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  • Summary: Based on the novel Evil Under the Sun by the world's best-known mystery author, this is the second title from The Adventure Company's successful Agatha Christie video game series to release on Wii. Evil Under the Sun takes advantage of the unique features of the Wii, such as group gameplay, allowing groups of friends and families to gather around the television, sharing the Wii Remote, discussing and solving puzzles together. Famous detective Hercule Poirot is back in typical style, turning up at just the right time to begin an investigation into the murder of a famous actress during what should have been the start of a relaxing holiday. Taking on the role of Hercule Poirot, players can scour a stunning tropical island for clues and delve deeper into the mysterious relationships between over 20 unique characters to search out the killer. [Adventure Company] Expand
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  1. The bottom line is that it’s impossible to recommend this title to anyone who isn’t a fairly hardcore adventure buff.
  2. I'm the last person to disparage point and click games, but the pace of this game and the breadth of its challenges do not add up to a fun time for someone who cut their teeth on games like Maniac Mansion.
  3. There's a decent story hidden under the mess of missed conversations and seemingly irrelevant puzzles.
  4. 46
    There is a good detective story buried somewhere here, but it's hindered by archaic gameplay, and terrible pacing.
  5. Heartbreakingly awful. [Feb 2009, p.84]
  6. Ugly and uninspired, but with a cracking story. [Mar 2009, p.64]
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