Mixed or average reviews - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 16
  2. Negative: 3 out of 16
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  1. This is a title definitely intended for children and gives them something to pass the time with after school gets out. Mothers out there should look to this game to give them some peace and quiet time from their kids.
  2. Older gamers will tire of the repetitive mini-games and missions, but younger kids will get a kick out of mastering the awkward controls.
  3. While adult gamers might find a bee's life a bit on the tame side, children will no doubt love Barry's escapades, and with the somewhat charming wit of Jerry Seinfeld, the sickly sweet voiceovers won't make you nauseous.
  4. Younger kids will probably find that there is some fun to be had with the game, but other Bee Movie fans will probably find the gameplay too simplistic and repetitive.
  5. Younger players will enjoy the variety and sandbox-style freedom of Bee Movie Game.
  6. Shovelware may be a be considered a generally deplorable concept, but it would have been better than this dreck.
  7. There are just so many things to do! While not all of them are fun, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
  8. Unless your goal is replacing your expired Ambien prescription with something that may arguably be more effective, or you think casting Jerry Seinfield as a honey producing bug might actually be the bee's knees (sorry), then I highly recommend you rush out and buy this game immediately.
  9. 68
    The younger gamer in your home will likely get a kick or two out of the Bee Movie Game, especially the New Hive City exploration and the interactive flying cinemas.
  10. Games of this nature need to decide, up front, who their intended audience is. Otherwise, you end up with a game that tries to be accessible to children, yet provide enough depth to please older gamers.
  11. Hmm. If you need to distract a rich kid for thirty seconds while you rummage through his backpack for money. If you're a nurse caring for an incontinent who is captivated by the color yellow. Maybe if you're stalking somebody on the development team. In those instances, perhaps a rental is justified. Otherwise, steer clear.
  12. The Bee Movie Game is obviously aimed at younger players and those who are interested in the movie. But even older gamers will find plenty of humor and solid gameplay to enjoy in the game.
  13. Sadly, what can be played contains more glitches and errors than most early game demonstrations to the press.
  14. VideoGamer
    Out of all the Pixar and Dreamworks games, it is absolutely among one of the best, and would make for a brilliant Christmas present if you're looking to satisfy the kids over the festive season.
  15. Bee Movie Game will provide a satisfying experience to younger fans of the film, but it'll fail to hold the interest of older players for a prolonged amount of time.
  16. 75
    Bee Movie is a solid game that remains true to the license while actually producing a fantastic experience for players both young and old.
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User score distribution:
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  1. Feb 19, 2018
    This is the best bee movie game and without a doubt i love it more than life you should buy all the games
  2. Dec 13, 2016
    Best game ever no doubte! LOVE GAME! Be. Get g, adn . Its so good. Why, because its bee movie da games. For starts its the movie b mo= soBest game ever no doubte! LOVE GAME! Be. Get g, adn . Its so good. Why, because its bee movie da games. For starts its the movie b mo= so thag good make, 2 bee movie merch i hav so much get movie stugg so gug asdnasndoanognaogosigiosdnoginsiodngoisndoginsodignsoidgniosngodin BEEEEEMOVIE GAME SO GOOODDDDD BUHY NOA! Full Review »