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  2. Negative: 17 out of 79

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  1. Nov 8, 2013
    Great online functionality. Thus far all matches have been made timely with minimal waiting time to find opponents. Bowling is good but needs to be retooled to be like real bowling. Bowling uses handicaps for a reason. When I bowl with friends I bowl sloppy because I just want to have fun, and figuring out everyone's handicap is a pain if they don't track it. Being dominated by someone who has proper form is no fun. Wii Sports has the opportunity to establish proper handicaps, but doesn't exploit that advantage.

    The game is defiantly unfinished, and will see big additions over time. The a-la-cart option for purchasing is good for people like me who would be interested in a few of the sports on a dedicated basis, and the ticket is good for getting all the games when you have friends over who are interested.

    The club rankings is a good start for competitive play, but it needs something more. Properly tooled this could be a good eSport, but it needs more work before then.
  2. Feb 19, 2014
    First of all, let me just say the gameplay is great. The motionplus controls are a vast improvement and its much less finicky than the Wii version. Its a great game if you liked the first one.

    The reason that I give it a negative review however, is the lack of effort and laziness put into this game. It is an obvious cash grab by Nintendo. There really isnt much to differentiate this
    from the previous entries, and the pricing structure is a joke. It certainly isnt worth the cost they expect to play all the sports. Not only that, but upon launch they only offered 2 sports was it? I cant remember for sure, but at the time of writing only some of the sports are even available.

    The game is definitely of high quality, but I cant help but feel insulted by Nintendo on this one.
  3. Nov 8, 2013
    I enjoy it, its fun for my family and its fun to be able to play this game with friends.

    If you like this kind of game then definitely check this one out.
  4. Nov 7, 2013
    A great remake of an the best-selling Wii title, Wii Sports. Wii Sports Club offers new HD graphics, along with online play, allowing players to compete online and even come up with their own messages during games. The sports provided so far are Tennis & Bowling, Tennis was fun to play online although a few times I felt like there was some bad connection games going on, and with Bowling, I had a blast playing online, as it was very competitive and fun to play with people online. Wii U owners can rejoice as this game is free to download and will provide a free 24 hour trial, purchasing permanent passes after is up to you, which seems fine but at $10 per sport, it seems way too overpriced. Overall, Wii Sports Club is a great remake Wii Sports, making it better with the graphics and online play, but is it worth it to permanently buy each sport for $10? ($50 for all 5) Expand
  5. Nov 12, 2013
    This game will be judged harshly I think as it is a game that is easy to blame when you lose, or have little patients.
    For the record, the control scheme is accurate and skill based but takes time to master. Gone are the days of waggle, with precise strokes replacing it. If the control scheme is fooled then pressing down of the D-Pad will re-centre your racket in tennis, but once you
    have got use to it, this is rarely needed.
    I've heard lots of complaints of people having lag in the tennis, but just as many people saying they have had minimal amounts. Me myself, I have a laggy game about once in ten and have fibre optic BB. So this lag is obliviously when I get paired with someone with slow BB, or who is sharing a connection with someone using torrentz Either way, with a good connection speed it is so much fun! Been hooked since lauch
  6. Aug 1, 2014
    I'm really disappointed that Nintendo's next gen offering for one of the games that made the Wii special is this. A re-hash. The improved graphics and motion controls aren't enough to make it worth buying this game again. Online multi-player is a nice add, but I've had several problems including being dropped from games, and the controls don't work as well in the online mode for some reason. I'm constantly having to re-calibrate. This should have been a re-imagined, big release and a big win for Nintendo. Instead it's a disappointment. Expand
  7. Dec 18, 2013
    Personally, I didn't have a serious, major problem with this game. Yes it does have some online connectivity issues and some lag during matches, but it seemed like a significant improvement over the last Wii Sports game. Playing a specific sport costs 10 dollars to buy to last as long as you want; renting the whole sports package is $1.99 for a 24-hour period. Is it worth the money to pay 50 dollars for all five of the original sports? Probably not, but as a Nintendo and Wii Sports fan, I did have three favourite sports: tennis, bowling, and golf. With three modes the package is $30. Since online would have some cost into the company, I was okay with the price. Wii Sports doesn't have an end with games to come back to and training to do every now and then. What mattered for the review is I had great enjoyment with the new Motion-Plus controls, online matches, Wyoming supporting, Miiverse messages, and the magnificent course designs.

    Why did I give this game a 10? First, I had so much fun playing that the errors of the game didn't make me annoyed at all. Second, I feel like the user score average should be higher than a 6.9 because that seems like a D+ grade-wise, and I really don't think this game is bad enough to be in the failing range. Third, this is one of the Nintendo classics being remade into an improved game! It shouldn't be ignored and put in the list of video game disasters. I don't think it is.

    To sum up, Wii Sports Club is a great experience to have if you liked the original Wii Sports and want to join in the online community, or if you just want to exercise in the comfort of your own home and play athletic games casually. It's a game worth checking out and or at least renting for the 24-hour period. Support your state (or province) today and battle it out in Wii Sports Club! Thanks for reading.
  8. Dec 31, 2013
    Take the original Wii Sports, add better accuracy with the WiiMotion Plus controllers and add online modes to create Wii Sports Club. The game is best with friends playing local multiplayer, but online mode is a great alternative for solo gamers.Unfortunately, the online matches does suffer from internet connection issues when playing others without a strong internet connection. Hopefully those issues will be resolved with future updates and more people joining the Clubs.
    Bowling is better than ever, and golf is a lot of fun with an extra use of the gamepad (placed on the floor as the tee/golf ball). At $10 per "sport" Wii Sports Club is worth buying your favorite one or two (or three).
  9. Dec 29, 2013
    I only bother rating games on Metacritic that I feel deserve that special double-digit score, and Wii Sports Club has earned its place. First of all, it's Wii Sports. EVERY ONE loved Wii Sports! But this game is the culmination of both development experience from the prior titles and embracing technology- it's the PERFECT pick up and play game!

    The Golf is by far the shining example of
    a game done right. Not only is the highly skill-based gameplay using Wiimotion Plus technology utilized as was in Wii Sports Resort, the Gamepad is used to display the tee-off area with the ball and club. It helps the player align his/her club to the correct angle before swinging. On top of the original course from Wii Sports, there is a new course inspired from the NES title Golf, which adds quite a bit of flavor and challenge into the mix. I used to spend every weekend playing this game with friends using a projector, but now that there's online integration I can tee off any time with anyone in the world! This is the finest golfing experience I've ever played in a video-game before. Forget Tiger Woods, forget all that other nonsense. Wii Sports Club is where it's at!

    The bowling and tennis is nice too. It's like going to the bowling alley from the comfort of your living room. And the best part is the price. For the cost of ONE game of bowling and shoe rental at the alley, you can own this game forever and bowl for the rest of your life right in front of your TV, with anyone in the world. It's an absolute joy to play- I love it!

    I truly don't understand the 13+ negative scores for this game, none of which have a written review to explain WHY. I would disregard any and all negative scores for this game, because there are too many Nintendo-hating fanatics that score all their games at 0 to bring down their scores. There is NO WAY this game doesn't deserve a positive review. A mixed review I wouldn't agree with, but at least I could understand. But negative? Clearly there are some that don't want to see any more Wii U games in the green on Metacritic.
  10. Nov 7, 2013
    So far It's a 6 for me. While tennis is fun to play online and off, something happened with bowling because each time I try to hit the pins the ball just goes in the opposite direction, this was never a problem with the original Wii sports. I'll most likely give it a better score once golf, baseball, and boxing comes out.
  11. Jan 3, 2014
    The original Wii Sports was the best-selling game of all time, and it’s clear Nintendo want to attract the original game’s audience to Wii U. That’s fine, but at least make some changes to the game. And it’s true, they have. Wii Sports Club is different from the original in that it’s free to download, but you then have to buy each sport you want individually. The main problem is that the prices are too high. The original was free with the Wii, but here each sport costs £8, a lot for something like this.
    The HD update adds nothing to the sports. In fact, you can barely tell that it’s HD. The sports run similarly, except that you need Motionplus to play them. It makes a difference to golf, which also makes clever use of the gamepad, requiring you to put it on the floor facing up. It shows a close-up view of the golf club and the ball, so it’s as if playing a real golf game even more. This is the best thing about Wii Sports Club, but sadly none of the other sports available use the gamepad, which isn’t a disappointment in itself- how do you weave second screen gameplay into a game of tennis? But the sports themselves, apart from golf, are largely unchanged, nor are they enhanced by motionplus. There was great potential here for tennis, but I was disappointed by how it was the same.
    There is a success in Wii Sports Club, however, and it’s in the online. This is what perhaps slightly justifies downloading some of the sports, but then again it doesn’t. £8 for the addition of online (and a few new modes)? Certainly not a bad price but not a good one either. Better to blow the dust off your old Wii if you want more of Wii Sports.
  12. Feb 3, 2014
    Wii Sports Club On WII U is The Best Game i Have Enjoyed
    the game fetures online multplayer this would been cool if it original version had this
    in the future i hope to enjoy more of this when they have more available
  13. Dec 29, 2013
    This game SUCKS how it sucks you have to pay MONEY to play the game!!! you shood bable to play it for free like other Nintendo games like Pokémon X Wii Party U New super Mario bros U thos games are free Wii Party U is not! what a scam
  14. Jan 3, 2014
    If you enjoy sports video games, and online games, this is the game for you! This is really fun to play online, because it is just like playing a real game of golf, tennis, or bowling with your friends! You will need a wii remote and wii motion plus for this game. This game is DOWNLOAD ONLY from the E-shop, or you can buy a download code from gamestop.

    I suggest this game to
    players of all ages! Collapse
  15. Oct 24, 2014
    In my opinion. Wii sports Club is a massive step down from the original. The good things about the game are the graphics, which look splendid in HD and the golf sport works perfectly with the extra use of the gamepad and the Wiimote at the same time. However, the major disadvantages are the controls, which are literally broken for most of the sports. Whenever my friend and I play boxing, we find it hilariously horrendous as the controls involving moving the Wii mote and shaking to punch, don't work at all. Sports which involve swinging (e.g. Tennis and baseball), feel so weak and the force is non existent. In My opinion, Wii sports club is not a very good game, I would recommend playing the original Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort as they offer you the same sports, but better and alot more. Unless you are addicted to golf, then you can play this. Expand
  16. Jul 26, 2014
    Its a mix of Wii Sports games and HD graphics. The game looks nice and the online functionality works great. If you liked Wii Sports, then put this game into consideration.
  17. Jan 3, 2014
    If you enjoy sports video games, and online games, this is the game for you! This is really fun to play online, because it is just like playing a real game of golf, tennis, or bowling with your friends! You will need a wii remote and wii motion plus for this game. This game is DOWNLOAD ONLY from the E-shop, or you can buy a download code from gamestop.

    I suggest this game to
    players of all ages! Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 21 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 21
  2. Negative: 0 out of 21
  1. Aug 9, 2014
    While the inclusion of online play creates some issues with the slower-moving sports, it’s still a fun addition for Tennis and Baseball.
  2. Aug 7, 2014
    Rather than advancing upon the legacy of its predecessor, Wii Sports Club comes off more like an HD remake of the same old game with some additional motion plus and gamepad support. While this may have been a groundbreaking package eight years ago, today it feels altogether lackluster.
  3. Aug 7, 2014
    It's still great fun, particularly in short bursts, but it's hard to justify plunking down extra cash for Wii Sports Club.