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  • Summary: Carnival Games: Mini-Golf features Carnival Bob and characters made popular in the original, Carnival Games: Mini-Golf is home to larger-than-life, theme park style miniature golf courses. Whether back in time to the land of dinosaurs, keeping order in the Wild West or searching for treasure on an island full of pirates, the game combines traditional miniature golf fare with action-oriented game play utilizing the unique capabilities of the Wii Remote. It is designed for four players and can best be described as “a hole in fun.” [2K Games] Expand
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  1. Play this game on Sunday morning, if you don’t know what to do between breakfast and lunch. Don’t even think about bringing Carnival Games: MiniGolf to a party! This game is too simple and slow to really entertain.
  2. Solid visuals, decent golf mechanics and a large assortment of prizes to collect will keep some gamers busy. The game just needs more courses and an expanded single-player mode to really make gamers come back for more.
  3. 60
    The sound in Carnival Games Mini Golf is disjointed and weird.
  4. Poor controls and a ton of pointless gimmicks make for one frustrating round of Astroturf golf.
  5. 35
    It’s impossible to give that feeling when players have so little control over their own performance. If you’re looking for a golf game to play on Wii, there are plenty to choose from. This one’s definitely not worth the price of admission.
  6. While the graphics and hole designs are inviting, the frustrations caused by the controls and Barker himself successfully put a damper on the entire experience.
  7. There's almost something offensive about how little time was spent developing this game. And even more so, that it can be resold on eBay at practically retail. The Wii userbase is poisoning itself, because games like this continue an unsettling trend: if they call for shovelware, it will come.

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  1. RG
    Jan 23, 2009
    This game was a blast for our entire family from the 5 year old boy to the 65 year old grandma. She even stayed up all night playing just to beat certain areas. We really have fun with this game and the kids really love it. Part of the fun is the challenge of being able to figure out just how to hit certain shots so they go the right way. We really enjoy it and recommend it to lots of other people. Expand
  2. Aug 31, 2010
    Carnival Games: Mini-Golf is the sequel to the popular mini-game compilation, Carnival Games. The main idea of the game is similar to other golf games out there for the Wii however, there are a lot more obstacles to surpass. The main flaw with the game is that the core game-play is rather dull. The game is okay for the first few times or so but, eventually you realise that this barely an enjoyable game. The controls don't work that well either meaning it will be a drag to actually complete the game. Carnival Games: Mini Golf just wasn't thought out very well and this is a game I would recommend unless you want to waste your money. Expand
  3. KenR.
    Nov 9, 2008
    Just not a very well thought out game. game play is ok the first 10 or so times but beyond that is tedious and boring.