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  • Summary: The Wii U version of Sniper Elite V2 gives gamers a new, immersive experience via the Wii U GamePad touch screen. Using the GamePad, players can tag enemies and booby traps, track enemy locations and activity as well as monitor the blast radius of planted explosives, never having to leave the battlefield. Gamers also use the GamePad to easily access the weapons/inventory system and play the entire game on the tablet itself, no television required. Sniper Elite V2 offers gamers an authentic World War II sniping experience by putting them in the middle of war-torn Berlin amidst the frenzied final battle between German and Russian forces. Set at the end of the war, elite U.S. sniper Karl Fairburne must rescue or eliminate members of a team of scientists working on Hitler’s deadly V2 rocket program before they fall into the clutches of Stalin’s Red Army. With an emphasis on learning to handle the anticipation and pressure of the hunt, players are forced to use skill, patience and cunning to achieve their missions as they find themselves facing life-altering choices. The “X-Ray Kill Cam” sees shots rewarded with a slow-motion sequence of the bullet running its full trajectory from barrel to target as well as featuring graphic detail of the effects of the bullet entering and destroying a target. Collapse
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  1. Jun 4, 2013
    The Wii U version of Sniper Elite V2 misses the mark and is inferior to the game on other platforms.
  2. Jun 1, 2013
    The absence of multiplayer and DLC options in the Wii U version neuters V2’s lifespan like a Karabiner round to the crotch, so if you value those and have the option to play elsewhere you’ll have a better experience.
  3. Jun 7, 2013
    Sniper Elite V2 for the Wii U is a travesty. I really enjoyed the campaign, but stripping out half of the features and asking full price is criminal.
  4. Never has a game veered so aggressively from 80 per cent-rated fun to 30 per cent-rated horror, but the same could be said of the 360/PS3 original. Wii U comes with the added sting of having all the multiplayer and co-op options hacked out, leaving only a samey survival mode (fight waves of Nazis in repurposed levels) to pad out a brisk campaign.
  5. Jun 18, 2013
    The Wii U version of Sniper Elite V2 is really just a bad port that we can't recommend to anyone who has access to literally any other version of the game.
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  1. Aug 26, 2013
    I think this game is one of the best games on the wii u. I have 15h playtime with this game. It isn't much innovative but it is fun to play this game because the controls are good, the enemys are not that stupid like in a call of duty. the slow motion is also funny. The story is not that complicated and the setting is, although it plays in ww2, fresh because it is 1945 in the destroyed berlin. after 12h story there is a challenge mode. Expand
  2. Jun 23, 2013
    this being the first game i have played in the series i thought it was quite enjoyable. the missing functions from its Xbox360/ PS3 counterparts are a little upsetting but it in no way hindered my ability to enjoy the game. Overall i would say it is definitely worth the pick up for any Wii U owners out there that enjoy more stealthy shooters. Expand
  3. Sep 4, 2013
    Its still a great game, it would get a higher score if only it had the multiplayer features and the dlc, it is one of my favorite third person shooter but this version does not show the potential of the wii u Expand