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  1. Sep 24, 2010
    The setlist is BUILT for people who enjoy pop music. Obviously, the game will be unpleasurable to those that hate this genre of music. One of the major issues I found with the game is the reduced amount of music for the same price as Guitar Hero 5. There is also the lack of the same gameplay elements that Guitar Hero 5 had. One redeeming factor of the game is that most of the setlist can be exported to Guitar Hero 5 (and now Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock) Expand
  2. Sep 9, 2012
    For a Wii game, the graphics were actually pretty good. But, the real point is the game itself. I found it very entertaining. Why? Because it has alot of those old school 80's 70's and 60's songs that I enjoy. Some newer 2000's songs as well that are pretty good too. So, the tracklist is a plus. Now, on to the gameplay... It's a very difficult game if you put it on Expert (Which I play) compared to some other music games like, The Beatles: Rockband. There is tons of DLC (Which I have, some) and very fun party mode. Band Hero is not the best music game, but it's one of the best. 9/10 from me. Expand
  3. Mar 7, 2011
    Band Hero while a blast to play, suffers from boring musical tracks, don't get me wrong there are some who will enjoy the pop soundtrack, but I'm not one of them, but there was one or two tracks that held my interest, that and the solid gameplay keep this from failure.
  4. Jul 25, 2011
    Interesting in a bit, and maybe an excellent game for the Pop genre fans, Rock folks, please don't start thrashing Band Hero just because the soundtrack isn't your taste. That said, i think Activision slipped and got out of control , releasing so many GH games in one year or a little period of time is painful.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 20 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 20
  2. Negative: 0 out of 20
  1. 70
    Band Hero is clearly aimed at a very specific audience, and for that audience it's a goldmine of content that they'll enjoy. For guys like me, who actually like rock music, I'll stick with something a little more hardcore.
  2. 83
    Band Hero is an impressive game, but it does take a hit for not feeling that unique because this is really just Guitar Hero 5 with a pink/purple motif.
  3. This is one spin-off that actually tries to mix things up a bit. One for pop music fans.