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  1. Sep 3, 2013
    Simply amazing! Rayman Origins was one of my favorite platformers of this gen, and Legends found a way to completely improve upon it without creating any new problems. The more music levels is simply the greatest thing Ubisoft could have done with this game. A must buy.
  2. Sep 5, 2013
    Amazing. This game has some of the best level design in history. It's constantly throwing new but similar gameplay mechanics so you never feel cheated but you always feel challenged. This game has a great difficulty curve starting out easy and constantly getting harder. Also its nice how they allow you to skip over levels or switch worlds so you can come back to more challenging levels later. Also the graphics are beautiful. They feel fresh and new. Theres multiplayer which looks sweet and tons of unlockables. I would recommend this game to all people who have ever liked platforming games, or people just looking for a really good game. Expand
  3. Sep 5, 2013
    There is only one word I can use to describe Legends: Flawless. Hours of game play, tons of re-playability, infinite amounts of charm and style, Rayman Legends stands above the rest of this year's games as King. The controls are tight and responsive, with all sorts of nuances you can learn and tricks you can pull off (most applicable in Challenge Mode), the touchscreen controls function perfectly as well. the gameplay is fast and frantic, requiring expert timing and memorization (if you're bad enough to die constantly). The graphics have a beautiful style, with bright colors everywhere, and themed levels worlds (a Rayman mainstay) where varied mechanics and different hazards abound. Hours of replayability, with Challenge Mode, time trials, and Back to Origins levels; you'll rarely run out of something to do. As I stand, I cannot think of a single flaw with this game; it is the best 2D platformer of the past 15 years, maybe in the history of gaming. And in a day and age where games are increasingly movies, it's wonderful to play a game that knows its roots, and can still tell a story without hours of custscenes. If you get this game, do yourself a favor and go for the definitive experience, on the WiiU with two or three friends. Score: 10/10 Expand
  4. Sep 3, 2013
    Just when I thought the rayman series couldn't get better, it just does. The graphics are more than a work of art, and the gameplay is fun and fast paced. There's tons to do and the main levels take around 15 hours to the credits. I bought the PC version, which is a direct port of the console version. It's the best PC port i've seen since borderlands 2 or FEZ honestly, but the PC version is alot better than using keyboard. The level design is also very donkey kong country returns-ish, where you don't expect what the next level might be themed. If this isn't all enough, the soundtrack is the best video game sound track I might have ever heard. And leaderboards just add more length to the game. My only two cons is that it could have used some online in any way, either campaign mode or just the minigames. Also the game manages to hold your hand a bit, there is (most of the time) instructions on how to do simple things you've already done before.

    If you're still on the verge of spending $60 or $40 (PC and Vita) then don't be. This game is worth every penny. 10/10.
  5. Sep 4, 2013
    Previous fans: you should like the series even more because of this (and no more Rabbids!! Yes!). Not previous fans: this game will knock your socks off.
  6. Sep 6, 2013
    Awesome level design with loads of extra content make this a platformer game fan's dream. You can lose hours upon hours into the content of this games easily many times over and still have plenty to do. This is also my favorite version of this game to play on the Wii U.
  7. Sep 7, 2013
    Rayman Legends is the first must own Wii U game and the first game to use the gamepad well. The core game play is the same as in Origins but everything has been improved from the level design, boss fights, online features and most importantly the amount of variety. Origins was a good game but it got repetitive well before the end, Legends manages to keep things fresh through out thanks largely to the new rhythm action levels and daily online challenges and leader boards.

    The musical rhythm action levels are the best thing about Legends and really it's a shame there weren't more of these types of stages. Some sections require touch screen and tilt controls, there not particularly innovative but they are at least well implemented and add a bit more variety, but if I'm being honest I still could have done without them.

    It seems churlish of me I know to criticise the game for having too much content but many of the old levels from Origins are included as part of the main game and I felt that this made the game more repetitive than it needed to be as the new levels already have a lot of replay ability and will take a very long time to master them and unlock everything. Bogging the game down with old content just seems unnecessary. Generous yes, but unnecessary.

    In terms of graphics and music Rayman Legends is one of the best games you can get and it makes New Super Mario Bros U seem bland in comparison. I still prefer the less floaty physics and more tactical gameplay in New Super Mario Bros U though which makes picking which is better less clear cut than it could have been. Overall though I'd have to say the feature packed Rayman Legends is the best HD platform game there currently is.
  8. Sep 8, 2013
    A really fun platformer that takes full advantage of the gamepad. It is a joy to play co-op and the invaded levels can be quite challenging. A great amount of content that includes daily and weekly challenges, levels from origins and a soccer mini-game. A must have for any WiiU owner.
  9. Feb 8, 2014
    This is a good game, but every single thing leading up to it was utter **** Remember when this was going to be a Wii U launch title? didn't happen. Remember when this was going to be a Wii U exclusive? Didn't happen. Remember when this was going to have optional (skylanders-esk) toys you could put on the gamepad to get a power up? DIDN'T HAPPEN!
  10. Sep 26, 2013
    My son and daughter absolutely love this game, and they are only 3 and 4 years old! They dance any time I get a gold trophy in a level. My son begs for "Rayman Mario" every day! I make sure we go outside and play first This is a great game...a true challenge that can't be missed, especially on the Wii U!
    P.S. Side note Metacritic will allow you to do "dot dot dot"...but not a "dash"
    I just did 3 dashes there! Expand
  11. Oct 11, 2013
    The game is beautiful, and the controls are near perfect. However, for my taste there are a number of issues. Most are rooted in that it is sickeningly easy. I understand the excessive check points for beginners, but there needs to be a difficulty setting that at least reduces these. It's so bad that there are check points in Boss battles. For example, most bosses are a standard 3 hit boss that you just have to wait for the opportunity to hit the boss. Between each hit there is a check point if you die in the battle. That's excessive for players who've been playing platforms since the 80's. This is what Easy, Normal, and Hard are for. The Invasion levels kindof mitigate this my making you do a short timed race, but their difficulty is unrefined. Normally the timer was far too long and allowed me get to the end and get a gold easily, and for a couple it was set so that I needed near perfection to get a gold. Again, this is what difficulty settings are for. Easy mode is for giving the player plenty of room to make mistakes, and hard is for near perfection to complete. Attempting to have it both ways ruins the experience by introducing inconstancy. I can't have Mr. Rogers hand holding in one part, and Cruella DeVille only a couple of time come out. One, or the other, and I prefer having the option to choose.

    If you happen to have a small 4 year old running around then this game is perfect. You let them play a little Fly Frog thing called Murphy on the touch pad, and you play though a normal level. You wouldn't want to have them play the normal Murphy levels unless you want to talk them though what they need to do, but on levels that you can solo as Rayman it gives them something they can do to boost the overall score, and help you in a small way.

    The online Challenge mode is also a redeeming quality. The direct competition with all the Rayman players gives it some of the difficulty that the main game is just lacking in. Having new challenges each week to race to the top to is very satisfying.

    If it wasn't for the Challenge Mode, and for being a game my niece can enjoy this would have gotten a much lower score.
  12. Mar 8, 2014
    Game of the year for 2013. Awesomely fun, tons of content, and flawless platforming. A game that doesn't punish you for failing, but encourages you to succeed, without being too easy.

    Level design is amazing, Nintendo platformers could learn a lot from this game.
  13. Dec 30, 2013
    One of the most amazing platformer ever created. Everything about it is of an extreme level of quality. The music is amazing, especially the remake of popular songs, the graphics are artistic, comical and beautiful, the gameplay feels smooth and natural and there is so much content. MMy biggest gripe with origins was that it was fairly light in content. Now there is so much of it its mindblowing. Plus the game can be much more challenging than its predecessor. Of course, ther game is better on the wii u since it was designed for it, but you should buy this game regardless of the console you own. Expand
  14. Nov 5, 2013
    Hands down one of the best platformers I have ever yourself a favor, and pick this up, everything about this game is fantastic! The platforming is tight and very creative, the music is phenomenal(which is one of the greatest assets a videogame can use in my opinion to make it engaging), and it is packed with content. The musical levels just bring a smile to your face and the characters are over the top and quite amusing. Overall, just a fantastic game, and one that is fully worth the $60 admission price. Expand
  15. Sep 13, 2013
    Amazing game! Ryman Legends is not only beautiful but it is also fun and destroys any New Super Mario bros game and it is amazing how much value is in this game with over 80 levels and awesome music levels and some tight gameplay and the 5 player co-op is amazing.
  16. Oct 9, 2013
    You know how although Mario games are fun, lately they have been lacking innovation? Rayman Legends is in that sense everything a Mario game isn’t- it’s bold, and it isn’t afraid to do things differently.
    Every level is bursting with crazy ideas that work really well. One level, I had to eat cake with the gamepad to guide Globox to the goal, the next I was dodging between layers of rotten
    food. And when Rayman Legends comes up with a really unique concept (which is all the time) it never outstays its welcome. Every single level throws something different at you and you’re constantly marvelling at the great ideas. The world maps are clumsy- it takes a Mario 64-style way of laying out the levels, except in a 2D format. It’s annoying finding your way around.
    But the level design is amazing. Rayman Legends is very challenging; you’ll find yourself dying loads. But a huge amount of checkpoints prevent frustration. The amount of checkpoints allow for more difficult, faster and more innovative gameplay. There are also about 10 teensies to collect in each level, increasing lasting appeal. Multiplayer takes the fun to a new level, allowing up to four players. There’s also a mad but hugely enjoyable multiplayer minigame called kung foot, which has you playing football in 2D platformer form. It’s a huge bummer, though, that there’s no online multiplayer.
    The visuals are breathtaking, looking beautiful consistently. So much care and attention to detail has gone into them. Nice touches also, like the swirling of leaves when you run past one point. This delicate style makes Rayman Legends’ visuals feel like a painting. The sound is also of outstanding quality: the music is fantastic and is my favourite-sounding game of the year. It’s come close to my all-time favourite sounding game series, Zelda. A concept that stretches music even further are the musical levels, when everything you do is to the rhythm, like runner 2, but lots better.
    One great gameplay innovation is where you take control of a character named Murphy, and Rayman becomes computer-controlled. Here you must use the gamepad’s touchscreen to do things like cut ropes, eat cake, and move protective shields to guide Rayman to the end of the level. This proves a 2D platformer CAN make use of the gamepad, unlike Mario. Unfortunately, as he’s AI-controlled, he can make some daft mistakes where a real person would not, and it can be so annoying when he walks straight into a lava pit. But this type of problem is rare, and you can have a a real person control him anyway, while you use the gamepad to interact with the environment. It’s not like mario’s boost mode as you actually NEED to use Murphy sometimes.
    The bosses at the end of each world are so creative and cleverly made. The boss fights are one of Legends’ many highlights.
    Rayman Legends also features all the levels from Rayman Origins as bonus levels without sacrificing anything. These greatly increase the lasting appeal.
    What does this even more are the Challenges. Every day, there’s a new one updated, and these single player Challenges have a leaderboard for each day. It could be completing a specially-designed level as fast as possible, or collecting as many lums as you can, or getting as far as possible. And these get updated every single day. This means you’ll be playing Legends for ages, even after getting all the teensies. It introduces a new level of competitiveness, made better by the ability to challenge your friends.
    Rayman Legends is amazing. It relentlessly challenges, never stops innovating, and it’s even better multiplayer. This is my first Rayman game, and I’m really impressed. It’s the best non-remake wii u game this year.
  17. Sep 6, 2013
    The game adapts very good characteristics of the medieval age, the Wii U version was the one that ensendio many players, the adaptation of costumes esclusivas like mario & luigi costume, a special level for the console, maybe this is the push that nesesitaba nintendo for your console and wonders what to fact the 1st time I played the demo was like playing with wii control and my friend with the wii pad is easily adapted to the hands as if part of you and estubieras within the game itself
    -The music is a major factor in video games and in this case I get hooked much the soundtrack
    -The graphics were passable though the Wii U is not your strongest character but certainly fit the Legends came to a triumphant
    -The gameplay this is a strong factor nintendo platforms and this juego achieving its mission estabelcer achieve great gameplay and spend hours playing and up finding secret levels.
    No doubt the atarso that tube was just a cosnentracion jeugo for the day of its release was made striking and grow just like a ball of snow falling on a hanging, good job Ubisoft.
  18. Sep 15, 2013
    This is pure platforming perfection. Great visuals with a stonking sound track, and game play so polished it makes a diamond studded ring look like coal.
  19. Sep 11, 2013
    I haven't loved a game this much since I grew up and became an adult. Seriously, you know how the games you played when you were a child became dear to you in a way that you would cherish for years after completing them? Well Rayman Legends did that for me, and I'm 23. I count this title amongst my favourite of all time.
  20. Sep 30, 2013
    An absolutely beautiful, addicting platformer. Couldn't put the controller down. Better than Origins and that was an Amazing game. On the later levels, you will die over and over again and still be having fun! Can't say enough good things about this game!
  21. Oct 4, 2013
    This game shows that 2D platformers are here to stay. It's filled with so much creativity and it's simply a joy to looks at and play. A must have for anyone who enjoys games in general.
  22. Oct 18, 2013
    best rayman 2d ever one of the best platforms of the seventh generation and the new generation WiiU lucky to have in your Catalogue
    rayman is fantastic and extremely competent.
    nice job Ubi
  23. Oct 28, 2013
    Rayman legends is one of the best if not the best 2D platformer that has ever existed this game makes the Wii U shine and the other console versions are just as good the art style and theme suits the incredible soundtrack we have come a long way since those annoying and juvinial raving rabbids well done Ubisoft.
  24. Nov 19, 2013
    A fantastic and inventive platformer dare I say the best platformer on Wii U (sorry Mario U). The use of the gamepad is clever and works well. The musical levels are very fun but beware; it can get hard, so make sure your friends don't get angry too easily if your planning on playing it with them!
  25. Feb 21, 2014
    an excellent game, ubisoft almost manages to beat Nintendo at their own game with such an excellent platformer. it makes good use of the wii-u touchscreen in some levels, and there is an overwhelming amount of content to play through. This is a great game and in my opinion a must own.
  26. Sep 11, 2013
    Absolutely fantastic game. Makes great use of the Wii gamepad and you can tell the game was designed with Wii U in mind. Co-op adds to the experience and it's a real fun family game. Daily and weekly challenges with online leader boards adds longevity. Highly recommended whether you're a platform game fan or not.
  27. Sep 5, 2013
    Platforming perfection. Great visuals, fun and varied level design, daily/weekly challenges with online leader boards, tons of playable characters and other unlockables this game just has too much to do and every second of it is amazing and fun. Legends is challenging but rarely frustrating. A game that is fun to play but that gives you plenty to master. The touch screen levels add variety but I didn't find them as fun as the other levels. Legends also contains many unlockable stages from Origins so you can see some of those if you missed them previously. Expand
  28. Oct 1, 2013
    There comes plenty of competition in the Wii U's current library when it comes to 2D platformers, but Rayman Legends holds its own very nicely. The level of innovation surpasses even that of Rayman Origins, making this game very appetising in its beauty, as well as its humour. The controls work very well and the gameplay is highly addictive. Value for money won't ever be an issue either, with many delicious scenes to explore, as well as the inclusion of collectibles in the form of Teensies, Creatures and Cups. Daily and Weekly Challenges add further longevity to your playtime, giving you the satisfaction of rating yourself against the rest of the world. Rayman Legends does have one drawback, however, and that is that it was a bit too easy to complete 100%. As a seasoned gamer, there were times when I struggled to complete certain sections but were quickly overcome after a few attempts, with most other sections being easily breezed through. This is where Rayman Legends doesn't measure up to the likes of New Super Mario Bros. U, where it is very difficult to complete 100%, but also very satisfying when 100% completion is achieved. Still, despite this, Rayman Legends deserves a 10 out of 10. Its beautiful soundtrack never gets old and it brings new things to the table the whole way through, including touchscreen and rhythm stages. Oh, bellissimo! This is a must-buy for any Wii U owner. Expand
  29. Dec 8, 2013
    What an underrated masterpiece of a game! What is wrong with this game? I can't really think of anything that what! The stages are beautifully designed and crafted by the most careful of hands. The characters (though only 4 of them really needed) are fantastically unique to each other. Though to be fair, I would like to see more costumes (although I think that's just me not finding them). The difficulty is perfect also and the adventure is meaty. Just one thing I can't help noticing. While the main adventure is huge, the game would almost feel a tiny bit short if not for the remastered origins levels (also a great game by the way). The enemies are varied, the bosses are memorable, and the fun factor is off the scale. I'm gonna come out and say that this is among the greatest platformers I have ever played and I would even put it above Mario dare I say it. There are so many different things that characterize each level and world you explore through. And might I add that the music levels are absolutely A BLAST! I just wish there were more of them.With so many surprises around every corner, thousands of laughs to be had, and many memories that are sure to never completely leave your head, your looking at a masterpiece in this generic world of gaming we've come to see these days. I would also like to give a dozen nods to the team who produced the music for this game as it exceeds origins in every way. The only thing I would like is a little more story to the game. But this doesn't really matter as the game has so much character to it, you are forced to use your imagination throughout your journey (just as we did in the original Rayman, and Sonic games). Pick this game up everyone! I don't care if you haven't played anything in the series, their's no way you could hate this experience. May Rayman live long and thrive for a long time. Thank you Ubisoft. Expand
  30. Feb 3, 2014
    Major studio sidescrollers are few and far between these days, especially outside Nintendo's first-party lineup. A game like Rayman Legends, with all of its delightful little idiosyncrasies, is a great reason why that just shouldn't be the case.

    Ubisoft's platformer feels like a labor of love. The graphics have a hand-drawn quality that makes them very pretty, while the music is as
    fantastic as it was in Rayman Origins, the previous instalment of the series. In fact, Legends manages to outdo Origins in almost every other way, featuring more streamlined level design, more unlockables and more new ideas on display.

    It's obvious that the game was built with the Wii U in mind. The gamepad is used for a more fluid navigation of the various rooms of the game's overworld, and it works great. There are also gamepad-heavy levels, in which you control a small flying character named Murfy as he interacts with various objects on the touchscreen. They are a good idea, but would have worked much better if they were an once-per-world novelty (think Captain Toad levels in Super Mario 3D World). As is, they're sadly a bit overused.

    Controls for the more traditional stages are almost impeccable, with a great sense of feedback even in the trickiest sections (special mention to how intuitive the underwater controls are). The physics can get a bit floaty, but that fits well with the game's humorous, slapstick vibe. There are also hard-but-not-frustrating time trial stages, and epic boss fights filled with exaggeration (in the good sense of the word) and funny humor, especially on a certain luchador match.

    And then there are the "musical stages". Each main world has one of these, and they are absolutely fantastic. They use well-known rock music tracks to guide the action, making it impossible to stop humming along. One stage in particular features a hilarious mariachi rendition of "Eye of the Tiger", and it's so good that I kept beating it over and over again, even after getting all the collectibles in it.

    Other than that, the game features a lot of play options, including daily and weekly online challenges and Rayman Origins stages to unlock. This is probably to make up for the short length of the main campaign, which sadly has only five real worlds to conquer. Still, it's great fun while it lasts, and unlocking everything is gonna take a while.

    No, it's not quite Mario or Donkey Kong, but it doesn't really try to be. Rayman Legends is a joyous game full of its own peculiar personality, and that's one of the reasons why it's so much fun.

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  1. Jan 1, 2014
    For the sake of the freedom of these 700 teensies; for all the content; for the sheer amount of joy and enthusiasm and butt poking; for the sea and sky and swamps and castles; for how well these worlds and their levels are imagined, adorned, and realized, this may very well be the last platformer you ever need.
  2. 90
    It seems that the Wii U version it’s the best in cooperative play and the gamepad provides an additional level of interaction not possible on other consoles.
  3. Oct 5, 2013
    Rayman Legends might just be the best 2D platformer of the current generation, and pure fun with your friends or your kids. [Sept 2013]