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Mixed or average reviews- based on 44 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 44
  2. Negative: 14 out of 44

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  1. Nov 22, 2012
    The worst launch title of the group. I twas supposed to be an arcade game but I never saw it at one of the few arcades I have been in over the last 3 or 4 years. The graphics and sound are DS quality. I wonder why this just wasn't a DLC game. Luckily I did not buy it and my local Gamestop decided to be funny and put a used (Yep....someone traded it in.) copy of the game in. Everyone who played it thought the same thing. $55 too much and pretty much crap that was released in the hope to get a few sales. Not only is it the worst launch title on the Wii U, I can't think of a worse game launched with a console period. Yes.....It is that bad. I am actually gonna give it a point since the developers and publishers actually had the balls to release it in the first place. Expand
  2. Nov 22, 2012
    This game is amazing. It's not the most involving experience, and it may be light on content, but it is a heck of a lot fun. Even alone, shooting mosters with tanks is fun, but it really shines when you have some friends around to team up on some bad guys, or go head to head. Now the main problem in this game is the amount of grinding needed to complete the single-player campaign. Each mission requires you to have a certain amount of medals to unlock it. But every so often, a mission comes up where you need to more than double your medal count, so you will have to replay old missions with other tanks. Some tanks are virtually unusable, but with enough practice, you might barely pass. Luckily you can take on these mission with a friend, so you never actually have to play the game alone. This may not be the best choice of spending $50, and if you can get a discount I would say buy it immediately, but if you buy it full price, you probably won't regret it. Expand
  3. Nov 25, 2012
    This game excels in its simplicity, anyone should be able to pick up a controller and play without the problem of a learning curve. Players only need to worry about two things: 1. driving; and 2. shooting. The story mode can get a become boring but if you are a gamer used to anything with a "grind", i.e. MMORPG's, you'll feel right at home unlocking all the medals. Some drawbacks to Tank! Tank! Tank! are: 1. Co-op limits you second player to use the same tank regardless of what you've unlocked; 2. Multiplayer requires you to retake pictures of each other before the start of each round; 3. and the ability to rotate your turret during movement is not an available feature. Overall it is a fun game but when placed against Nintendoland as a party title it's hard to measure up to the competition. Expand
  4. Nov 24, 2012
    The critical reviews of this game are harsh to say the least. Without meaning to point fingers, it sounds as if most of said reviewers were holed up in their bedrooms cruising through the (average) first player modes. This game is ALL about the multiplayer. It's about getting your mates together and shooting each other and giant monsters in giant motherflipping TANKS. It is, in my eyes, the most blind fun any multiplayer game on Wii U offers so far. Give it a try. Expand
  5. Apr 28, 2013
    This game is great fun. It's a simple shooter so it's great if you have kids. My kids think it's awesome. My wife and I enjoy playing the co-op campaign and with that one person get the full tv while the other uses the screen on the GamePad. I had 3 11-year old over playing it and they loved it.
  6. Jul 20, 2013
    Good game for a quick multiplayer blast. The single player story mode is surprisingly long with lots of tanks to unlock and lots of levels.

    All in all a solid purchase.
  7. Jan 24, 2013
    A great game to play with friends, Tank Tank Tank's biggest flaw is just that. The game relies way too much on local multiplayer.
    Single player mode gets rather repetitive and with no online, the game is doomed a a forgettable footnote in the WiiU's launch.
  8. Jun 23, 2013
    Es una lastima que un juego con tanto potencial como lo pudo ser este, se limitase solo a un multijugador de mediana calidad y una historia, cuyo único requisito para jugarla es pagar USD 9.99 y que según las reseñas de paginas especializadas es un modo de juego mediocre. Lastima por este juego, que se veía mas prometedor.
  9. Feb 3, 2014
    Tank! Tank! Tank! is one of the lest fav games out on wii u and arcade
    it not to say that it bad but not very much enjoy to play i did got this on wii u eshop for free manager to download this game for mutplayer but i have yet get story mode on it
    the game could been better if it had more fun stuff to me IMO
  10. Sep 19, 2013
    It's frustrating to pick and choose the photo before entering combat. The game tries to make the controls are easy (using only the d-pad and buttons) and before starting the combat the controls are explained but when you are in a combat the tank rotates without using the d-pad and then realizes that turning the control the tank rotates causing frustration. The game is boring even if there are other people playing. Expand
  11. Feb 19, 2014
    Kids will probably like this game. Gamers wont like this game. It can be fun to play with non-gamer friends in short bursts, but theres just not a whole lot to go off of. An hour of gameplay and youve seen everything there is to see. However, the gameplay is frantic and fun, and if you play with casual gamer friends, it can be a fun way to pass some time. And to do that you may as well just get the free version rather than pay for it. Expand
  12. Nov 17, 2013
    A simple shoot 'em game that is childhood arcade fun for the kids and a great game to pick up for adults and join in the fun with no practice. Good luck. Have a fun time.
  13. Oct 7, 2014
    This game deserves an updated review as now it is available on the eShop as a free-to-play game and you can get all of the essential game modes for about $20 if you so choose. But, you can play the multiplayer, the true gem of this game, as many times as you want for as little as $1.99.

    For that price and what the game is ---a fun multi-player party game --, this game is a lot of fun
    and worth the small price tag. Expand
  14. Nov 15, 2014
    This game is fun for adults and kids. It does not deserve anything less than 6/10. Multiplayer battles are great with friends and family. Kong battles will provide lots of amusement, enemy capabilities unknown. Single player mode is fine in short bursts, you will need tactics and skill to go far in this mode. If this game had online player battles it would have been a huge hit. I would say give it a try...move out! Expand

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 37
  2. Negative: 20 out of 37
  1. Feb 11, 2013
    Aside from a few moments of tank on robot action, Tank! Tank! Tank! fails to live up to the promise of its gloriously stupid name. [March 2013, p.84]
  2. Jan 23, 2013
    Wow, what a crappy game! No thanks! No thanks! No thanks! [Jan 2013]
  3. Jan 15, 2013
    An awful game that does nothing for Wii U and less for your sanity. [Feb 2013, p.75]