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  1. Jun 21, 2013
    This is the way that DLC should be done. $20 for an entire 81 level campaign feels much closer to the expansion packs that we used to know and love. Luigi jumps farther but slides around more than Mario but this creates a lot of hectic fun. The levels are much more difficult than the ones in NSMBU but their short length never makes them feel impossible to complete. Even one or two small flukes will put you within range of the finish line. The levels are faster and some of them are truly the best Mario levels I have ever played. It feels like the developers were having fun and they came up with some pretty wild ideas that translated into awesome courses. The addition of Nabbit is great for beginners in multiplayer. The game doesn't do much else that is new but the amount of content is staggering for a $20 price tag and it is an absolute must buy for fans of the series. I went into this with certain doubts as the Mario formula can feel a bit stale from time to time but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of creativity and effort that the devs put into this package. Expand
  2. Xef
    Jun 21, 2013
    I loved New Super Mario Bros. U but I felt that it wasn't worth $60.
    Now here we have New Super Luigi. U, which I like even more because of the increased difficulty, revamped stages and Nabbit as a playable character for my girlfriend and little sister since they aren't that good in video games. Best of all? Only $20! or $30 if you don't have SMBU, I played it at a friends house and will
    personally wait for the physical release because I just love that green box and it'll look quiet unique in my nothing but blue Wii U collection. Expand
  3. Jun 20, 2013
    In celebration of The Year of Luigi, New Super Mario Bros U. has released the New Super Luigi U DLC. This DLC provides a similar experience to Mario U, only now Luigi is given the spotlight, there are new courses, and a new playable character. Luigi's trademark jump from previous Mario games, such as Super Mario Bros. 2, returns to give players that extra boost of help. In Luigi U, the map of the DLC is identical to the map from the Mario U game, but the courses are brand new, offering a fresh new feeling to the game. With only 100 seconds every map, the player will have to go through the map fast, and also in levels of the DLC players can find icons and sculptures resembling the Man in Green. The new playable character, Nabbit, originates from the Mario U game, where he played as an enemy, stealing items from the Toad Houses, but now in Luigi U, he is a playable character, unable to use power-ups, but immune to all enemies. While Nabbit is a nice addition to the game, it would have been nice to see someone better replace Mario in this DLC like Daisy, or even hell... another Toad, green preferably to resemble Luigi's color since it is the Luigi U DLC. Overall, this DLC is a similar experience to the Mario U game, providing the spotlight for Luigi, making him the main character, providing iconic easter eggs of him on maps, brand new 100 second courses, and Nabbit as a playable character. Expand
  4. Jun 24, 2013
    New super Luigi U is pure gold. From the moment I finished the first level, I knew I was in for a treat. My main beef with New Super Mario Bros U was that it was way too easy. Now, with the help of Luigi, I finally have a REALLY challenging mario game to play. As everyone says, Nabbit is great. He's the perfect character for younger siblings, or in my case, my girlfriend. She still has a little trouble timing jumps, which is the only way Nabbit can die, but our deaths only end in laughter, not frustration. For those who thought New Super Mario Bros U was too easy, or if they simply want more, New Super Luigi U is an amazing game that should not be overlooked. It's called DLC, but I've never seen DLC as complete as this one. With 83 levels and plenty of challenge, it's easy to see why this game is not "Just another Mario". I'd easily call it better than the game it comes from. Expand
  5. Jun 24, 2013
    Luigi U is the Hardcore version of Mario U.
    It has the same number of levels, but all of them are shorter designed for 100 seconds as opposed to 300 seconds for Mario U. Even though they're shorter the difficulty has been ramped up. There is no "Guide" or Easy outs if you die a lot. For Mario U with about 90 percent complete I had put about 22 hours into the game. For Luigi U I've done
    about 19 hours to get to about the same point. For an expansion that nearly meets the playtime for the original it's very much worth the 20 bucks as DLC.
    The only drawback is the Boss fights are identical to the original, and Luigi's abilities makes them a bit easier then they where for Mario. Being able to jump and hover, just a bit, makes timing out an already easy fight even easier.
  6. Jun 27, 2013
    This is the best DLC I've ever purchased, it's more than a few more maps or an extra character, it's a whole new game with a new character and re-done abilities. Luigi's "flutter kick" and extra slide and a whole new level of challenge and depth to an already interesting game. The levels are brilliantly designed giving a challenge, without making it seem improbable. They take older features and use them in cool ways, and give a good limit, so, you can't just wait around in a level. If you are a fan of platforming, and was even slightly interested in NSMBU then this DLC will not disappoint. Expand
  7. Jul 13, 2013
    I gave New Super Mario Bros. U a 10 out of 10 because I found it to be original, yet classic, mechanically perfect, and a very good challenge. New Super Luigi U follows suit brilliantly! It's original, but retains its classic feel. The mechanics work wonderfully all of the time. And the challenge was utterly fulfilling. The time-limit of the levels have all been shortened to 100s (as opposed to the usual 300s) and with good reason. While New Super Luigi U is challenging, the levels are easily able to be completed within the 100s time-limit, provided Luigi keeps up a steady gait. I managed to complete it 100% and there was never a dull moment. If you love New Super Mario Bros. U, or any 2D Super Mario game for that matter, you'll adore New Super Luigi U. The DLC is well worth its value as the content will have you entertained for countless hours. It's pretty obvious to me that Nintendo have these 2D Super Mario games down pat, spicing them up with new features in each successive release, while maintaining that original Super Mario Bros.-type feel. And New Super Luigi U is definitely no exception. Oh, bellissimo! Expand
  8. Jul 25, 2013
    Finally a dlc .........................................................................................................................................DONE RIGHT
  9. Jul 15, 2013
    There are few DLC offerings worth your time re-visiting the original title. New Super Luigi U's all new levels are as enjoyable as the original. The small changes in Luigi's controls and lessened time expiration add an interesting variation to the New formula. This DLC is worth $20 to anyone who enjoys Super Mario side-scrolling platforming.
  10. Jul 22, 2013
    Just buy it. Come on. It's better than the original. It's not just 4 new levels and a new character for $20, it's
    80+ new levels (challenging ones, at that!), new jump mechanics, a new character for players that are young or inexperienced, and a game that's about Luigi defeating bowser. It's fun. Trust me.
  11. Feb 1, 2014
    This game feels very similar to NSMBU, but it's a DLC, what do you expect. I personally prefer this version, as it is harder. I suggest this game to any fan of difficult games, but warn those who aren't that good at video games to use Nabbit.
  12. Sep 4, 2013
    For a DLC it's really good, but honestly it doesn't add enough to the game. Maybe my expectations were too high. I would however like to see this continued: let's get a Princess and Toadstool DLC as well!
  13. Aug 21, 2013
    We need more DLCS like this on wii u. it's blowing super mario out of the effing water. if you haven't played this shell out the measly 20 bucks and get on it! it'll revamp your whole view of the series and the console.
  14. Apr 5, 2014
    Don't mistake this for just more of the same Mario gameplay. Luigi has his own unique tricks up his sleeve that make this one no 2D platformer fan should miss. As far as changes to the formula goes, the time limit is shorter and Luigi jumps differently than Mario does. The time limit here is also shorter and the new 80+ levels are much tougher than in New Super Mario Bros. U. To make up for the shorter time-limit the levels are noticeably shorter than in the main game, but they are still a blast to play through and excellently designed.

    Just about every part of this DLC/expansion pack is incredibly well made, and Luigi really shines here. It's an excellent addition to the already excellent main game's content, and considering this is available through download or in disc form at stores, there's really no reason why you shouldn't play it. Luigi make take center stage here, but the platforming is just as excellent as all of the Mario games to come before it.
  15. Sep 25, 2013
    I loved "New Super Mario U" despite its lack of originality, however, I feel "New Super Luigi U" is even less original and is mostly unnecessary. I wasn't expecting to be wow'ed by innovation but I was promised a more challenging game. The increased difficulty is what excited me about this expansion. Problem is, I didn't find the game difficult at all, it's just more of the same with considerably shorter levels. If you want difficult, I would recommend aiming for Gold Medals in the Challenge Mode on "New Super Mario U" Expand
  16. Jul 31, 2014
    This DLC is pretty much NSMBU but with a greater challenge. A smaller time limit and more challenging levels keep it interesting and more so with friends. (Oh, and no Mario so for all of you Mario fanboys, sorry. Luigi fans rejoice!)
  17. Oct 20, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. There have been a few other miniscule changes made to the gameplay format, ranging from differences in gravity to being able to play as Nabbit the Rabbit. I an interesting change of pace, Nabbit doesn't use items or powerups, doesn't take most environmental damage, and can help out beginning players more so. It's interesting to finally see some more new content for the game, and a showing from Luigi as well.

    Concept: Play as Luigi in new and revamped levels.

    Graphics: Same as the source content.

    Sound: The chiptunes and scores return from the main game, pretty similarly.

    Playability: A quality piece of content.

    Entertainment: More of a time trial than the past content has been.

    Replay Value: Moderate.

    Overall Score: 8.5
  18. ERB
    Aug 2, 2013
    Actually I got to admit It this game is awesome This is the only mario game that I like or luigi game.Story is good and It really does make sense.I got to say make more luigi games and less in mario games.
  19. Oct 19, 2013
    While it only costs $20 for a brand new game, this isn't as fun as New Super Mario Bros U. While it definitely is more challenging, it was too short since the levels weren't long, and you only got 100 seconds to beat the course. I actually managed to beat this game before new super Mario bros u because of that, but if you enjoyed New Super Mario Bros U, you should definitely get this game.
  20. Jul 5, 2013
    New Super Luigi U is what iv'e been waiting for as a Nintendo gamer whose favorite Mario was Super Mario World for the SNES. While the recent 2D outings for Mario games have been fairly easy and missing a certain something, New Super Mario Bros U was released and was a great game. The giant world filled with secrets and mystery, the colored Yoshis with cool abilities (albeit you can't grow them up and the only grown Yoshi available to ride can't be taken between levels), and just the overall feel of a great 2D Mario game finally returned. Now with New Super Luigi U, the difficulty that iv'e been expecting for some time has finally come, and it makes for some great fun that feels like and old school game that jumped into the 21st century with beautiful HD visuals. The levels are fun and creative, and you can tell Nintendo still has plenty of great ideas up their sleeve. New Super Mario Bros U is now at a tie for my favorite 2D Mario game, along with Super Mario World. The New Super Luigi U DLC is a deal maker, and adds the difficulty and creativity iv'e been craving for Nintendo to release. My only gripe is that there is still no return of the colorful Yoshis that you can ride and take between levels (besides ghost houses). The Yoshi aspect from Super Mario World is the reason I loved that game so much. Having colored Yoshis found in a Star World was truly unique and fun. Plus the idea that you can take a regular green Yoshi and eat a colored shell to have special powers was a great one that we haven't seen included in a Mario game since Super Mario World's release. New Super Luigi U is fun and exciting none the less, and is a step in the right direction for Nintendo and its 2D Mario titles, and the focus on Luigi is a great change up. Expand
  21. Dec 24, 2013
    NSL is a great twist on an already successful title. Personally I prefer Lugi game over Mario's. NSL is a fast pace, exciting, plat former. The game is design to be speed run and with most levels only lasting 15-20 seconds, it's has a good pacing on not over doing any one concept. The levels are challenging and difficult. Any hardcore plat former has to play this. I would recommend NSL over NSMB. Unless it's for a child, than the game may have too high of a skill curve. Expand
  22. Aug 2, 2013
    Luigi U is essentially an expansion pack of New Super Mario Bros U. Other than Luigi's unique abilities- a higher jump and a glide- the concept is more or less the same. Story is no different except that it involves Luigi instead of Mario. But levels are more challenging. A lot more challenging. Luigi U is for anyone who, like me, has been finding mario games too easy lately. The world maps are exactly the same, and levels are often alike to their mario u counterparts. But what Nintendo have done is include unprecedented combinations of obstacles. This results in a fresh and exciting experience. Especially the castles are very dificult and will kill you countless times no doubt. But the bosses are all the same, with not ven the subtlest change to the formula. This I found disappointing. But level design is so challenging it compensates for that problem. Rarely does Luigi U ever feel samey, but it is annoying that you have to watch the exact same cuscenes as in the main game with no option to skip. Collapse
  23. Jan 18, 2014
    Don't treat this game as an entirely new entry to the series. Pretty much like Lost Levels, it's supposed to be an equally fun but harder version of its predecessor. And boy is it. The overworld map is the same, but the levels themselves are completely different. You only have 100 seconds on the clock, but the levels are shorter so this makes up for it. Luigi slides and jumps higher like in previous games in the series, but the level design compensates this and makes the game really fun to play. The single player is the best mode however, as multiplayer can be a bit too frantic with all of the difficult jumps and enemy placement. But the fast paced levels mean there is never a dull moment in single player, so the game is still great alone. Nabbit can also be played in single player through the use of a button cheat, so even younger players can enjoy this game without the frustrating challenge. It's both a great and underrated game. Expand
  24. Jul 23, 2013
    I feel like this game has gotten a bad rap. Luigi U takes the 80 something levels in Mario U and redesigns them all. It uses the same game engine, the same world map, and the same worlds but each individual level is completely different. The levels are about half as long as in Mario U, but there is no half way mark and you only have 100 seconds for each level so it feels like your racing the clock Luigi U has different physics then Mario. Luigi jumps higher, is more slippery, and can hang in the air longer then Mario. The reasons that I like Luigi U better then Mario are. First, Its much more difficult and the difficulty makes it a more enjoyable game. Second, Luigi U has more creative level design, The levels seem a lot less bland then in Mario U. Third, is bang for your buck. Luigi U is $20 if you get it as dlc. It took me 17 and a half hours to play through the game (getting every star coin and secret exit but only using a guide if I couldn't get it on my own). $20 for 17.5 hours in just the first play through is pretty good, and a much better dollar to time ratio then Mario U. Expand
  25. Aug 4, 2013
    Many reviews seem to over look the fact that this is DLC content, not a stand-alone game. People seem to expect the Mona Lisa when it is not realistic. If you liked the NSMBU or even any of the NSMB games then pick this up for a fun, challenging and fast paced bit of fun.
  26. Aug 9, 2013
    This gets a 9. Simply because it is definitely as good as New Super Mario Bros U, which i gave a 9 as well. This added extra levels, and a challenge that is just as frustrating and addicting as the NSMBU. This is DLC...DLC! I can't recall DLC that didn't leave me feeling slightly ripped off. If you've beat NSMBU, then you owe it to yourself to get this. Yes its DLC, but it feels like a whole new game. Expand
  27. Aug 16, 2013
    Very good but very hard only play if you are really a hardcore Mario fan because the DLC makes the game a million times harder (unless you only play as Nabit). Though it is an incredible value because of how much the courses change.
  28. Aug 22, 2013
    A Grate DLC For Getting My Birthday 10/10

    One Of The Best DLCS Of New Super Mario Bros U, Good To Play As Luigi In Single Player Seance Luigi's Mansion, Also Recommend To Play This Game With Family And Friends.
  29. Sep 5, 2013
    New Super Luigi U is a solid DLC Pack with a fresh feel to it, despite the story and world map being close to identical from New Super Mario Bros. U. The game actually felt newer in certain ways compared to the original game. The levels are completely re-designed and are much shorter than the original game but have a bit of a fast pace feel to it sometime which is not a bad thing. There is also a difficultly boost that is noticeable if you've played New Super Mario Bros. U. Surprisingly worth the $20 for a digital buy ($30 for retail without New Super Mario Bros. U). If you liked/loved New Super Mario Bros. U you will most likely like or love this game, especially if you are a Luigi fan! Expand
  30. Sep 28, 2013
    Same thing as New Super Mario Bros
    Oh and i like to put in there
    1 Same Levels Just made Different
    2 To much money for a DLC
    ( sorry if im wrong its just what i think)
  31. Oct 22, 2013
    A very fun and challenging game. Shorter level and more dieing. Fun and more than worth the 30 bucks I paid for it. An excellent addition to the series!
  32. Jan 4, 2014
    While this game does other some unique features we all have to realize what is happening! This "DLC" is just an excuse for Nintendo not to make games that we truly want like Legend of Zelda:Majora's Mask HD Remake, Earthbound 2, Donkey Kong 64-2 or Donkey Kong U, and Luigi's Mansion 2: The U Edition. Get on it Nintendo
  33. Jan 10, 2014
    When I first played this with my friend, I had pretty low expectations. I thought it was gonna be hard and not fun because there are only 100 seconds in each level. Well, I've gotta say. Speed running is really fun in this game. Although me and my friend struggled trying to get everything 100%, it was still pretty fun. I would recommend playing this game if you like a challenge and speed running.
  34. Jul 5, 2014
    Take New Super Mario U , Add Nabbit , Remove Mario , Add 99 Second Time Limit , You Get New Super Luigi U , the levels are also much harder , none the less , worth picking up , definitely the challenge mario platformer fans have been craving
  35. Jan 2, 2014
    I got mixed feelings about this game. As a DLC, it is a pretty good, with more levels and making it more difficult to players who wanted something harder but as a standalone title..., well, New Super Luigi U (Retail) is only recommended for players who doesn't own New Super Mario Bros. U, because if you already have NSMBU there's no reason for getting NSLU Retail Version. The game is just a level pack, nothing new is here with the exception of: Luigi's high jump and Nabbit. Nabbit is the fourth playable character in the game replacing Mario, however, he cannot be defeated by enemies and cannot use Power-ups, but he can grab them and it will turn into 1-ups at the end of the level. This is really ruins the point of having a difficult level pack if you have character that can literally bypass all the challenges easily, sure you can't pick some of the Star Coins with Nabbit, but my point still stands. As for Luigi's high jump, it is a nice little nod to the previous games where Luigi's jump was higher, but this feature is completely ruined with one thing: the M Block, the M Block removes Luigi's high jump feature. Why? Why have an item that completely removes one of the character's trademark ability? It is like if there was an item on the Sonic series which would remove his speed. If you thought that NSMBU was easy and want something difficult on New Super Mario Bros. U, then try out NSLU, otherwise, do not get this game. Expand
  36. Mar 4, 2014
    New Super Luigi U is a great game. Not much is wrong about it, but I do have some nitpicks I want to mention. But first, the good stuff: in terms of content the game doesn't really add too much, but in terms of gameplay and levels, the former adds some new twists while the latter changes the whole game basically. All levels are remastered to make the game more challenging, and Luigi controls more like he does in the Galaxy games, with less traction and his trademark kicky-feet jump (not sure if that jump has an official name). Nabbit, the little bandit you battle sometimes in Mario Bros. U, returns as a playable character who can't get hurt by enemies but can't use power-ups. That mechanic is great though because if you DO collect power-ups as Nabbit, they'll turn into 1-Ups when you reach the flagpole. Now onto the nitpicks.... I guess the only one I have at the moment is the shorter time limit. It furthers the challenge, but I don't think it was really necessary, as it takes away from us being able to really take in the new level designs. But this game is supposed to feel a bit more fast-paced, so it's kind of alright. All-in-all, I really enjoyed this game, and I say pick it up! And also, in celebration of the Year of Luigi, try to find EVERY hidden Luigi image in the game... it's CRAZY how many of them there are in total! Expand
  37. Jul 28, 2014
    Basically like New. Super Mario Bros wii but with a new control scheme and much higher challenge factor, plus better replay value. Fans of New. Super Mario Bros wii, hear me out, get this game. You'll love it.
  38. May 11, 2014
    before i review this i originally thought this was going to be a redo of the original game with a time expansion. but after looking at it a bit more closely, i found that this game has similarities but with a better level design. i'm glad that Luigi has his own 2D game instead of catching ghost. but what I find cool about it is that it has hidden 8-bit Luigis throughout the game. i definetly think if you don't have this DCL you don't know what you're missing. Expand
  39. Aug 16, 2014
    This game is awesome for anyone who beat or loved Mario u. The courses are shorter, but I like them that way. It was interesting to see how Nintendo could come up with different courses so fast. The price is awesome: $20 for a game that is just as big as the main game. The map is the same, which is the only thing I didn't like. Since Mario isn't in the game, he is replaced by Nabbit the invincible bunny, who is immune to almost everything. Nabbit was a good addition to the game because this game is much harder than Mario u, but by using Nabbit it's about the same. Buy Mario u first, then pick this up. Expand
  40. Oct 2, 2014
    This was well worth the money, this is how DLC's should be done. Anyway the game itself is fun and I love the challenge, It might seem easy at first, but just wait the challenge really picks up when you get into the later worlds.
  41. Oct 3, 2014
    I sort of fell a little let down with this one is great but a little short great DLC but not good enough to be a standalone game. Would of liked more challenges for DLC.
  42. Aug 2, 2013
    Luigi U is essentially an expansion pack of New Super Mario Bros U. Other than Luigi's unique abilities- a higher jump and a glide- the concept is more or less the same. Story is no different except that it involves Luigi instead of Mario. But levels are more challenging. A lot more challenging. Luigi U is for anyone who, like me, has been finding mario games too easy lately. The world maps are exactly the same, and levels are often alike to their mario u counterparts. But what Nintendo have done is include unprecedented combinations of obstacles. This results in a fresh and exciting experience. Especially the castles are very dificult and will kill you countless times no doubt. But the bosses are all the same, with not ven the subtlest change to the formula. This I found disappointing. But level design is so challenging it compensates for that problem. Rarely does Luigi U ever feel samey, but it is annoying that you have to watch the exact same cuscenes as in the main game with no option to skip. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 59 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  1. Oct 5, 2013
    Luigi's own adventure is probably one of the largest DLC packets on the market. The whole New Super Mario U has been remixed, the difficulty level has been tuned, and the slim main character is totally different from the plump plumber. This add-on is well worth the money. [Sept 2013]
  2. 80
    An unexpected expansion pack for the New Super Mario Bros. U brings new levels, a new hero, more intense gameplay, and higher difficulty level. It's a shame the multiplayer game is a fail. [Issue#232]
  3. Sep 16, 2013
    If you have some resistance against frustration and want a short but intensive trip into the New Super Mario Bros. Universe, you should keep that addition in mind.