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  • Summary: Baroque is a dungeon-crawling action RPG in which you awaken to find the world in ruin, your heart beset with unexplained guilt. A cataclysm has destroyed the cities and empires of men and disfigured the spirit of humanity. In this nightmare, it falls to you to descend a mysterious tower in search of absolution. Battle merciless foes through treacherous dungeons, scour for new items to aid you in your travels, and unlock the secrets of a devastated land. You will find death in the depths, yet learn that death is not the end of the story; in the twisted world of Baroque, it is only the beginning. With its many ever-changing levels, each teeming with perverse monsters and tormented souls, the world of Baroque is a frightening and unforgiving realm. Take part in a unique story progression system in which the end of your life only serves to drive the adventure forward. Each time your character dies, more secrets about the forsaken world are revealed! The player has full control over how he shapes his character and how he plays the game. Find and equip a vast assortment of weapons and items, some with a variety of uses. Acquire powerful stat-boosting parasites and combine them to multiply their potency. Only the resourceful will survive! [Atlus USA] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 22
  2. Negative: 11 out of 22
  1. 78
    The gameplay can be cheap, but it does have a good degree of challenge. Technical aspects are weak, but there is some style going for it.
  2. Baroque is a marmite game: you’ll either love it or hate it. It’s a piece of interactive fiction genius and although the gameplay can be a little poor at times, the entire package is great and is well worth picking up if you enjoy a hard, dungeon crawler challenge.
  3. 60
    Baroque is an odd one, even by roguelike standards. It has all the elements of the genre that will put off 'regular' players – random dungeons, deadly difficulty spikes, loss of items and experience on death – but it also suffers from technical shortcomings that even roguelike fans won't enjoy.
  4. We love original ideas, but there's no point in crazy innovation if you don't nail the basics. [Sept 2008, p.80]
  5. It's a real pity that there are so many parts of Baroque that don't work, because the title also features some innovations for the dungeon-crawling sub-genre.
  6. If only the graphics were prettier, some better character customisation was included and the punishment for death had been significantly reduced, then Baroque could have been sitting smugly near the top of the Wii game chart, instead of floundering about in the lower regions.
  7. Baroque is the true Patience Game: it has more negative than positive points. And for the ones who get easily sick of these games, you'll try to throw Baroque out of the window.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 15
  2. Negative: 1 out of 15
  1. NachiK.
    Apr 24, 2009
    Best game ever. Any critics that didn't like it either played it for like 30 minutes or are stupid. Or both. "You can only fire the gun five times!!11" lol. "It's too haaaard." Double lol. I didn't know what a Roguelike was until I started this thing, and I have to say that those sound a bit dull. The awesome plot development more than makes up for whatever else this game lacks, which in my opinion is very little. The battle system is not "flawed;" it's difficult. Get over yourselves and go watch a movie if you can't handle pushing buttons more than once every hour. Surviving the dungeon requires more skill than luck, and is a constant and exciting challenge. The music is awesome. The story is awesome. The setting is awesome. This game is awesome. And sadly, totally unique. If you want a fun, mentally and physically challenging game that can be played for hours on end, Baroque is for you. Ignore the critics, who probably shouldn't be reviewing video games seeing as they find them so "difficult" and "pointless," (both features of every great video game ever) and get it before it's impossible to find. Expand
  2. AH
    Apr 17, 2008
    Great game. You'll get a bit tired of Gray and Brown, but overall, the graphics, combat, music, items and most importantly, the story are all great. Expand
  3. jojodahoboh
    Apr 18, 2008
    OK, you critics are entitled to your opinion, but severely abuse that right by giving this game such low scores. It was awesom, and creating characters made it more awesom. I almost always agree with the critics, but you got me on this one. Maybe The only people who reviewed this game were retards who recently underwent craniumectomies done by another retard that just had a craniumectomy. (for those seeking a vocabulary update, a caniumectomy is having your brain remvoved. Expand
  4. RyanS.
    Apr 10, 2008
    This game is a lot of fun. Atlus lovers and rogue-like fans should not pay attention to bad reviews! This game will not be easy to find for long!
  5. KevinAwesome
    Apr 24, 2008
    Most People Are Looking At This Game The Wrong Way, The Combat Might Seem Repetitive But That Was Probly Said By The People That Got To The SIxth Floor And Gave Up Because They Kept Dying. This Game Was Well Built For Out Of The Box Thinking, Also A Good Player Finds Ways To Keep Some Of His Items For The Next Time Through So Your Not Always Completly Restarting. The Items In The Game Are All Double Edged Which Makes It Interesting, Like Food You Could Use Right Away And Heal Or Wait Till Your Full To Maxamize The Amount Of HP You Can Have. As For The Story Line, It's Well Done. It Has Mystery With A Add On Of Sadness, For This Constant Setting For The Whole Game Which Makes You Kinda Start To Care About The Char In The Game. The Graphics Are Well Done But Could Have Been Picked Up On The WIi, But The Avatars Are All Really Detailed And The Rendering Is Not All That Bad. As For The Music It's One Of The Most Well Done Set Of Tracks To Add Ambiance And Feeling To The Whole Game. It Is A Very Well Done RogueLike Dungeon Crawl With Great Replay Value, And With 5 Diffrent Endings You'll Find Yourself Replaying It If You Can Get Over Some Of The Flaws In The Game, Which Are Very Minior Compared To Some Of The Unique Features This Game Included. Expand
  6. TomS.
    Apr 11, 2008
    Ignore the Destructoid review - they're known for awful attention-grabs like that, and the reviewer only pretends to understand the genre. If you enjoy roguelikes, you'll have a blast with this game. Expand
  7. HueyF.
    Apr 11, 2008
    This game is horrid. The gameplay is repetitive and the controls are basic and uninspiring. You can punch/slash/throw. that's it. You have to die repeatedly just to progress with the story, of which makes no sense until you get to the end. Bland at best. Makes for a great Coaster though~ Expand

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