Generally favorable reviews - based on 7 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 7
  2. Negative: 0 out of 7
  1. Dec 17, 2013
    A very good puzzle game, smart and challenging, with a well done hint system and a lot of puzzles. Style and substance on your GamePad.
  2. Jan 12, 2014
    Simple, engaging and fun, RUSH delivers a great, long lasting puzzle experience.
  3. Jan 7, 2014
    It is difficult to criticise a game, however, when it delivers a shedload of genuinely taxing levels at such a great value price point. It looks terrific, with sharp, bright environments that make plotting the trajectory of your cube easy on the eye.
  4. Dec 22, 2013
    For the price, it's an excellent value, giving puzzle fans over 70 levels at various stages of difficulty.
  5. Dec 17, 2013
    RUSH is a more than welcome addition to the Wii U eShop, as it delivers straight-out puzzle challenges with few needless embellishments, all at a budget price.
  6. Jan 14, 2014
    With an interesting concept, Rush presents a fantastic challenge. Despite being short, your brains will be satisfied for still being capable of solving some hard puzzles.
  7. Slick and well made, but a little too complex for its own good. [Feb 2014, p.83]
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 19 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 2
  1. Feb 18, 2014
    Rush is a very, very clever game, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good one. The general gameplay revolves around getting your cubes to the goal point using different types of pads that change the direction of the cubes. Puzzles get very difficult, very quickly and the solutions are always clever. The hint system is helpful, as if you get stuck on a puzzle for too long (and this will happen a lot), you can just see several hints for the puzzle to help you. As I mentioned, though the solutions are clever, that doesn’t mean they are fun to work out. Part of the reason is the awful camera. Not only is it a pain, but at times it’s almost impossible to see part of a level- take a level shaped like a crocodile. Inside its mouth, I worked out I needed to place a pad, but I couldn’t see into it properly to place it- even when zooming in.
    What’s more of a problem, though, is that Rush just isn’t fun to play. However genius the solutions got, I found myself admiring them but not actually enjoying the puzzle.
    The graphics of Rush aren’t too good either. It’s not that graphics are this important in this kind of game, but they look horribly garish. The soundtrack is awful, meaning you’ll turn the volume off unless you want to be driven crazy.
    These problems all make an interesting, experimental idea into a problematic game. It’s a good concept on paper, but in practice it’s just not fun. thankfully it is cheap, at under £2 when I bought it. That doesn't make it any more enjoyable, though.
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  2. Dec 22, 2013
    RUSH is ideal for people who love to sit down, strap on a thinking cap, and let the brain juices flow. The game provides a plethora of beautifully made puzzles, based around the concept of transporting cubes from point A to point B under various conditions and using a given set of pieces to alter pathways. Price tags are not something I usually bring up in a review, but given how cheap it is compared to many other games, RUSH is a game that's hard to ignore. The monotonous nature of the 100+ levels may prove to be a bit of a drag for non-puzzlers, and replay-ability is virtually non-existent, but for its price, this is easily forgivable. As a newfound lover of puzzlers, I thought RUSH really hit the mark. Really great game, and a fantastic addition to Wii U's eShop library. Full Review »