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  • Summary: The Smurfs 2 video game is an action-packed adventure platformer that provides Smurfs fans of all ages with the opportunity to dive into the magical Smurfs Village and relive iconic moments and key environments from the feature film. Players assume the role of a Smurf and immerse themselves in an interactive adventure through the movie's enchanting environments including New York City and Paris, and expand their movie experience into worlds exclusive to the video game such as The Arctic Tundra and The Lava Jungle. Expand
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  1. Aug 2, 2013
    The Smurfs 2 provides all the right elements for a platformer, but the gameplay and level design are just too darn shallow to make it a worthwhile gaming experience. There are other platformers out there that are better and cheaper.
  2. A game rendered so easy by the needs of its target market, that it's dead on arrival. Consider this a Surf eulogy. [Sept 2013, p.89]
  3. Aug 1, 2013
    Don’t let the fact that the game is developed by WayForward fool you; The Smurfs 2 is mostly lackluster licensed fluff. While it is nice that it isn't as disjointed as other games of its type, it’s hard to recommend something this uninspired. If you’re thirsting for a kid-friendly platformer, you’d probably be better off keeping your smurfberries in your wallet and waiting for alternatives in the coming weeks and months.
  4. Aug 5, 2013
    It's got smurfs, all right, and they do jump and run. What it lacks is cleverly designed levels – anything from unsightly graphics to mindlessly placed platforms carries the mark of the uninspired.
  5. Sep 1, 2013
    Even if you are actually a fan of the blue creatures, or have a child who is, buying this will not provide one ounce of pleasure for even a slight period of time.
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  1. Aug 16, 2013
    I loved this game. I am 33 years old and enjoyed this game very much. My only complaint is that it was a little short. I beat the basic game in 3 days. However, 100 completion on all side missions and collectables takes many many hours. I have been playing this game for 3 weeks and have now got all collectables. I still have 3 more missions that need to be done to get 100% complete on game. It was great. Well worth the $40 spent. I plan to hold on to this game for replay in future becasue i enjoyed it so much. If you liked Super Mario Bros. U then you will probably like this game. It is set up in a very similair way. The basic levels are pretty easy but still fun. As for the additional mission objectives they range from easy to very challanging. This game is clearly geared for young kids but is very fun for adults to play as well. The levels and charcters are very cute and cheerful. If your an adult with a chip on your shoulder this game will make you hate the world less Expand
  2. Oct 21, 2013
    The smurfs 2 was a very shallow and decent platformer The level designs were not really creative The graphics don't push the xbox 360 ps3 or wiiU to their full capabilities Overall it's a decent game but rent it instead of buying it Collapse