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  1. Nov 22, 2014
    This game is just so good. Good gameplay good puzzles and very underrated. You have to love to get to explore the interesting planet, it has a beautiful environment. This is one of the best looking Wii U games for sure. I like it more than the first Pikmin, and better than Pikmin 2 when it comes to exploration. I just wish the game was longer..
  2. Nov 12, 2014
    i have played all the pikmin games from the gamecube to this one. The idea of fruit juice i found different however it seemed a little similar to pikmin 2. With the use of the game pad or screen players could play on whatever surface they wanted. The game could have ended up getting a bit more challenging but it ended up being fun.
  3. Nov 12, 2014
    Pikmin 3 is a superb Wii U RTS game. If your a Pikmin fan, you will enjoy this game. If you new to pikmin, this is the game to get you started. Ok review time!

    Story: Pikmin 3 is more story-based, than the other 2 Pikmin games. Its still not much, but as a Pikmin fan myself, story isn't important in Pikmin games. So if you want a good story, Pikmin might not give you what you want.

    Gameplay: Pikmin 3 introduce many new enemies, features, and 2 new pikmin to use. It also contains a small amount of puzzles from here and there, but its mostly a RTS game with action thrown in. If your familiar with the Pikmin games, you can easily adopt to the changes, If your new, don't worry, Pikmin 3 will teach you what you need to know, and data files can be found all around, providing hints, and tips for newcomers, they are optional to grab, so you can learn at your own pace. Also, with many different control options, you will find a comfortable way to play. In a nutshell, Pikmin 3 gameplay is great, its user friendly for newcomers, but is still a bit difficult for expert players.

    Graphics: Pikmin 3 graphics are amazing, one of the best looking Wii U games, Pikmin 3 will amaze you with its graphics. The environment looks awesome. Flowers, fruit, and other plant life looks very realistic, with many details added! The best is the water effects. Running in the water creates realistic effects, like the ripples, and even distort anything underwater, like in real life! Even aquatic creatures create ripples!

    Music: Pikmin 3 is filled with a beautiful soundtrack. Each BGM (background music) fits the environment perfectly! From calm soundtracks like in the wintry Distant Tundra, to a upbeat tropical soundtrack for the summer time Tropical Wilds! All of it will amaze you! Also, the music in Pikmin 3 (as well as in the other pikmin games) changes slightly, depending on whats happening. If you fight an enemy, a new piece is added, to make the music sound more intense and louder. If you carrying something, a soft piece is added, to make the music sound more peaceful. When working, the music gets lively, and once sunset approaches, the music gets very quiet, and calm! You will enjoy this game's soundtrack.

    Problems: One big problem with the game is, its a bit glitchy! Glitches can easily be exploited, good or bad. Also, the game is pretty short, but its made to be short, as its a speedrun game (A game made to be relatively, so it can be played, over and over again, for speedrunner). Also, the bosses aren't very tough. You may find them difficult at first, but after finding their weakness, they're a complete joke! The final boss however is quite difficult! Also, there's no real online play, just a simple leaderboard.

    Overall: Pikmin 3 is a awesome Sci-fi adventure, in a beautiful environment filled with many different odd creatures. Its mainly a RTS, mixed with a bit of puzzles, and action, that can be enjoyable for anyone, even newcomers. It is a bit glitchy from time to time, and once you find out how to beat a boss, you can easily destroy them after, once you find their weakness. Also there is a lack of online play, but the game still holds up as a gorgeous game with a calm atmosphere, and great music. There's even a 2 player mode, to try it out with a friend. A demo is downloadable now, so why not give it a try!
  4. Oct 27, 2014
    Pikmin 3 is the best in the series, and while it doesn't offer the same quantity of content as Pikmin did, it certainly looks for the entertainment of a wide variety of players, with its classic and redefined combat system, strategic nature and amusing art direction. However, ugly textures in some strict points (like the ground), and not very precise control schemes, may be the only inconveniences with Pikmin 3. Expand
  5. Oct 27, 2014
    There is no other game that is more precise and finely crafted than this instant hit. I enjoy the graphics, music, and even the story line, when usually one or all three of those fail to impress. The best thing about it is the replay value as well as a large amount of inexpensive DLC.
    I won't go further into the details of its fluid game play as it must be experienced to be understood.
    Very endearing and memorable game, one of the most unique emotional experiences I've ever had brought on by pixels. What makes me give this a ten is that it actually never pissed me off, always engaged, was beautiful, the sound was organic instead of produced, and there is this weird connection to another world that feels completely normal. What's not normal are these mysterious bits of loose Human detritus. There is no human presence, and these wonderful Pikmin beings have evolved to be both plant and animal in an eerie post-apocalyptic world where everything is gorgeous including the baddies. The unique play style takes very little getting used to for young and old alike. Seriously one of the best games ever made. Expand
  6. Oct 13, 2014
    Indiscutivelmente Pikmin 3 é muito cativante, com um desafio extraordinário, inclusive e principalmente na DLC liberada depois. Os gráficos são belíssimos, é divertido enfrentar os chefes, tem um apelo ecológico legal, os personagens são engraçados e além de tudo tem o capricho da Nintendo, vale à pena ser jogado. Ótimo.
  7. Oct 10, 2014
    This is a wonderful, charming experience that will give any Wii U owner a smashing good time. It's one of the best games on the system and it is a great successor to the first two Pikmin games. The problem is the controls, which can be hard to use sometimes when lots of things are happening on screen at once, and the fact that the story ends pretty quickly. Other than that, this is a game I cannot recommend enough. Give it a try and you'll love it forever, just like the first two games. Expand
  8. Oct 4, 2014
    This game is an absolute gem and once played I was so addicted I bought and played the first and second game in the series as well!
    If I was Nintendo I would be working on some dlc levels not battle and most defiantly the fourth title!
  9. Sep 29, 2014
    Pikmin 3 is my personal Wii U game of the year for 2013. It has great gameplay and visuals. There is lots of collectables and the exploration is fun. The music is great and the boss battles are the best of the series. This game is worth the full $60. Every Wii U owner should own this game!
  10. Sep 26, 2014
    Absolutely brilliant. If you've played any of the iterations you'd know Pikmin is one of the most creative and original I.Ps out there. This game was very well crafted , the new pikmin (winged and rock) are both integrated very well into the gameplay and strategy involved. The main story is a bit short, but collecting all fruits and mission modes should add some extra life and enjoyment. The 2 player versus Bingo mode is also brilliant, my only gripe with it is that it is local play only. Granted, it is better locally, but it would've been nice to give online as an option as well. Especially since it could have been added as DLC , which is already introduced into this game. The main story offers a pretty decent challenge but it isn't too extreme. Going for the best medals on the mission mode should add a lot of extra challenge to the game. The gamepad has a kind of weird control for this game but after getting used to it I really like it, the map feature is also perfect for this game. The Wiimote nunchuck is also a PERFECT fit for this game and changes up the gameplay feel of this game if you want something different. The bosses are very engaging and well crafted, and I've fought each well over 3 times because of how fun they are. The graphics are down right gorgeous. If you have a Wii U, you NEED this game. Expand
  11. Jul 31, 2014
    I admit that I wasn't planning on buying Pikmin 3. Don't get me wrong, I like the series, but this wasn't a game that I was DYING to have. When the free game offer from buying Mario Kart 8 came along, I decided to download Pikmin 3 and I must say... It's fantastic! It may not be as lengthy as Pikmin 2, but the beautiful graphics, the new Wii U game mechanics, and the return of 'days' offer a new challenge to try and do better on days that you either didn't do well on or want to beat your best. I can now say, it is one of the must haves for Wii U. Expand
  12. Jul 4, 2014
    Recently got this game and it is absolutely wonderful. It has a wonderful, vibrant atmosphere and it's gameplay/structure is addictive and easy to get into. I haven't played the other installments in this series but I may now, after enjoying this one. The mechanics of the game, while simple, are effective and satisfying.

    My gripes with this game is the camera angles and use of the
    Wii U GamePad. The camera angles are only a slight annoyance, but I do not enjoy having to constantly switch between the gamepad and the TV. Other than that this game is great! Recommended to everyone who wants something a little different. Expand
  13. Jun 25, 2014
    i love this game, got recommended this game after i purchased the Wii U. the game play is simple yet challenging, you can use the Pikmin as fodder in battles and just keep sprouting new ones or try and save everyone with a furious panic to locate the missing ones before the day ends. I actually love this game so much i sought out the first and second remakes for the wii, funny thing is i used my original wii more this past year then i did the 4 or 5 years before all because of pikmin Expand
  14. Jun 9, 2014
    The main problem i have had with previous pikmin games is that it takes some time to get into. In this installment in the Pikmin series, the game is more polished than ever. the game is faster paced. the game has controller options (it is best with a wii remote and nunchuck). the game feels like what a true pikmin sequel should be
  15. Jun 2, 2014
    Il terzo Pikmin è l'apice della trilogia grazie alla sua splendida veste grafica, le rifiniture nel gameplay e una maggiore varietà rispetto al secondo episodio. Uno dei giochi migliori disponibili su Wii U.
  16. May 30, 2014
    Really good game. I never played the first two but I regret it now considering how good this game is. One of the best games not only on wii u but for next gen consoles as well.
  17. May 3, 2014
    I felt the game took a step back from Pikmin 2, which is both good and bad. It's unique, fun and charming. It's beautiful and entertaining. I was saddened however, by the lack of treasure like in Pikmin 2, the lack of caves, and that in the story mode the 2 new Pikmin types we met in Pikmin 2 are not present, and are basically replaced. Still though, the graphics, the audio, the level design, the gameplay, the combat, is all amazing and wonderful and deserves to be played. Expand
  18. May 1, 2014
    Pikmin 3 is a good game, but it has certain flaws. It's beautiful, no doubt. The foliage looks lush, the enemies look like they're alive, and the pikmin are as adorable as ever. The story is pretty interesting, though it meanders a little sometimes. The ending was very solid. All of that is good, but the one thing that made it difficult for me to really enjoy this game was the control scheme. The controls were oddly laid out, with the main action (throw/pick/attack) being hooked up to A (rightmost button), while the button where I would expect the primary action to go (B, the bottom most button) was set to dismiss your pikmin. This is bad because when someone holds the controller, their thumb rests on the B button naturally, so you would expect the main action to go there. Another thing is that the B button doesn't always dismiss your pikmin. When locked on, it makes them charge. I would not have expected the same button that dismisses (a very passive, non-aggressive move) to also function as an all in attack when locked on. It made for some very tricky situations when I wasn't fully locked on, and I accidentally dismissed all my pikmin in the heat of a boss fight. So, good game, but bad controller layout. Expand
  19. Apr 20, 2014
    There was literally no way I could've enjoyed my Wii U better. Well, after WindWaker HD and 3D World came out, I enjoyed them more and played them more, but still this was the first game I greatly enjoyed for Wii U. I honestly would like to give it a 9.3, but it was either a 9 or 10 and isn't good enough to be a perfect. It's very close though. I can tell I'll be enjoying this for years to come.
  20. Mar 23, 2014
    This is an amazing game, and by itself makes a Wii U worth purchasing. I have not played the first two Pikmin games, but this one is not only beautiful to look at, but has a unique style of game play. The story is fantastic (although a little short), and the multiplayer missions are a lot of fun. The controls take a little bit of getting used to, but stick with it because it's definitely worth it. If you don't own a Wii U, consider buying one for Pikmin 3. Expand
  21. Mar 14, 2014
    Relaxing music, relaxing sound effects, relaxing visuals, relaxing graphics, relaxing scenery, relaxing colourful Pikmin characters, and OH MY GOSH ITS A GIANT PIKMIN-HUNGRY MONSTER!
  22. Mar 2, 2014
    Holy **** That was totally amazing. I was hooked from the start with the games absolutely gorgeous graphics and beautiful world that this was going to be a game that should make Nintendo proud no matter how amazing their past has been.

    The gameplay is spot on and the story is great due to our past Pikmin experiences. The cutscenes are well executed especially when you select your world
    and the ship just goes onto the planet, that just sent shivers down my spine every time.

    The difficulty level was also just perfect. Some parts just seem easy, but most of it was rage inducing hard. Not to mention how what a good feeling it gives you about the Pikmin, I felt responsible for probably the first time I ever had in a video game, and I found myself risking it all just to save one Pikmin, and it was such a sad feeling when you would see one die and you would want to get revenge on whatever killed it.

    All around Pikmin 3 was an amazing and gorgeous experience, which makes you feel emotions you may never feel again. It is a must buy and unhateable.
  23. Feb 28, 2014
    Pikmin 3 is one of those games that you can't get anywhere else and you really don't see frequently. With inventive level design and pretty good challenge, it easily stands out as one of my favorite games of 2013 and a must have to every one who is planning to get a Wii U.

    I even found myself replaying every single "In-Game Day" (Level) over and over, as many times as possible to get
    the best results (Less Pikmin dead and more stuff collected in a single day). The level of immersion in this game is really awesome, and gameplay mechanics kept me playing four hours! Expand
  24. Jan 17, 2014
    Pikmin 3 is a great example of what HD was made for; the gorgeous woodlands, ponds and tundra spring from the screen teeming with life of Pikmin and other strange creatures. The third game in the series does well to have a much more relaxed pace to full take in the scope; this and the refined gameplay mechanics make it even more of a calming experience. Admittedly a little repetitive but short enough for that to not be a problem. Expand
  25. Jan 12, 2014
    This is a really good game, there are bad things added in this, and good things. A bad thing is that, when you go in a cave, theres no sublevels and just a room or 2. Plus, when you fight a boss in a cave, the time still goes down, so you might have to fight the boss again the next day. A good thing is, for me at least, how you have a fruit supply to get, and how it is real fruit, like there is an apple, a banana, grapes, and that stuff. One thing I did not like, you don't play as Olimar and Louie. You do play as them in the last 3 levels of Mission mode, only in collect treasure and defeat enemies though. I highly suggest you get this game. Plus, 2 new pikmin! Expand
  26. Jan 12, 2014
    Pikmin 3 is a really nice game. Graphics are beautiful and respect the world of pikmin, the game is pleasant and joyful, but it's quite poor for something we have been expecting for 9 years...compared to pikmin 2, the game doesn't add that much things, and it affects its length. The missions are good though and can brings more hours of playing. In conclusion, it's a bit disappointing for someone that played the others pikmin, it could really have been a masterpiece, but it still a very good game that i recommend ! Expand
  27. Jan 8, 2014
    Just bought my Wii U with Zelda HD and Pikmin 3. I'm a new comer to the Pikmin Universe and my first impression is that it is awesome! To be honest I currently suck at the game but I can't wait to get better and fully experience what Pikmin 3 has to offer. A must buy for the Wii U.
  28. Jan 6, 2014
    I really did enjoy this game. I'll be frank: I didn't enjoy it as much as previous games, however that doesn't make it a total failure. It really only had a few problems with it.

    Yes. The controls were a little bit more complicated than they needed to be, however Im not going to be that jerk who writes a whole review about how they couldnt grasp the controls.

    My only other two
    problems with it were that they removed purple and white Pikmen from the story mode and they shrunk the maps down, both of which I think added a lot of difficulty to some of he puzzles. The puzzles were just too easy in Pikmen 3 was and it was lacking in comparison to Pikmen and Pikmen 2.

    The graphics however are beautiful and the multiplayer is great! The game is totally emersive and it totally deserving of an 8.
  29. Dec 31, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am a longtime fan of the Pikmin series. I have been hoping for a third entry into the series since I finally finished Pikmin 2 only a few years ago. After preordering and picking up the game earlier this year, I can say I wasn't disappointed with it. The game looks beautiful in HD graphics. The objects appear almost lifelike within the game, from the fruit, to the characters themselves, while cartoony in appearance, they look great, and have an improved look compared to captain models from the first two games. I enjoyed many of the features the new entry, the WIi U Gamepad provides a great map view of the world, and is very useful in tracking down stray Pikmin, I had an issue with that on Pikmin 1 and 2, as night would fall as I was searching for said Pikmin. I found the 3 captain controls very helpful in the mission modes of the game, having the ability to send one captain to one area while focusing on another was a genius idea. While I was a bit distraught over the absence of purple and white Pikmin from the campaign, I was glad to see them in the mission modes, while they were replaced by rock and pink Pikmin that fly. The rocks are great for taking enemies out quickly, and the pinks are good for attacking enemies that fly above so they can be brought down for the other pikmin to finish off. The game did have a few flaws though, the campaign, while enjoyable and fun, was rather short in length. There wasn't that many mission levels to begin with, but that was made up for through the addition of DLC, all of which I have bought, and will continue to purchase as long as they keep coming, and creative levels are introduced. While I did understand that the story focused on the 3 captains from Koppai, I was somewhat disappointed from the lack of appearance from Olimar in the game, aside from the data files that were left behind. I was kinda surprised to see that all Pikmin types are allowed to carry Bomb Rocks (I am glad that this is a feature that returned) now, instead of just yellow Pikmin alone. It's what made the yellows stand out, aside from their electricity resistance, which they also kept from Pikmin 2. I liked how they implied from the beginning that Olimar was dead, that alone brought me off my seat, and beat my childhood over the head in the process. I can't say what exactly sucked me into the game, but I know for a fact that this is a great game for Wii U owners, current and future, to pick up. Expand
  30. Nov 19, 2013
    This game is one of the best for the wii U. The campaign my first time through took me 3 play sessions to get to and beat the final boss, then another 6 to find everything and get it back to the ship. This is not a game for everyone though. If you liked the other pikmin games you'll most likely like this one too. If you haven't tried a pikmin game then I'd look for this one cheep. It's a unique game that holds the "I tried to speed run this game" reward for me. Also there are mission mode for a challenge. So much time spent on getting platinum these. Basically it's boss battles where you try to kill the boss as fast as you can with the pikmin given to you, Treasure hunt where you try to retrieve all the treasure on the map, and battle challenge, where you try to kill every enemy on the map. Best thing is that it can be co op. I've only played a bit of bingo mode so I can't judge it yet. It's a fun competitive mode for pikmin. Expand
  31. Nov 12, 2013
    Simply put, this game is inferior in almost every way shape and form to the previous entries in terms of gameplay. It ranges from little issues such as the character not adjusting to the camera when moving which forces you to stop moving just to recenter and fixed camera angles which force you to move around until it breaks free, to big problems such as guiding the Pikmin with the C-Stick being taken out entirely or the fact that the whistle ranges is far too sensitive and does not cover nearly enough space as it needs to.
    My biggest problem however, comes from organization. The areas are now so big that they require load screens to change areas which are actually quite fast. Here's the thing though, you change screens instantly while your Pikmin do not. As such Pikmin can get stuck in a load screen while sunset is approaching and get left behind before they can change screens. Pikmin also have a new feature in regards to piles of fruit or bridge pieces in that they will return to gather more upon delivering the piece they are holding.
    This sounds good in theory, but seeing you'll have more than enough Pikmin to gather up the entire pile in a single trip it just makes you wish the Pikmin would stay at the base as opposed to returning to the location and standing idle. Even the whistle has now got some serious issues. The whistle's sensitivity is too high and as such can be tricky to aim when trying to gather a group of Pikmin.
    During boss fights you are often in a large room that the Pikmin will be thrown around in and it's frustrating trying to gather them all up when you can't move your whistle appropriately and lose Pikmin that you could have saved in the other two games.
    It's just a miserable experience when you really think about it as you play.
  32. Oct 30, 2013
    The reason why I got a Wii U at the first place, and it totaly worthed it. Too bad nintendo won't make a new pikmin game for the next gorillion years. Masterpiece for a pikmin fan as myself.
  33. Oct 29, 2013
    Pikmin at its best. The controls have been nearly perfected. Pikmin is a great puzzle like game that requires thought and skill. The story is simple but charming. The graphics are absolutely beautiful. This is a very biased review as this series is one of my favorites. If you are new to the series you will greatly enjoy this game. I highly recommend it.
  34. Oct 29, 2013
    Long awaited Pikmin 3 had finally bring their hopes up to every dedicated Nintendo fans. Shigeru Miyamoto made a great effort on the 3rd game and deserves a comeback. Dedicated Pikmin lovers recommended this game on the Wii U, you will never miss out on the hit game!
  35. Oct 28, 2013
    In a long overdue review, I am happy to say that Pikmin 3 does not fail to deliver on its promise of taking you to a mysterious planet for an adventure. In perhaps what is the only true real-time strategy game on the market, Pikmin 3's game play and strategic elements exemplify the games true complexity and enjoyment, The Pikmin series has been praised for its game play in the past, but Pikmin 3 adds another complexity with the introduction of 3 characters and your ability to transition between them. This aspects creates interesting puzzles that take quite a bit of pondering in order to figure out. The game's graphics and soundtrack only continue to compliment the story and game play of Pikmin 3. In what is perhaps Shigeru Miyamoto's most ambitious and creative game, a new puzzle or mystery is always around the corner. Pikmin 3 will not disappoint.

    Positives: Graphics, Soundtrack, Story, Game Play, Controls
    Negatives: The length of the game had me craving for more as soon as I finished
  36. Oct 23, 2013
    The major question here, is it worth buying a new console for?Obviously not...It's a childish game where you collect pieces of fruits and bombarding hostile creatures with cute creatures called Pikmin...There are different kinds of Pikmin to help you against different hostile creatures...Nothing to worry about if you are missing it in your life...It's just funny to watch them jumping on enemies and tearing them into shreds like Piranhas and then carry their corpses home turning them into new Pikmin... This game should be called Piranhas 3... Expand
  37. Oct 19, 2013
    All the worlds are beautiful to look at and the game plays great. While i didn't really like challenge mode I loved bingo battle. Just another great game from Nintendo.
  38. Oct 18, 2013
    visually impeccable, nintendo was the last to join the HD generation looks more like she is already on her for years and such graphical quality of this game.
  39. Oct 17, 2013
    Pikmin 3 is an incredible game It's a real time strategy game and it's easy and fun to play Everybody should play this because it's an unforgettable experience .its gorgeous in HD the gameplay is fantastic and overall a fantastic game
  40. Oct 16, 2013
    Pikmin 3 is the latest entry in the Pikmin series, and it holds up very nicely. Pikmin 3 still has the great gameplay of the first two installments in the series, but it improves on it like the previous game in the series. For example, the Pikmin AI has been improved greatly to reduce cheap deaths by water and other sources, there is a new lock-on mode for accuracy during battles, and also keeps good aspects from Pikmin 1 & 2 and gets rid of the bad aspects from Pikmin 1 & 2. Pikmin 3 has some nice music that fits the atmosphere of the environments in the game. Pikmin 3 allows you to use 3 different controllers to play the game (Wii Mote Nunchuck, Gamepad, and Wii U Pro Controller), which offers a diverse experience between controllers. The graphics in Pikmin 3 are great, considering this is Nintendo's first true HD game (besides Mario games, Nintendo Land, and Game & Wario), and there is also a great amount of detail in the different areas and events, such as rain. Overall, Pikmin 3 is the best game for the Wii U (In my opinion), and Pikmin 3 deserves a 10 out of 10. (The game was a bit short though, but it didn't artificially lengthen the game like Pikmin 2) Expand
  41. Oct 4, 2013
    The first must have game for the Wii U. Not only does it look better than ever, but it also plays better than ever. We may have had to wait 9 years for it, but Pikmin 3 is well worth the wait.
  42. Oct 3, 2013
    I'll start out by saying Pikmin 1 and 2 were a fun, long winded, challenging romp at gaming that explored everything the gamecube and it's controller could do. It built upon a concept of deep, challenging gameplay that tested the player to their wits ends and built upon a concept of a massive amount of content and quality.

    Pikmin 3 is a big, HD billboard that has essentially castrated
    the previous games difficulty level by removing key gameplay elements. The lack of marching makes the game feel shallow and unchallenging, it removes all sense if urgency when fighting a enemy as dodging is not only clumsy, but god like as it seems to save you from just about any problem.

    Worst of all, the game is far too short, easily beat it at 100 percent in under 17 hours. Something you couldn't have done in pikmin 2 in under 25-30. Worst of all, though, is the fact that the levels are super linear and pretty much each trail leads you right to whatever you're looking for.

    I feel like this is a watered down game, made easy to appeal to a crowd that didn't like the other games, and as far as I'm concerned, screw those people.

    Worst of all is the fact that most of the time and money on this game went into making it pretty, not deep. That alone makes me want to flip a table.

    Now before the butthurt superfans come in here and start telling me its art or you don't pay for content, see yourselves too the door and don't embarrass yourselves. Honestly, I've grown to expect a certain level of quality and quantity with this series and this game just DID not deliver. So I'm sorry if I have standards and you don't.

    The fact that the game has not even half the amount of enemies or bosses as pikmin 2 is discouraging. The complete removal of the piklopedia and descriptions is discouraging. It's literally like they sacraficed massive content (the thing that turned everyone into a pikmin fan) just to make the game super pretty. It seriously kills me inside coming from a guy who believes Pikmin 2 is the greatest game ever made.
  43. Sep 29, 2013
    A few frustrating moments using the gamepad lessened my overall enjoyment with the experience, I recommend wii mote nunchuck for some battles. Overall great game though. I read that Miyamoto is possibly prepping up some downloadable expansion content. I hope this happens!
  44. LHy
    Sep 29, 2013
    I love the aspects of the game, but in my opinion, it's just too easy for me, I always seem to have an abundance of fruit, even after Louie steals it, other than that, loving the game and loving the franchise. Can't wait until Pikmin 4.
  45. Djo
    Sep 15, 2013
    It's just a great game. Of course, it could have been more long (10-15 hours to finish the story mode) but you have the multiplayer mode.
    Also, the game is beautiful, the graphics are way, but way better than the last Pikmin. Easily one of the best looking game on the console.
    As for the gameplay, you literally have three ways of playing this game, you shouldn't have problem finding one
    that fits you.
    So I say, it's a must buy.
  46. Sep 11, 2013
    What is Pikmin? In it's core, the popular nintendo series focuses on multiple human-like creatures crash-landing on an abandoned earth. this desolent planet is only populated by vicious creatures, from armored beetles to flaming slugs, except for a small population of plant people AKA Pikmin. to get a bit more specific, you play as one of three pilots sent to earth to collect fruit. once these astro-strangers make contact to post-pandora, they find the pikmin who are willing to help achieve the objective to secure vegetation. there are only 3 astronauts that you can play at at once, and there a maximum total of 100 pikmin on the screen at once. although the beginning of the game is fairly simple and focuses on managing each astronaut achieve a certain directive (collect a fruit, build a bridge, etc), the gameplay further complicates as more pikmin are introduced all with a different ability. for instance, red pikmin can walk through flames and rock pikmin can smash glass. you may need to use rock pikmin to shatter a glass gateway while red pikmin attack a fire themed enemy. but no matter how many different pikmin are thrown at the screen, they never become too much and too unmanageable. one of the reasons why is that it is much easier to select a specific type of pikmin, only needing the click of a button to switch up your color coded order. i won't talk about the story, nor the ending, as i feel that doing so will eliminate the charm that comes upon the pikmin franchise. when playing a game like pikmin, there is so much good to intake (good music, good visuals, good gameplay, etc), that it's almost a bit too much to even discuss. and it is very difficult to talk about one aspect more than another. the flaws of pikmin are that of size and structure. the game is fairly short, about 6 hours if you only choose to collect the bare basics of fruit and items, but it will quickly elongate if you put your sights on collecting every item there is. the game can also trip up a bit when commanding 100 pikmin split into 3 groups of leaders and 5 different types of pikmin in all (especially a particularly annoying bug in the game which makes a pikmin continuously run into a wall, stopping them from falling your path), but these conflicts are miniscule in effect and short in supply. all in all, pikmin 3 was a very enjoyable title for the wii u that, hopefully, shows not just the potential for the system but also what the end result could be. if you like games that focus around strategy, multitasking, commanding units, beautiful visuals, or huge open worlds made out of small places, try pikmin 3. if any of the said genres are not up to your taste, give pikmin 3 a skip and try something else more to your tastes like wonderful 101 or super mario dream team Expand
  47. Sep 11, 2013
    A gorgeously sweet game that is a treat to experience. I loved nearly every minute of exploring the Pikmin 3 world. A few control irritations, and a slightly baffling final boss fight were the weaker moments, but they were lesser parts of an otherwise excellent whole.
  48. Sep 4, 2013
    This is the kind of game Wii U was made for. It's cute, the graphics are more animate-y than realistic (a good thing). The strategy element is fantastic on par with some of the more violent and civ-based strategy games. Great game.
  49. Sep 3, 2013
    The best Wii U game out now, a must have! Go get it if you don't have it! Its much easier than the first 2 games, which is nice as the first 2 were hard. It doesn't mean that Pikmin 3 is devoid of any challenge, some enemies, bosses, and challenges are very challenging to tackle. The story is good, not as engrossing as the others, but it is defanitely the funnest game in the trilogy, althugh I still prefer Pikmin 2 in terms of gameplay, as it was the best in the series and still is. It is very short though, after waiting 9 years for this game, a faithful fan like myself would exepect more. One issue besides the shortness is the characters, I like them, but they just aren't the Olimar and Louie I grew up with, Alph is awesome though. Im still sad how Olimar and Louie are minor characters, while the President is only mentioned. Another letdown are the number of new pikmin, after 9 years I thought we would get alot more new pikmin than just Rock and Winged pikmin, and the purple and white pikmin only appear in the muliplayer modes, which are pretty fun. Overall, I really expected more after waiting 9 years for this, hopefully a sequal won't take as long to make, but it is one of the funnest games I've played all year, maybe the funnest. Expand
  50. Aug 29, 2013
    Epic. Just epic. Wii u rock! Pikmin 3 has a cute story and excellent gameplay to it. Must buy if you are a strategy fan or action helps! But the real hero is the controls! Wii u handles it beautifully.
  51. Aug 29, 2013
    This is one of the games that you should get a WiiU for just to play this game. Pikmin 3 Is amazing! It's hard but it gives you a chance to replay it, which i love doing.
    In conclusion, if you don't have Pikmin 3 and you have a WiiU, buy Pikmin 3 ASAP.
    If you don't have a WiiU and you want Pikmin 3, buy Pikmin 3 and a Wii U.
  52. Aug 29, 2013
    A joy to look at and a joy to play. This is Nintendo at it's finest. The visuals alone show the Wii U is more than capable of producing great looking games.
  53. Aug 27, 2013
    This is my first pikmin game, and it won me over. The beautifully detailed environment helped to rope me in and immerse me. The gameplay was great, other than a few annoyances like having to throw a crew member and THEN take control of them, and maybe it was just me but the whenever I wanted to throw pikmin really fast it would through like 3 quickly, then pause for a split second, then throw some more. Truthfully the puzzle solving wasn't that hard, but what is very challenging and fun is all the multitasking opportunities. Even though I had plenty of fruit that I didn't NEED to rush, it was fun trying to maximize my efficiency. The game was pretty funny at times too, and the pikmin themselves were awesome. It felt horrible when they would die, especially if it was because of a dumb mistake on your part, and this shows just how immersive this game really is. Expand
  54. Aug 27, 2013
    Pikmin 3 is a masterpiece. Flying pikmin and the gameplay is intense. This is the best high definition game. The hidden memos are nice and with extra challenges you get your money worth. multiplayer is awesome.
  55. Aug 27, 2013
    I created a metacritic account purposefully to write a review of this game. As an avid Nintendo fan since the 1980's, I've been playing every single iteration of all of Nintendo's franchises for several console generations. Whereas the Zelda series has been and will always be my favorite game franchise of all time, Miyamoto is by far the most superb game designer we have ever known and my expectations of his games are always set to a point that should not be reached. However, my expectations are always exceeded and, thankfully, Pikmin 3 is not an exception to the rule--it is a phenomenal game that should be played and enjoyed by all. It encompasses that Nintendo magic that must be experienced in order to be understood. Everything just fits together perfectly from the characters, the level design, the tight controls, the music, the ambiance, and the graphics. Nothing is more saddening than seeing one of your Pikmin fall in battle; especially considering how cute they are!

    It makes me sad that we are now part of the "Call of Duty generation" where many people don't give non-realistic games a shot. I can't recommend this game enough. Trust me, you'll be doing yourself a disservice if you don't give it a try! Support Nintendo. Support the Wii U. Buy this game as soon as you can!
  56. Aug 26, 2013
    If you're looking for a chance to flex your strategy muscles on the Wii U, look no further. Pikmin 3 is here, and it's a beautiful, addictive, strangely emotional little gem of a game.

    The storyline puts you in the shoes of three diminutive astronauts from the planet Koppai. Following a food crisis which threatens to starve everyone to death in their home planet, captain Charlie,
    engineer Alph and botanist Brittany get onboard the S.S. Drake to search the cosmos for new food sources. They end up crash-landing on a lush planet, filled to the brim with delicious fruit and dangerous predators. They soon meet a strange breed of half-plant, half-animal creatures (the titular pikmin), and end up forming a symbiotic relationship: the koppaite command helps the various species of pikmin overcome their natural foes, while the pikmin help the koppaites find and transport food and gadgets to the S.S. Drake. It's a simple story with cute characters, but the enviromentalist undertones give it a grim side that really helps in relating to the characters.

    There's an eerie pleasure in watching the little pikmin work tirelessly to bring giant fruit and carcasses back to the spaceship. It evokes memories of lazy summer afternoons, watching ants carry leaves in the yard... except you actually get to command the tiny army, a task that proves to be beyond fun. With a fluid learning curve, you'll be familiar to the controls and concepts in no time, whereas deeper strategic aspects of the gameplay keep getting introduced as the story moves forward. It's a nice pace that never gets overwhelming.

    The planet itself is a great joy to discover. Graphics are stunning, the ambients are varied and interesting, lighting effects are phenomenal, and the enemies are all designed as delightfully alien creatures. Due to this, at first I was slightly distressed by the exploration constraints brought forth by the time limit (you need to get everyone back to the spaceship before each nightfall, or else you'll get a heartbreaking scene of your pikmin running for their lives only to be devoured by nocturnal predators). Soon, though, it became obvious that this is a key feature to lend some urgency to the real-time strategy of the game; without it, the sense of collective working would definitely be dampened.

    The gamepad helps a lot in the exploration, being both a handy database and a multitasking enabler. Sadly, sometimes the controls get a little awkward. For example, aiming in the gamepad is done with the same stick used to move, which can prove tricky when standing in a diminutive suspended platform. Thankfully, there are numerous controlling options, including the wiimote & nunchuck combo, and even those paired with the gamepad (I still opted for the convenience of the sole gamepad, though, since the majority of its control scheme flows easily enough).

    All things considered, Pikmin 3 is a very rewarding experience; one which has the blessing of being extremely unique and filled with Nintendo charm. You'll be hard-pressed to find something similar anywhere, and it's gonna be tough to resist the urge of playing just a couple more days in each play session. Because of all that, chances are you'll find the main quest to move along just a little too fast. Thankfully, plenty of collectibles to backtrack and superb multiplayer modes will further extend the fun.

    Rating: 9.5
  57. Aug 25, 2013
    This is a great strategy. Now rare to find a game that is not afraid to be demanding for the player and make him a challenge. Uparvlenie the game is marvelous, especially with the Wiimote.
  58. Aug 22, 2013
    Pikmin 3 is a stunning game. As a newcomer to the series, I didn't know quite what to expect. But Pikmin 3 eases you in gently, and before you know it you're thinking strategically, plotting out each day. The tutorial is fantastically subtle- not the boring navi-like stuff we've come to know. For example, when introducing blue pikmin, it doesn't tell you they are resistant to water. Instead, they first appear in the water so you know that.
    Game mechanics work like this: you control 3 crew members throughout the storyline of Pikmin 3. They can only progress by using pikmin. You can grow pikmin, but that wastes valuable time. You can have up to 100 pikmin with you at one time. These cute adorable little creatures can be thrown at enemies. The pikmin will all attack the enemies, but the enemies can also attack the pikmin. And there's nothing as heartbreaking as the squeal of a dying pikmin gobbled up by a bulborb. You go through the game in a cycle of days, and each day you must get all your pikmin back to the ship or they will perish. And that is a heartbreaking cutscene.
    The pikmin can also carry objects back to the ship, which is a vital component of pikmin 3. Various different types of pikmin each have different qualities, and these qualities are needed to solve puzzles. But it can be annoying when pikmin often do stupid things that you don't want them to do.
    Every day, the crew members consume a portion of fruit every day and you need to keep using pikmin to collect fruit on top of the main game. If they run out, it's game over. But it's fine because you can always skip to an earlier day before things went wrong. Pikmin 3 gets lovably complicated and challenging, and is really a joy to play. The puzzles and combat are so expertly made, and each boss is unique and geniously crafted. Equally, environments are glorious in HD, and are really beautiful to look at. They are all perfectly natural, no human intervention, and you are tiny compared to them. Like, you can stand on a leaves. Enemies are weird and unique, and creative in both presentation and combat. I can't stress enough how inventive Nintendo have been in enemy design and ideas.
    The gamepad is very useful as you actually play with nunchuk and remote, and have the gamepad stood up beside you to look at for the map. You need it to think strategically and plan your day. It's as good as essential for success in Pikmin 3.
    In addition to story mode, there's a mission mode, which sets you goals to collect as much fruit as possible or defeat enemies. This can also be played co-op. The missions really help your strategic thinking and increase the longevity of Pikmin 3 by a huge amount.
    There's also a versus multiplayer mode, but the player with the gamepad has a huge advantage because they can see the map.
    Pikmin 3 is a beautiful game, and though flawed, you shouldn't hesitate to buy it.
  59. Aug 22, 2013
    You know a game is good when you purchase it for your kids and then find yourself playing it for hours after they go to bed. This game has a lot of depth to it, and the only reason that I am unable to give it a 10 is that developers continue to struggle to find innovative controls using the new gamepad touch screen. The game plays better with a remote and chuck, the only advantage to using the pad is the map. Expand
  60. Aug 21, 2013
    this is what the wii-u was made for. you need to play it if you want to get back into those smooth graphics, how the water, air and natural surroundings make you feel like you're floating on clouds or cotton candy or something. i love how nintendo developers are actually artistic rather than realistic baroque squares. anyway play the damn game.
  61. Aug 19, 2013
    Amazing game. A good balance between the first and the second title was found.
    If games like this keeps coming out, nintendo wii u has everything to be a success.
  62. Aug 19, 2013
    It's like playing Pikmin 2 again for the first time and now I can call Pikmin a game series. The game has great characters, a much more involved storyline then the other Pikmin games, great wii remote integration, 2 new and very useful types of Pikmin as well as all the originals, and many nods to the previous games.
  63. Aug 19, 2013
    A breathe of fresh air and the Wii- mote and nunchuck work strangely well for a console rts, can I dare say even better than a mouse and keyboard? Every now and then you use the Wii u controller to answer a phone call or to swipe the map, the game auto saves when you do this like the developers thought of everything to make this game a relaxing and slow paced game if you so desire. It's got that Christmas morning feeling and takes you into the story immediately without clutter or company logos to reduce the experience. Just simply a fantastic game with a lot of polish and Myamoto written all over it.

    In a world cluttered with shooters Pikmin 3 shines as something refreshingly new and a franchise that has been missed by most (I haven't played Pikmin 1 or 2)
  64. Aug 19, 2013
    Probably the first must-own game on the Wii U. Pikmin 3 is by far the best game in the series. The use of 3 main characters, additional depth in battle strategy, new pikmin types, and focus on time/sunset, have combined to make this worthy experience of any gamer's time. I haven't even tried the acclaimed bingo battles, but Wii U owners can finally justify their console purchase.
  65. Aug 19, 2013
    This game had a wonderfully innovative control scheme that I feel people didn't give enough of a chance and so just rushed back to the familar wii-mote control scheme. With that being said the wii-mote control scheme still feels very fresh and I used it for boss battles. I would highly recommend using the pad in general though, scouting first then retry the day with everything you need to do in mind. You can get so much done when you work the three main characters simultaneously at different tasks. The game itself looks beautiful, the world is vibrant and lovely. The campaign lasted a healthy 18 hours for me, I collected all the fruit in that time. Beyond the campaign there are missions which you can play single or with a friend. These involve collecting fruit and defeating enemies to rack up points all within a certain time limit. Again proper strategy is the key along with level familiarity. Me and my girlfriend are still playing these. Last is bingo battle mode which I have unfortunately yet to play because I am enjoying mission mode so much. Overall I could not fault the game. Expand
  66. Aug 16, 2013
    Wonderful game brimming with Nintendo magic and charm. The graphics are lovely in HD, the soundtrack is mesmerizing, and the game-play is loads of fun.
  67. Aug 16, 2013
    Pikmin 3 was my reason for purchasing a Wii U, and I have to say I am not disappointed. This is the first game I've ever bought that I've immediately gone back to after finishing it to play it all over again, it's just that much fun.
    The story of the game basically involves 3 explorers jetting off to an alien planet in order to gather fruit and save their starving homeworld. However, upon
    reaching the planet, something goes horribly wrong, their ship crashes, and the crew members end up separated. Not good.
    As if that wasn't problematic enough, most of their food supplies were lost in the crash, so they only have 3 days worth of food left, and one must be consumed at the end of each day. That means they only have 3 days to explore the planet, right? Well, there's a twist...
    The game strikes a balance between the hard time limit of Pikmin and Pikmin 2's lack of any time limit at all. While you initially have only 3 days worth of supplies, by gathering fruit, this time limit can be extended up to 99 days, depending on how good you are at managing your time. This means that skilled players are rewarded for making the most out of each day and gathering a lot of fruit by being given extra time, so it's very compelling.
    This extra time can come in very handy, as the game is pretty challenging. Whether it be a tricky puzzle, a tough boss fight or just getting fruit back to base, the game can be brutal, and it's very easy to lose a large amount of your Pikmin, which is often a real setback on your quest to gather food.
    The bosses in particular can be absolutely devastating. Even the very first boss, who you'll likely be fighting no more than 3 or 4 days into the game, can really do a number on you, and you can expect a lot of casualties. Once again, the time limit comes into play, as if you lose too many Pikmin, you'll have to spend precious time raising an entirely new squad, which can take a while.
    Although, you may not entirely mind having all your little friends pummeled into the ground by an enormous monster simply because of how pretty that monster looks. And everything else in the game too. The environments are photorealistic, just like the previous Two games, but they're now even more detailed and beautiful, and they're a joy to look at. Even the collectable fruit looks surprisingly realistic, each having little bruises and imperfections on their skins.
    The enemies and characters, old and new, also look fantastic, and the attention to detail on every single one of them is very cool (Wollywogs have shiny, wet skin, Burrowing Snagrets have individual feathers on their heads). The cartoony, surreal style of the creatures in the game fits surprisingly well into the realistic environments, and the game feels very lively because of it.
    The music only adds to this, with each theme suiting the area where it plays very well. There are even variations on each level theme depending on the time of day, if an enemy is nearby or if your Pikmin are carrying something back to the landing site, which adds to the depth of the soundtrack. Some old themes also return, such as a remastered Pikmin 2 boss theme.
    However, the game is not without it's flaws, even if they are nitpicky at best.
    For all it's merits, this game is surprisingly short. My first run through took around 16 hours, including gathering all the fruit, devoting several days solely to raising Pikmin and gathering berries, and almost all of the Data files (The in-game hint system). But as I said before, this is the first time I've ever returned to a game immediately after my first playthrough, so there's a lot of replayability, especially if you want to go back and try and speedrun the game, or if you're insane, complete a Zero-death run. There are also 2 other modes featured in the game, namely Mission Mode and Bingo Battle. However, I haven't played much of either yet, so I can't really give my opinion, but from what I've heard they're very engaging.
    The controls can also play up a little bit and can take some getting used to. The targetting system (Which replaces the functions of the C-stick from the gamecube games) works reasonably well, but it can be a little annoying trying to target a specific object or part of an enemy when there are several targets in a small space. However, having only played with the Gamepad Television and the Gamepad-only set-ups, it's likely that the other control schemes have their pros and cons too, it's simply a matter of which you prefer.
    Overall, this game is most certainly one of the best on the Wii U, and it's definitely one of the best games I've ever played in it's own right. Fans of the first 2 games should love it, despite the somewhat different controls, and there's also a possibility for DLC in the future, which has the potential to increase the game's length considerably. Even without considering that, this game is a masterpiece and one of Nintendo's finest. Definitely a system seller.
  68. Aug 15, 2013
    Great game, the visuals are stunning I love the multiplayer coop and the and the bingo battle. Nintendo really has done a great job with this game, Must have for every Wii U owner.
  69. Aug 13, 2013
    In the beginning, there was nothing except Mr. Miyamoto. Mr. Miyamoto said "Let there be Pikmin 3!" The game began to materialise, sometimes fading back into delay, but eventually coming fully into existence. Mr. Miyamoto was pleased with what he'd created, and distributed Pikmin 3 all around the world for others to enjoy. At this point, you're probably wondering where everyone else came from. To which I'd say that that isn't all that important. What is important, however, is the fact that Pikmin 3 is definitely the best game on Wii U to date. The controls feel very natural with the Wii Remote Nunchuk combo with its simple "point and click" mechanic, making it easy to grasp for beginners, and easy to manoeuvre for the more experienced Pikmin players. And the crazy-addictive Mission mode and Bingo Battle multiplayer more than make up for the slight shortness of the Story mode. But the shortness is again justified as the game records your top five fastest runs through Story mode to keep you engaged for longer as you strive for a personal best or a world record. And the graphics; oh, bellissimo! Normally, I would say graphical detail doesn't matter in video games. But just one glance at the visuals and your jaw will hit the floor, such is its beauty. In fact, Pikmin 3 boasts the best graphical detail I've ever seen in any video game, making the wait for future titles of the same detail that much more exciting (and agonising!). Overall, this game is pretty much perfect. Sure, your Pikmin may get stuck in annoying places. Or they might not even come when called. But that will hardly prove to be any hindrance. Fan of the franchise or not, this is a must-buy for any Wii U owner, and a system seller for anyone on the fence about buying a Wii U. Pikmin 3 marks the beginning of the end of the Wii U's "drought", and a gratifying revival of a franchise nine years dormant. Expand
  70. Aug 13, 2013
    A truly magnificent game! Definitely destined to be a classic. The gameplay is very fun and creative and easy to pick up. Collecting collectibles is very addictive and it is entertaining to watch the little Pikmin work together to carry the different collectibles back to base. The graphics are astounding and make the world feel so real and bursting with life. The music is wonderful and sometimes nostalgic as there are some remixes of music that was featured in Pikmin and Pikmin 2. The story is great too and really makes you feel like you need to get fruit juice to survive and care for the Pikmin who help you. The environments and their creatures are weird but in a good way, since they are supposed to be out of the ordinary because you have crash landed on an alien planet. The atmosphere of the environments is very immersive too.The controls are fine and I don't have trouble with using the Wii U Gamepad, like most reviewers do. I actually find that aiming with the analog stick is precise and easy to do.

    Pikmin 3 is a lovingly-crafted game with great gameplay, great graphics, great sound and great... well, everything in Pikmin 3 is great!

    Here is a quick summary of my review:

    + Fun, creative gameplay

    + Well detailed HD graphics

    + Excellent music

    + A wonderful world to explore

    + Lots of collectibles
  71. Aug 12, 2013
    Pikmin 3 is quite possibly the best game I've ever played. Certainly the best in the last 5 years or so. When I bought Pikmin 3, I was excited to be sure, but I certainly wasn't prepared for the onslaught of enjoyment this game would end up providing. This game excels in every way, from the gorgeous presentation, the complex worlds and puzzles, the endearing characters and story to the ever-so-addicting core gameplay. I'm thoroughly impressed, to say the least. I can't seem to put this game down, and often end up playing it well into the night, resulting in a lack of sleep for work the next day lol. Pikmin 3 is a clear-cut masterpiece. What else can I say. The last time I enjoyed a game this much was probably the Metroid Prime games on the Cube. BUY IT!!! Expand
  72. Aug 12, 2013
    Wonderful! Great sequel with interesting new Pikmin and fun new levels. A happy and fun game. This game gives me hope for the Wii U and other potential sequels to Pikmin.
  73. Aug 11, 2013
    This Game isn't what you would call a 10/10, however it's close. I very much feel that this game answered a lot of questions in the series and provoked me to think quite thoroughly about the entirety of the series. The final boss pretty much summed up my thoughts. However, there were some bugs and some levels in this game I found to be quite, how may I say, difficult. There were certain mechanics of certain enemies that I found quite wrong as well. Not in terms of cannon of prior games, but more or less how enemies ate your pikmin. I might sound vague but I do not want to give away spoilers. The controls were 8/10. The control for locking on only seemed to work for me when I used the gamepad, other times I would use the wiimote, and I found it that even if I pointed at the enemy with the lock on engaged, it still proved ineffective. As much of an avid Pikmin fan I might be, sometimes I have to remark on the negatives of this game. The graphics were beautiful. The graphics and display was a solid 10/10, if possible 12/10. I don't really know what it was with this game, but I could not look away from it. The last thing I will say is, I look forward to the fourth installment, but please, please, please, do not change the control format again Nintendo. Expand
  74. Aug 11, 2013
    A Classic. The cleverest design level you have ever seen on a piece of art since Super Mario Galaxy. The quality of music is superhuman. The capacity to surprise does not end even when you play it for the third time (as I do now). Pikmin 3 is the contemporary cult classic that the industry needed.
  75. Aug 10, 2013
    Read the full review at Pros: Amazing visuals, New control scheme is friendly to newcomers while allowing strategic plans for veterans, "Voice acting", Good sense of size (physical size), Lots of replay to improve time and efficiency, Losing yourself in this fantasy world Cons: Very short game (about 10-15 hours), Not many collectibles at all besides main fruits, Lack of co-op story mode, Losing track of time in this fantasy world

    Closing Comments:
    Any Nintendo fan should absolutely pick up this game whether or not they have played the previous Pikmin games. The new cast of characters are unrelated to Olimar and Louie from the Gamecube classics however those that have played the originals will certainly appreciate the enhancements as well as the nods to the older titles. Pikmin 3 is by far the best Wii U game I have played this year and will be a tough game to beat for the next couple of months. Do not let the short time drive you away from this game as there will be may days that you will replay to perfect your strategies.
  76. Aug 10, 2013
    This game is the most toughest game in the series.... Miyamoto was NOT kidding! The best elements from previous games in the series were put into Pikmin 3 and how does the end result do? It is the best Pikmin and I highly recommend all Wii U owners to get the game as soon as you can and play it because I may even call it a masterpiece of a game. Although series composer Hajime Wakai only composed a handful of new music himself (while two newcomers compose the rest), the game still reuses some classic music (e.g. day ending theme, end day results) that veterans will enjoy the nostalgia. Expand
  77. Aug 10, 2013
    I have never played any of the previous Pikmin installments but this got me hooked immediately. It truly fills like the beginning on the Wii U. First off the gameplay is great using the Wii remote and Nunchuck which is the preferred option to start with. The gamepad has bit of a learning curve but not as precise but it can get the job done. The tutorials are not as extensive as most nintendo games which is a good thing because you start the story wright away.
    The visuals are great with some minor low texture shots if the camera is too close to the ground but majority of the time the camera is positioned above so there's no real issue. The environment is extremely detailed with moving leafs, branches, and water motion that looks completely realistic. Particle effects ranging from wall destructions to lighting displayed by certain actions look amazing. Boss creatures are well designed and animated that really give it character but don't be fooled, some of these will eat all your pikmin if you use the wrong strategy.
    Action management, this is a very important factor to consider when completing multiple tasks. Your limited on time so you must get as much done as possible without jeopardizing your pikmin workers and leaving them behind by the time the clock runs out. I find myself restarting that day because I didn't complete the tasks in a timely manner and this is where you split up your teams for maximum efficiency. I recommend scoping the area, seeing what needs to be done, plan out and then take action by restarting the day.
    Missions and bingo battle are great means of extensive play plus you'll have access to pikmin that are not in the story. The only draw back is lack of online multiplayer but fun none the less.
    Pikmin 3 is a breath of fresh air that brings a unique genre that is sometimes overlooked but shouldn't be ignored. For being NIntendo's first real 3D game, it looks great and we can expect visuals to push forward as more games eventually come out. Pikmin 3 has Nintendo's signature all over it that makes it different from anything in the industry that shows there's life beyond the common shooter. Anyone who was on the fence about picking this up, you will not be disappointed.
  78. Aug 10, 2013
    Pikmin 3 is one of the best Wii U games since its release, but that doesn't mean it's a masterpiece. The controls are a big step back compared to Pikmin 2 and some people are going to find out that the camera it's a mess. It's pretty short and while Nintendo improved the AI of the Pikmin, they still going where the danger is inminent and they take too long to react to the whistle. It has a nice challenge mode and multiplayer it's surprisingly damn good. However, even considering those details, Pikmin 3 it's a huge game with a lot of possibilities, very hard, a great examples of a RTS on a console with epic boss battles (sometimes very messy) and amazingly replayable. If you own a Wii U, you must have this game. Expand
  79. Aug 9, 2013
    I have played Pikmin and Pikmin 2 so being a huge fan (still played pikmin 2 in 2013 with my bro) I pretty much picked up the Wii U just for this game. There are many things I enjoyed from this new installment and few disappointments since I am a huge fan but I will explain after the good. (also I beat the game and played everything before writing this review instead of playhing it for maybe a couple hours and giving it a 10 like some gamers do for some reason).

    The Good: The maps and scenery are amazingly beautiful. lots to explore and secrets all around for you to find. I can promise you will miss a few things when you beat it your first time. The game is noob friendly in the beginning which is good for the newer player. The Wii U pad is great. You can move your groups from the pad and take pictures to Miiverse and has everything you need to use.

    The story is nice since you have 3 characters involved. Also without spoiling too much, you will see some things that will make past pikmin players happy. They still keep the same formula with new puzzles in every map to keep you exploring.

    The multiplayer is awesome! very fun and competitive! The Bingo battles will give you the most replay value if you have another friend to play with. After you guys play enough untill you hate each other, just play some co-op mission mode where you and a friend work together instead which is also fun especially since they have an online leaderboard this time around. You also get to fight those bosses again with a friend this time. Back to the bingo battles, there are 12 maps and each map has variations that will choose at random on what spawns and how it looks.

    The Bad: Content is on the low end. Big time. With such improvements from the last games, it surprisingly lacked more than I thought. Compared to Pikmin 2, you get much less in the campaign and co-op. Bingo battle has no problems, its fine with many maps to choose from but I will explain where this game somehow fell on some points.

    There are only 5 bosses!!!! Although the bosses will not fail to make you loose pikmin and panic, I seriously was disappointed from this. Pikmin 2 had over 10 different bosses and sometimes used the same bosses again but the second time around would be an even harder challenge. also the story is far shorter than expected. Although I enjoyed it, it was like a 6 hour campaign. This was very, very strange to see considering pikmin and pikmin 2 are much longer and were on Gamecube disks!

    Also the mission mode lacked the most compared to pikmin 2 with I think 25 or 30 levels where you only get 5 in this one (its 5 missions, 5 enemy levels, and 5 bosses to fight). I was very saddened to see how fast you can 100% complete this game compared to Gamecube-sized predecessors. I was expecting a lot more since you can fit more than a Gamecube disk.

    This isnt a big deal but If you played Pikmin 1 or 2, then you might remember the function to make your pikmin move around you either using the c-stick (gamecube controller) or down on the D-pad (wiimote). Also can be used to make your pikmin grab something very quick without stopping the rest from following you. This for some reason has been removed and I noticed just how useful that function was now that you cant do it. They added the cool charge tactic but it was only useful for fighting enemies and using it to pick up stuff is a bother. Also they removed all but one camera controls which is a small bummer

    The Conclusion: This new title will leave older fans with some disappointments but new players will certainly love this game! I do not regret buying this game. I am on my second play-through still enjoying myself and loving the bingo battles. Although if you have never played Pikmin 2, I HIGHLY recommended you pick up that game right away as I promise you will love that one way more than the 3rd one. You should buy this game. Best game out for the Wii u right now. Again, BUY PIKMIN 2 if you have purchased Pikmin 3 already and like it.
  80. Aug 9, 2013
    26yo. I was skeptical, not only about the graphics or the gameplay. I was also not sure whether this was a game just for children. Blown away! Gorgeous! Fun! I've never played anything like it, not even remotely. I would recommend it to anyone. I had a few friends play it, and everyone has come back saying "hey lets play that Pikmin game again."

    If you're on the fence just jump over
    already, you will like it. Expand
  81. Aug 8, 2013
    Instant classic. My entire family vies for play time. My wife confessed within 2 hours of playing that it is her favorite console game of all time and 2nd favorite game to date. My 2, almost 3 year old, son can even play this game. He figured out the controls fairly quick for such a young age and is captivated when mommy and daddy play. I would rate it in my top 5 games of all time. The short days are nice as it gives you both motivation to work fast and nice ample breaks. The problem solving is smooth and not blatant that is prone in games. Expand
  82. Aug 8, 2013
    I was really on the fence about buying this game, because I wasn't the biggest fan of past Pikmin games. That being said, I decided to give Pikmin one more go. Am I glad I did! This game is amazing, and really showcases the Wii U's power, and Nintendo's ability to make amazing games that dazzle and charm. This game has so much character, depth, and personality that it's almost impossible to hate. The gamepad is used beautifully, helping me keep track of all my Pikmin, and acting as a little camera as well. This game is really tight and well thought out. The only thing I'm noticing is that it could've been a tad longer for single player mode, but the challenge modes and bingo battle add hours of replayability. I HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone, even if you weren't a fan of previous Pikmin games Expand
  83. Aug 8, 2013
    This game has the Nintendo charm that I wanted on a Nintendo game, especially considering it is the first MAJOR Nintendo software for the Wii U that really shows that every bit of charm Nintendo had in it's games 20 years ago still prevails in this wonderful game.

    The environment is much, much better than what I expected (to those who say the ground textures look horrible, I would have
    agreed with you if I had never even seen the game in person). Beautiful creatures (some of the bosses are just booming with Wii U-power enhancements), cutesy pikmin (have you even seen how adorable those pink pikmin are??) and three awfully charming characters, Pikmin 3 retains the same wow-factor Pikmin 1 and 2 had back in the days.

    The game controls very well, but only if you have a Wii Remote Nunchuck. Any other way to play this game is just drawing your experience away from some of the fast-paced levels in this game, which is disappointing, considering the fact Wii remotes aren't even included with the Wii U SKU's. The Wii U gamepad takes on the role of a map, displaying important information such as pikmin location, directions, etc. Though this isn't the revolutionary use of touchscreen Nintendo had promised, it does live up to being a welcomed addition to the game.

    Overall I would rate this a 9.5 (rounding it up makes it 10
  84. Aug 8, 2013
    As a big Pikmin fan, this was a much anticipated release for me. And whether it was because of the long delay in release, my love of the series, or a combination of the both, expectations were high. I will say it is one of the best wii u titles out there. Stunning levels, fun characters, and slightly challenging puzzles, all added up to a good game. Good, not great. The controls were a bit clumsy, especially in targeting enemies, or targeting the throwing of the Pikmin, for a title delayed for 9 months, I expected better refinement. There was much talk about being able to map out your strategy with the gamepad, but until the final level, I barely used it for anything other than sending one of the characters back to the onion. The story was fun, but not even close to as engaging as the original Pikmin, maybe that was because it only took about 10 hours, even side tracking slightly to gather fruit. I am excited to play Bingo Battle mode, as it looks fun, but I don't have someone to come over and play it, and there's no multiplayer online. I won't say that Nintendo dropped the ball on this title, but I feel like they certainly bobbled it. Expand
  85. Aug 7, 2013
    If you're a Pikmin 2 fan, you'll be greatly disappointed. If you like the first game, it's still not as good. On its own its a pretty good game, but definitely not worth the 8 year wait.
  86. Aug 7, 2013
    This game is the reason I bought a Wii U. I can't really explain the allure. There is really no comparison other than Pikmin games. If you've played those, you'll love this, because it is the best iteration thus far. I rate it a 10 because of the unexpected joy I get from playing it. Whether it be sharing pictures to Miiverse or collecting fruit or following the story, there is always something interesting to do, and I can see vast amounts of replay-ability with the story mode alone, and I haven't even gotten to mission mode or multiplayer. It's one of the best games I have played in a long, long time. Critics understand that this is a good game, but many can't seem to put their finger on exactly why. That is Pikmin. And if any of them spent more time with the game besides just playing through for their review, they'd see an excellent game, a true classic, and one that perhaps can't be berated for anything. 90s and high 80s are good reviews, but this game nears perfection for me. And anyone who tells you otherwise either hasn't played it or is trolling. Oh, it's also the best looking game...probably... ever created on a console. Win all around. Expand
  87. Aug 7, 2013
    Pikmin 3 is a charming strategy game that focuses on time/resource management. Basically, you command a horde of tiny workers that will carry out any task that you impose on them. There are different types of Pikmin and each type has its own unique abilities that can be applied to puzzles throughout the world. Rock Pikmin can break through hard surfaces while pink Pikmin can fly to retrieve previously unreachable treasures and so on. During the campaign, you are constantly working towards the next plot point but you need to manage your food, Pikmin and time while you are doing this. The crew (and Pikmin) escapes to the stars every night and they share a bottle of juice after each day so you need to ensure that you are collecting fruit to generate more juice while you are working towards your other goals. The campaign itself is fairly easy but the mission and bingo modes offer more challenge if you are up for it.

    As for the technical, the visuals are great (screenshots online don’t do the game justice easily better than any current gen console game) but the controls are only ok. Targeting is somewhat awkward with the control sticks and the wiimote is too finicky imo. Most people seem to prefer the wiimote but I find that I am more comfortable with the control sticks personally.

    The only other complaint I have with the game is the lack of online multiplayer. Local multiplayer is fun and all but I am missing the competiveness of playing with strangers.
  88. Aug 6, 2013
    Se puede decir que Pikmin 3 es el mejor juego de Wii U hasta el momento. Una nueva historia, excelentes gráficas y multiples modos de juego, hacen de este, un excelente juego, obligatorio de tener si tienes Wii U.
  89. Aug 6, 2013
    By far the best game on the Wii U. The environments are breathtaking, the boss battles are great, Pikmin AI is greatly improved, and gameplay is as fun as ever. If you are a Pikmin veteran or have never played the series, I highly recommend picking this game up.
  90. Aug 6, 2013
    Ok so the controls in this game aren't a problem but it is starting to look like even Nintendo themselves are struggling to think of any fun or practical uses for the Wii U gamepad. With this being a RTS I opted for old Wii remote and nun-chuck controls as they basically act like a mouse. The gamepad sat in it's cradle being used only as a map (and not a very useful one). Nintendo have created a needlessly convoluted control scheme which turns your T.V. and gamepad into a giant DS. The problem with that is it's not compact like a handheld console and actually takes quite a bit of getting used to looking at one screen then another when your trying to get immersed in a game.

    Like I say though the controls aren't really a problem, what is a problem is the mission structure and lack of depth to the campaign mode. Levels are small, Nintendo's solution is to impose short time limits by dividing your exploration up into days. Before you've had a chance to really do anything the day ends and your forced to watch the same cut scene and read the same dialogue at the end of every day. Very soon a feeling of repetition ensues. That feeling of repetition soon ended though with the game being just 11 hours long and having no real replay-ability.

    That's just the story mode though. Thankfully Pikmin 3 also has a challenge mode that is much more engaging. Trying to beat your high score on a challenge or boss fight feels more rewarding and satisfying. Uploading your score also means you can see how well your doing compared to other players. Graphics, music and presentation are all excellent as you'd expect. Pikmin 3 is a good game, not great not essential. Even on a console with no games.
  91. Aug 6, 2013
    Best game on the Wii U. Best game in the franchise. I've been playing gaming for almost 30 years and I could count on my hands how many games I've completed 100%. Pikmin is one of those games that you want to find and do everything in the game because it's so much fun! Pikmin 3 is no exception. If you own a Wii U, buy this game immediately. If you don't, buy a Wii U and get this game. This is a system seller. Expand
  92. Aug 6, 2013
    First time writing a review on metacritic. Altough i didn´t play the previous pikmin games, i really was interested in them but i grabbed the gamecube kinda late (not that it´s an excuse). What i keep hearing about this game is that it doesn´t bring that much new stuff into the pikmin formula, but people like me that always wanted to play a pikmin game, this game is a delight! Graphically the game is amazing, perfectly using depth of field focus and other fine touches, but...the ground textures sometimes are really weak, wich is a shame, considering that everything around it is pretty well done. lens fare, particles etc all very well done. The gameplay is great, surprisingly addictive, making you want to collect everything, returning to previous lvl´s to explore every inch of the map. All control schemes are nailed to perfection, and the use of the gamepad for the map and waypoints, altough simple, it´s very useful. Overall if you have a Wii U you should play this game Expand
  93. Aug 5, 2013
    A fantastic sequel to a great franchise. This is a must own for Wii U owners. It's a software title that really shows off how Nintendo can launch great games for their systems. Great graphics, atmosphere, and gameplay will push this game ahead. If you own a Wii U, you'd be silly not the pick this up. Buy it now.
  94. Aug 5, 2013
    It's the best Wii U game I've ever played. And it's also one of the best games I've ever played on any consoles. It's a simplified RTS that has cute graphics and theme. "Simplified" means it's not as stressful as starcraft II. There's also no strict goal you should accomplish like in sc2. It's more open IMO. You can choose your own phase as long as you get enough food.
    The story mode is
    addictive and feels rewarding. The gameplay is also broken down into days. Some people complained about the restriction but I think it's good and more realistic. You have more control over how much time do you need to play the game until next stop. Quite good for people with tight schedule but still want to play a good game.

    I used to play with only the gamepad, but found later that the wii remote is a much better choice. It's frustrating to use the gamepad to select pikmins to whistle at. However you still need the gamepad to see maps. And only on map can you set a goal so a player can "Go there" by his/her own. This way you can set 3 leaders to go to different places at the same time.
  95. Aug 5, 2013
    I came into pikmin 3 expecting something a little bit easier than the previous titles, and to not be quite as fun. I was wrong. Pikmin 3 is a game where you play as distant explorers on a journey to save their home planet by gathering the massive (To them) fruits that liter the distant planet, known to them as PNF-404
    (lol 404 error). The ship crashes and the explorers are stranded and
    Once reunited, they must collect fruit and track down another explorer who has found and taken their missing hyperdrive key (Which they need to get home). Pikmin 3 looks beautiful; textures gleam and reflect the sunlight, Bulborb spots get slightly bigger and smaller as the bulborbs snooze in the open plains, and cave areas are dark and moist. Boss battles, though some are obvious (HEY LOOK YOU MIGHT WANT TO THROW ROCK PIKMIN AT THAT OKAY!!?!?!?!?) others will stump you (I'm looking at YOU, 3rd (Major) boss.) and others are just fun. Enemies can be attacked in certain areas for more damage (Eyes, etc.), and you can command captains to do things using a map. Everyone who plays games should at least try this game, and enjoy its super fun and adorable gameplay, characters, and strategic gameplay.
  96. Aug 5, 2013
    There's nothing quite like PIkmin. It's the perfect mix of strategy, puzzle, action, simplicity, style and substance. You gather and grow Pikmin to suit your needs to explore levels and recover items. The only thing I can think that might bother some people is the timer, but running out of time for a day only serves as a way to break up your gameplay experience and gives hardcore players bragging rights when they do things the fastest way possible. In no way does being speedy matter other than to give you something to shoot for when you decide to play through the story again. With new levels, new Pikmin types, better graphics and new modes, this game is a worthy addition to the series and seriously a reason to buy a Wii U. You absolutely can't find a game quite like Pikmin on any other platform. Expand
  97. Aug 5, 2013
    Ive had the game for about 24 hours, ive seen 3 worlds, and am close to finding the 3rd captain. So far, this game is magnificent, gameplay is smooth and solid, graphics are top notch. Just when i think ive seen the best the game has to offer, a new area raises the graphical bar. I love this game!
  98. Aug 5, 2013
    pikmin 3 is masterpiecee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  99. Aug 5, 2013
    This game feels absolutely perfect. The single-player story mode is fantastic. But, even more fun for me any my kids, the multiplayer options will last us for months. I can't recommend Pikmin 3 enough.

    I had never played any of the other Pikmin games. The garden/alien thing never did anything for me. But, I have to admit, after playing the Nintendo Land minigames for Pikmin, I was
    hooked. Pikmin 3 does not disappoint! Expand
  100. Aug 5, 2013
    this game is absolutely stunningly beautiful. there is nothing like pikmin, its one of its kind and it sure is an amazing experience. pikmin 3 is so simple, yet so good.
    it just feels as if you are in your garden collecting fruit. such an amazing game!
  101. Aug 6, 2013
    Ok so the controls in this game aren't a problem but it is starting to look like even Nintendo themselves are struggling to think of any fun or practical uses for the Wii U gamepad. With this being a RTS I opted for old Wii remote and nun-chuck controls as they basically act like a mouse. The gamepad sat in it's cradle being used only as a map (and not a very useful one). Nintendo have created a needlessly convoluted control scheme which turns your T.V. and gamepad into a giant DS. The problem with that is it's not compact like a handheld console and actually takes quite a bit of getting used to looking at one screen then another when your trying to get immersed in a game.

    Like I say though the controls aren't really a problem, what is a problem is the mission structure and lack of depth to the campaign mode. Levels are small, Nintendo's solution is to impose short time limits by dividing your exploration up into days. Before you've had a chance to really do anything the day ends and your forced to watch the same cut scene and read the same dialogue at the end of every day. Very soon a feeling of repetition ensues. That feeling of repetition soon ended though with the game being just 11 hours long and having no real replay-ability.

    That's just the story mode though. Thankfully Pikmin 3 also has a challenge mode that is much more engaging. Trying to beat your high score on a challenge or boss fight feels more rewarding and satisfying. Uploading your score also means you can see how well your doing compared to other players. Graphics, music and presentation are all excellent as you'd expect. Pikmin 3 is a good game, not great not essential. Even on a console with no games.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 79 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 77 out of 79
  2. Negative: 0 out of 79
  1. Oct 7, 2013
    Pikmin 3 combines RTS elements, direct action and light puzzles. The result is a quite endearing scifi-adventure despite some control issues and bland splitscreen multiplayer. There's also no real need to develop special tactics for bosses. [Aug 2013]
  2. 80
    Pikmin 3 is a greatly balanced, challenging at the right moments, original, adorable, and above all continually entertaining real-time strategy game, making you smile instantly. It's suited for all the gamers of all ages, and for both genders. [Issue#232]
  3. Sep 16, 2013
    Pikmin 3 is a cute game with plenty of soul. It takes the concept from the two previous games one step further with the way it combines tactics with roleplaying. In terms of graphics this is probably the most beautiful game the world has ever seen on a Nintendo console.