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  • Summary: [WiiWare] ARKANOID Plus! is an updated version of the original arcade blockbuster. Players must destroy colored blocks by guiding an Energy Ball around the screen using a spaceship called a VAUS. The game features a host of new modes and settings that radically alter the experience: Arcade Mode consists of 61 rounds divided into left and right versions, with two types of boss characters appearing in the last round; VS Mode lets players face off against a friend or the CPU; and the unfailingly frantic Time Mode challenges players to clear rounds within a strict time limit. With the subtle differences arising from the choice of "Lives" or "Barrier" rules, plus a plethora of exciting items, you're in for hours and hours of block-busting fun. [Nintendo] Expand
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  1. 80
    Though it's not a revolutionary upgrade to the long-running series, Arkanoid Plus! offers an accessible, energetic and pretty addictive new installment for the racquetball-inspired franchise that is well worth its asking price of just six bucks.
  2. Arkanoid Plus! is another fine addition to Taito's series of classic franchise remakes. It doesn't really do anything special or new, but it doesn't have to: the core game is just as addictive as it's always been.
  3. It was great back in the day but time hasn't been too kind to Arkanoid. [Nov 2009, p.102]
  4. Taito didn’t add anything new to the formula, but Arkanoid Plus! will provide straightforward arcade entertainment in short bursts, as long as you don’t go in expecting a revolutionary experience.
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  1. Jan 25, 2011
    You can spend 90 minutes getting to the last Round (Boss) on Easy settings. To save your progress, do NOT stop between levels. During a level, press the + button, otherwise next time you start the game, you will start at Round 1. . .. . .There are "High Scores" listed, but you have to get beyond a certain level before they save. When I got below 59 minutes, it started saving. . .. . . More Good: many levels of difficulty to choose from, anyone can play . . . . . . Control Tip: using the Classic Controller Pro with the "analog" stick gives you more fine control to move the "paddle" (and "fast" with the Shoulder button). But old Breakout fans will still be frustrated at the lack of control for aiming. Even at slow speeds, it's difficult to aim the ball. You can't hit the ball straight or anything less than about 30 degrees. But then, that's what Lasers are for!.. . .. . . It's definitely worth the $6 download price for several hours of distraction! Expand
  2. Oct 30, 2011
    If you liked the original arcade or previous console ports of Arkanoid, you'll be right at home here. A generous difficulty setting makes this version accessible to everyone; beginners should have no trouble with the easiest setting, while veterans will probably want a little more out of the hardest. Straightforward, no-frills ball-and-paddle action; Arkanoid Plus! is a good buy if you don't already own another Breakout clone on your mobile phone, handheld or consoles. Collapse
  3. Jun 2, 2013
    If you enjoyed the original Arkanoid in arcades or on the NES, or similar games like Breakout (which Arkanoid shamelessly ripped off), you'll like Arkanoid Plus!. This is a serviceable, fun update to the paddle-and-ball-bouncing games which would be more at home on a smart-phone or tablet, but if you're like me and have neither, you can't go wrong with this version. I would love to see Square Enix bring an HD version to the Wii U with live leader boards and online competition. Expand