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  • Summary: In All Star Cheer Squad, players immerse themselves into the world of competitive cheerleading as they experience the thrill and excitement of cheer through creativity, customization, style and teamwork. The release marks THQ's first original property created specifically for girls on Wii and Nintendo DS. (Ed: I suppose male cheerleaders are chopped liver?) In All Star Cheer Squad, players follow a year in the life of a cheerleader as they learn new cheers, participate in practices and create their own routines to make the squad and eventually become captain. High-energy gameplay includes squad competitions and one-on-one cheer-offs, where players use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to perform dozens of real-world cheer and dance moves. In order to ensure that All Star Cheer Squad has the latest cheer action and top routines, world-renowned cheerleading choreographer Tony G, best known for his work in the "Bring It On" movies, serves as chief consultant for the game. All Star Cheer Squad also incorporates use of the Wii Balance Board to get the player’s entire body involved in the game and add to the ultimate cheerleading experience. Players can customize the look of their cheerleader and squad including body, facial features, hair and outfits. [THQ] Expand
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  1. I would say that All Star Cheer Squad would probably make a solid game for a younger kid that's getting interested in the sport. The movements definitely mimic the stuff that actually occurs on field or in the gym, and even if you're not a fan of cheerleading you'll realize that you've seen this stuff before, just from watching a football game or two.
  2. Unfortunately, the experience as a whole, deep as it may be, is as tethered as the remote and nunchuk.
  3. By the end of the tutorial, it becomes painfully clear that All Star Cheer Squad is a complete mess of a title, and it doesn't improve as you progress through the game.
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