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  1. Oct 30, 2011
    I played the game in 1 hour and I have to say its kind of okay for those who are not hardcore gamers like myself. The game it self is a point and click game and it reminds me of those early 90's pc games like monkey island or indiana jones the fate of atlantis. The voice acting is what gives the game the charm. Its all the original actors from the movies like michael j. Fox and christopher lloyd. But a.j. Locascio is voicing marty mcfly which should've been michael j. Fox. The game sets after the third movie and you have alot of pointing and clicking to do. You move marty with the wii nunchuck controller. The music sounds like from the movie and its okay too. Now I havent played a movie based game in a long time but nobody has seen a back to the future game since the nes. So I do give credit to telltale games for bringing it back to the video game world. At the start of the game you can choose to play any episode but the manual recommends that you should start at episode 1 and follow the story line. Whats the point to that? Another thing is that the cutscenes are jumping because I think the disc isnt reading right. Another problem is that some parts of the game can get confusing so thats why there is a hint menu which helps. Like in most point and click games you have to use your inventory on most things or talk tp.people and say different things just to get somewhere. The fun can last for awhile but as you play it gets boring at a certain point. I think this game was made for cadual gamers who have nothing else to do with their time. Overall its an okay game but for the retail price of $20.00 its not that baf of a game so im gonna say buy it if your still waiting for skyward sword. Collapse