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  1. 50
    City Folk just seems like a huge missed opportunity - either that, or a lazy cash-in on Nintendo's newfound casual audience. If it's the former, they ought to just call it Wii Mortgage Payments.
  2. Animal Crossing: City Folk is a conservative videogame especially recomended for people who never have lived in the Nintendo's animals town. Everybody else should value if the lack of novelties are not enough to avoid a new mortgage in Wii.
  3. Animal Crossing: City Folk is one of the most charming and entertaining life sims out there, with lots to explore and experience.
  4. 60
    Animal Crossing: Wild World is a good entry to the series for newer players; there's the same charm and simple fun that has drawn in many fans - but with the available technology and development time there was so much potential for doing more.
  5. There is no doubt that Animal Crossing: City Folk is a good game, however it is only good for those that have never played the past games before.
  6. It's just more of the same, which is a big missed opportunity for Nintendo. Once the novelty of Wii Speak wears off, there isn't any incentive to continue.
  7. 80
    All in all, it is still enjoyable but could have been so much more. If you enjoyed the previous two installments, or you just like these lazy simulator games, I definitely recommend this game.
  8. It may not be the re-boot that non-fans (and ex-fans) of Animal Crossing were looking for, but City Folk is the ultimate entry in the ultimate series about goofing off. For that alone, it deserves an...
  9. Edge Magazine
    City Folk is effectively Wild World 2.0, allowing players of the DS game to migrate to Wii and continue pottering aimlessly around their mature towns, bringing their possessions and neighbours with them. [Christmas 2008, p.97]
  10. This is the best execution of Animal Crossing so far, but it is difficult to view it as anything other than a lazy remake of what's gone before.
  11. 80
    If you’re interested in the authentic Animal Crossing experience, you can pick up the original for about twelve dollars now. If you don’t care about being an uber-Animal Crossing nerd, you will find a tremendous amount of enjoyment in this one as well.
  12. Times change, and games must change with them. Animal Crossing, while still a charming and often engaging experience, seems stuck somewhere in the last generation of gaming.
  13. Nintendo has seen fit to take a three year-old DS game, pretty it up for the Wii, and tack on a few shallow features on top of an increased price tag.
  14. Although it offers a plethora of ways to interact, it is ultimately limited by the friend codes feature. Luckily, you can have fun all by yourself with this one.
  15. Sadly, local co-op isn't an option, the graphics look last generation and we had little fun using the WiiSpeak microphone. If you're a fan of the series, you'll want to move into this City right away. Otherwise, pay a casual visit before you settle down.
  16. If you’ve played any version of Animal Crossing before, your love of the series will pretty much be the deciding factor on whether or not you’re going to pick this up. Online is a nice feature, but when the game is almost the exact same as the previous two versions, it’s time to try something new.
  17. An excellent choice for newcomers to the series; for long-time fans it's a bit like watching a remake of your favourite classic movie: predictable, with no major surprises in store... but certainly no less enjoyable than the original.
  18. The feeling of progression and development is a great draw as well.
  19. 70
    New arrivals will probably enjoy the multitude of activities in Animal Crossing: City Folk, but long-time residents won't find much to keep them from moving out.
  20. However, this is a solid entry for gamers that have yet to indulge in the Animal Crossing experience.
  21. Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City can be judged in two ways. For gamers that are new to the series and for the experienced Animal Crossing gamer. For the first group Animal Crossing is a must buy if you own a Wii. For the second group the game will be one big déjà-vu. The game offers very few new and innovative elements in comparison to it's predecessor, but comes with a very strong game concept. Having this said, gamers that never played an Animal Crossing game can easily add one point to its grade.
  22. But no matter how enjoyable it might be, the fact remains that Animal Crossing: City Folk is a sloppy, lazy port of a Nintendo DS title to the Wii.
  23. It's still a great game but fans of the DS version are going to feel short-changed by the lack of imagination in this Wii retread.
  24. games(TM)
    Rumours of am MMO Animal Crossing and even a dedicated Wii Channel had got us very excited about the sequel, but the reality comes as a crushing disappointment. [Jan 2009, p.100]
  25. If I may put my series-wide disappointments aside, Animal Crossing: City Folk is still a superb title that should be picked up by everyone who has yet to play an Animal Crossing game.
  26. City Folk offers more of the same Animal Crossing gameplay that you know and love, with the emphasis on "same."
  27. 50
    Ultimately, Animal Crossing: City Folk doesn't take any meaningful risks, sticking to essentially the same formula we've seen in the previous GameCube and Nintendo DS games. While those games were quite entertaining, and this newest version doesn't debut anything meaningful, we'd have liked to see something new from Nintendo this third time around.
  28. It’s been three years since the previous Animal Crossing on the DS, but City Folk is virtually identical and costs $20 more.
  29. As this game rocked on GameCube, it rocks on the Wii nowadays.
  30. If you've never played an Animal Crossing game before, you'll probably love its charm and get lost in all the different tasks you can perform. And if you've stayed away from the series for any serious length of time, you'll probably still be able to enjoy yourself. But the formula hasn't changed, and for a lot of repeat players, it'll probably wear thin quickly.
  31. 75
    After putting literally weeks and months into playing both the GameCube original and the Nintendo DS sequel, it was very disappointing to see that, after putting nearly two weeks into Animal Crossing: City Folk that very little effort went into the design beyond porting and enhancing the Nintendo DS game.
  32. 80
    Even if you've worked your way through previous iterations, it's as compulsively addictive as always although its easy to resent the familiarity of it all.
  33. Let’s Go to the City recycles so much from earlier games in the series, it’s hardly worth calling it a new game. This shouldn’t be a problem for first time-players, but fans of the Animal Crossing-series can easily pop in their old disc for a flashback to 2004. The only thing they’ll miss is the addition of Wii Speak, which even comes at a price.
  34. 75
    Animal Crossing: City Folk is not a bad game, and is in fact a very good game. The only problem is, it's ultimately the same game as before, and to a greater degree than any Mega Man sequel ever was.
  35. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Cute time eater brings all the same fun and experience as previous GameCube and DS versions but nothing more. Remake it is... [Issue#173]
  36. The third iteration of this lovable franchise makes it's way to the Wii, but not much has happened since the days on the Gamecube. There are few new features or content to be exited about this time around, but if you liked the previous games this is more of the same.
  37. We can define Animal Crossing with "déjà vu". This title is almost identical to the Nintendo DS version, there are only minor changes, so nobody who played Wild World will find anything new in Let's Go to the City. But it's Animal Crossing, so it's a good game for all kind of players with dozens of objects to collect and lots of friends to meet.
  38. A great game at heart, newcomers should pick it up immediately, others proceed with caution.
  39. A lovely game for the right people. It may not appeal to more hardcore gamers, but for anyone else it’s excellent.
  40. Nintendo Gamer
    Only the stony-hearted would fail to appreciate at least some of this game. [Jan 2009, p.48]
  41. Nintendo Power
    New player or returning fan, young or old, casual or hardcore, Animal Crossing: City Folk could very well become your new obsession. [Holiday 2008, p.76]
  42. Animal Crossing: City Folk is a difficult game to evaluate. It is undeniably a well-made and highly polished game that offers all the interesting activities and character the series is known for. On the other hand, it’s almost identical to past titles in the series, with almost nothing in the way of new features.
  43. There are several extremely frustrating issues with this incarnation of Animal Crossing. That said, what was written in the beginning of this review still holds true: the core game is still extremely charming.
  44. Not so much a sequel as the Cube version with new features, but still essential for anyone happy to start again.
  45. Pelit (Finland)
    A good and mildly addictive virtual-life experience. It's an acquired taste, though. [Feb 2009]
  46. 64
    The basic gameplay appeal lives on in City Folk, but Nintendo's laziness is there for all to see.
  47. Whoever did not play Wild World, try this one. But anyone who already has the DS version must seriously think about it before buying Animal Crossing: City Folk. Any doubts? Stay with the DS version.
  48. There simply isn’t enough of anything new and revolutionary to warrant years of dedicated play filling the same catalogues of collectables and earning awards that no-one except yourself will ever care about.
  49. It's hard to be down on a game that, when judged on its own merits, is great fun and addictive, but it's equally hard to look past the fact that this is essentially the same game we've been playing since it belatedly arrived on the GameCube.
  50. Overall, Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii seems like it should have been held back until more work was done on it. The transfer to the Wii didn't add enough polish to justify a purchase in my eyes, so those who really want the Animal Crossing experience can go get the GameCube version for a steal and not really miss very much at all.

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  1. ????????
    Nov 22, 2008
    Why do people always say: "There's not enough improvement, and it's just like the prequel!" I mean that's what I like in aWhy do people always say: "There's not enough improvement, and it's just like the prequel!" I mean that's what I like in a series! I hate it when game's get too much *Improvement* because some times it makes a once good series into a bad one people liked previous AC games so Nintendo probably just didn't want to rock the boat! And NO the graphics don't look like crap I personally think they look GREAT! It may be like other AC titles but that doesn't change the fact that it's a great game! Full Review »
  2. PaulinaH
    May 9, 2009
    The game was really fun until all the grass suddenly disappeared, and the fact that it takes over 8 months to re-grow the grass and you not The game was really fun until all the grass suddenly disappeared, and the fact that it takes over 8 months to re-grow the grass and you not being able to walk on the "growing" grass took all of the fun out! It's not fun to live in a wasteland, i don't really recommend this game to animal crossing fans! Full Review »
  3. Dec 24, 2012
    Select Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS
    Copy Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS
    Paste Animal Crossing: Wild World for
    Select Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS
    Copy Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS
    Paste Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS on Wii
    Increase graphical quality by 12%
    Select title Animal Crossing: Wild World
    Change title to Animal Crossing: City Folk
    Insert small boring city with little to do
    Full Review »