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  1. On the one hand, the gameplay is virtually unchanged from the original game and it's still lots of fun to play, even though it's incredibly easy now. Sadly you just can't help but notice all the oversights, such as the lack of a widescreen option, the jerky animations and the lack of a "classic" mode for the main game.
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    Adventure Island: The Beginning is an enjoyable, entertaining update to a classic franchise -- but it's one that doesn't seem to have been given much extra effort.
  3. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    Underwhelming. [July 2009, p.96]
  4. Adventure Island: The Beginning is a difficult title to interpret. It brings to the wiiware a good platform game with high difficulty level, but the sense of challenge decrease as we go forward in the game. If we add even some technical problems, we understand that this title do not fully meet the players.
  5. Adventure Island: The Beginning, developed by Hudson, returns after many years. The game, fun and engaging, is limited by some ups and downs. A very short length, balanced by a level of difficulty at times frustrating, it may not attract long-time players and even the less experienced. The idea of the upgrades is interesting and actually extends the gaming experience, but there are only five worlds. The return of Master Higgins is therefore a fun title that, despite the limitations mentioned, it is very suitable for those who appreciated the first titles in the series.
  6. 60
    The game hasn’t strayed far from the original at all, except that you don’t die after one hit like the original, unless you fall in fire.
  7. Fans should download it. The one who doesn't know the genre, it up to you. If you don't fit either profile, leave it, because there are more and better platform games on the Virtual Console for a lower price.
  8. The closest you're ever likely to get to a new Wonder Boy, but this won't please fans new or old.
  9. There's nothing here that will really pull new players into playing Adventure Island: The Beginning, other than nostalgia for an audience who is familiar with the name.

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  1. AdinanAlves
    Aug 3, 2009
    As an Adventure Island fan, I can't help but feel disappointed with this game. Only a few levels, new rules, bad graphics and unappealingAs an Adventure Island fan, I can't help but feel disappointed with this game. Only a few levels, new rules, bad graphics and unappealing minigames make this far from being great. Adventure Island: The Beginning looks more like it was rushed and presents a very unpolished game. It still has some nice platforming action, but not as interesting and fun as the earlier games in the series. Full Review »