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  • Summary: Rev your engines for a fantastic heart-pounding racing experience exclusively for Wii! Build'n Race puts you in the driver’s seat on spectacular courses with insane ramps, death-defying jumps, sharp switchbacks, wild stunts, and more! But there’s more excitement than on your average race track. Players can create an unlimited amount of one-of-a-kind tracks from over 1,000 unique building blocks. Let your imagination run wild! Burn rubber in solo campaigns or against your friends on one of your original courses, or choose one of 80 exciting tracks in a variety of realistic environments. The fun doesn’t end when the checkered flag flies with Build'n Race! [Zoo Games] Expand
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  1. While the ability to steer with the wiimote may be a selling point, I’d much rather have a great racing game with precise controls and intensely accurate graphics. The novelty of building your own tracks is lost if there is no one to share them with.
  2. The sound is mediocre, the graphics are the same, and the controls aren't as tight as they should be. Top it off with gameplay that is both boring and challenging due to lack of AI balance and bugs, and you have a recipe for sub-par gaming.
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  1. Jul 7, 2013
    I'm an adult playing this game often with a friend, and I would rate it a 5/10, not an awful review and not a stellar review, and I'm giving it such a confusing review because this game makes me puzzled in a way that it shouldn't.

    What I love about the game is that it is a four player car racing game. I have done multiplayer immediately with a friend and it has worked. However, here's the part that makes me puzzled. How do I unlock better features for the cars? My friend and I have spent hours racing tracks and even winning against the high performing computer cars in solo modes, but there has not been a way for features to have unlocked. I'm wondering if features are unlocked in the tournament modes only, and that's a shame because the computer racing cars are high performing and are very difficult to beat we haven't been able to achieve that.

    As a result, we play with such boring and limited car options. It's ok, but could be better. And in addition, another thing that's puzzling is the game can glitch while you are racing the cars. Easily, if the car gets off the track it can get stuck and no way to fix it unless starting over. If the car stays on the track, then wii remote controls work great. Good graphics, music, and sound overall.

    Aside from the glitches and the confusion about how to upgrade things, this is still a decent playable car game. I am keeping this in my collection for now, but am waiting for something better to replace it with. I value the game to be at about $10-15. You can build your own race tracks on this game too, but that is tedious and something I don't do with this game.