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  • Summary: Arcade Zone features many of your favorite arcade and retro games and more! Score big, earn tickets, exchange for gifts, and keep playing. Take on the colorful resident arcade champion to become the ultimate arcade legend!
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  1. Considering the budget price being asked (£14.99/US$24.99 at launch) it's worth it just for the 8-bit classics alone, though good luck finding this one anywhere but an online retailer.
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  1. AllanS
    Jan 20, 2010
    This game is awful to the point I feel the need to write about it. The Skee-ball rip off (called "Alley Ball") is not even operated like Wii Bowling is and just goes off of how hard you twist your wrist. The Frogger rip-off (which is a chicken with a little kid repeating the three awful jokes over and over) is fun for about 4 seconds, before I realized I paid $29.99 at Barnes and Noble for this game. Do not waste your time or your money on this game. It may be fun for a 4-year old, but it's on par with Pokemon when it comes to unnecessary stupidity. I have never ever commented on this site, but did as a public service announcement not to buy this terrible waste of money. Expand