perfect. It lets you speed up to the story with an interactive comic so you can set some background on your character. The story kept me playing non stop for 3 days until i reached the end (superb). I would recommend this game for everyone out there with a WiiU! Expand
  9. Mar 7, 2014
    I will never forgive EA for rushing the development of this game. It pains to think about what could have been.
    On top of it all, they screwed over Wii U owners. What would have clearly been the definitive version is held back by a horrible comic that omits any sort of control over the events of the first 2 games. On top of it all, they will never release 1 and 2 because EA likes to screw
    over Nintendo fans at every possible avenue.

    However, I still give this game a 10 because in spite of its rushed development, this game is darn near perfection. Several of the most emotionally provocative moments in video game history are all in this game. I've never experienced such a grand storyline on such an epic scale. Thank you BioWare for the ride. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it up until the end.

    Thank heavens we at least got the extended cut that tied off so many of the stories and choices that were left totally absent from the original ending.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 33
  2. Negative: 0 out of 33
  1. 60
    From the boring story, to the shallow single-player gameplay, to the dull characters, Mass Effect 3: Special Edition didn’t do anything for me to live up to its Wii U subtitle.
  2. Jan 15, 2013
    Still great, but the port should have had more. [Feb 2013, p.77]
  3. Jan 14, 2013
    Without doubt, Mass Effect 3: Special Edition is easily one of the best offerings on the Wii U right now, but it simply cannot be stressed enough that players must seek out the two previous games in the series before playing this one.