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  • Summary: Brothers In Arms: Double Time brings this WWII action franchise to the Wii system, while adding the use of innovative gameplay with the Wii Remote. Combining All 31 Playable Levels: Play as Sergeants Matt Baker and Joe Hartsock, leading your squad behind enemy lines through the Normandy invasion. Fight actual Airborne Infantry battles of D-Day accurately recreated using thousands of official photos, maps, After-Action Reports and eyewitness accounts under the direction of Military and Historical Director, Col. John Antal. Featuring close-quarter urban environments and a next-generation artificial intelligence system, Brothers In Arms: Double Time takes authentic military action to the next level on the Wii system. Issue orders and perform military gestures to command and lead your team using the Wii Remote. [Ubisoft] Collapse
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  1. It's also unfortunate that there's no multiplayer of any sort, which definitely hurts the game's longevity. [Dec 2008, p.98]
  2. Imprecise motion controls and muddy visuals. [Christmas 2008, p.99]
  3. A frustrating package. There's a wealth of gameplay, across the two discs, but very little variety.
  4. Double Time gives you double the frustration for half the price.
  5. On one hand, the core game itself is good, and the story presented here is something you don't expect in a game. On the other hand, the technical execution of the title is so poor that one is surprised that it can run at all.
  6. As if we haven’t seen enough WW2 shooters by now, Ubisoft chose to port these two decent shooters into one horrible compilation for the Wii.
  7. 30
    Brothers in Arms: Double Time contains two dated World War II games that have actually fared off worse in making the transition to the Wii. This is a compilation you will want to avoid.

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