• Publisher: Konami
  • Release Date: Nov 18, 2008

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 33
  2. Negative: 16 out of 33
  1. 75
    In the list of games I'm dying to play in the Castlevania series, a 3D fighter was about as far from the top as possible, but Judgment was a pleasant surprise.
  2. The game feels more like a boss-rush version of a big action game that it does a traditional fighter, and somehow comes off as the best 3D Castlevania game Konami has produced so far. [Jan 2009, p.110]
  3. If you forgo your expectations of what a Castlevania game should be--or are simply looking for a respectable 3-D fighting game--you should have a good time with Judgment. [Holiday 2008, p.77]
  4. If you work at learning the game, and view it as something that’s not necessary Castlevania proper, Judgment can provide a decent romp. If you're looking for a good lighthearted fighter, Judgement is outclassed by Brawl. However, if you like Soul Calibur but don’t own a PS3 or Xbox 360, Judgment is your only real alternative, and it’s not as terrible as people have been saying.
  5. It's by no means as bad as you may have heard. [Apr 2009, p.89]
  6. The game is a mixed-bag, for sure, but the highs slightly outweigh the fighting genre side effects.
  7. It's a case of missed opportunity with Castlevania Judgment. The concept sounds so enticing, but it doesn't take long to realize that the series has not done a good job of creating memorable characters. It tries to implement creative ideas, but nothing really clicks and both die hard fans and fighting game enthusiasts will be discouraged by gameplay that's anything but immortal.
  8. Castlevania Judgment is a lot better than it should be given its brief time in development and small budget, but still not half as good as it could have been. Thanks to the injection of some good ideas and heaping piles of love for the series, Judgment does justice to the Castlevania name, though just barely.
  9. 65
    Looking at the graphics and sounds, Castlevania is fine. The controls are very simple, but at the same time not always that good. Overall a great Castlevania game, but not for full price.
  10. Judgment is by no means terrible, just mediocre. It’s as if someone was reading "Making Fighting Games for Dummies", and literally followed the instructions step by step, without thinking about ways to make it something more. Considering the history of the series, there’s so much that could have been done, and just wasn’t.
  11. We don’t mind a Castlevania fighting game when it’s done right but Judgment just isn’t able to pull it off well thanks to a number of problems that make this a unimpressive fighting game. All is not bad, though, seeing as the collection of characters bring something different to the battle, but it’s not enough to recommend this one.
  12. Instead of treading in familiar action territory, Castlevania Judgement introduces us to a fighting genre with Castlevania characters but the overall Castlevania feel and quality that the series usually displays suffers quite a bit with this change.
  13. The simplistic combat as well as the shoddy graphics sink this title to a near-unplayable status.
  14. On top of all of this, the gameplay is generally too simple for its own good. Judgment is an adequate if simplistic fighter, taking a step in the wrong direction for each original and unique thing it attempts to do. It doesn't even pay good homage to its source material.
  15. Multiplayer over WiiConnect 24 works surprisingly well, but a functioning online system isn’t enough to get over the broken, unresponsive, and unentertaining fighting mechanics of the game.
  16. The end product fails as a fighter, as a part of the Castlevania series, and as a video game in general.
  17. Castlevania Judgement copied conventions from the right games, but everything was almost done completely wrong.
  18. It isn't even a half decent fighter! [Apr 2009, p.77]
  19. It tries to make the most of a stupid idea, and compared to previous efforts at a 3D Castlevania game it’s quite a triumph.
  20. Turning Castlevania into a one-on-one fighter is a dumb idea but at least this tries to be different.
  21. 40
    It is hard to tell what the purpose of Judgment was, and how it would further increase the franchise's legacy. Yes, there is one interesting thing, but it is buried underneath a subpar game. It is hard to recommend this one.
  22. A judge is what this Castlevania really needs. This franchise first time on Wii is a time-waster for anybody who wants to expend a nice afternoon playing with some friends. Not even its graphics are what they should be. Its a very poor game on every aspect except for its decent sound, but nothing more than that.
  23. Story Mode is utterly boring and Survival Mode plods along with room after room of lifeless challenges. Online play through the Wi-Fi Connection is also here, but isn't worth the time.
  24. Judgment is the worst offering in the long running Castlevania series. It's a mediocre game, where all of its aspects show wrong decisions in design and implementation.
  25. Castlevania's switch from 2D side-scrolling to 3D fighting is an endless stream of missteps that will frustrate even series devotees.
  26. 30
    Castlevania fanatics will hate the unnecessary liberties taken with their favorite characters, fighting game enthusiasts will abhor the crippling lack of character balance, and everyone should just cross their fingers that the next game to bear this franchise's once vaunted name is put together with a lot more care.
  27. 30
    While I want to give Konami credit for trying something new with the series, the obvious missteps and overlooked elements of Castlevania Judgment makes the game look and feel like a cheap cash-in.
  28. Ultimately, there's no good reason whatsoever to play Castlevania: Judgment, save morbid curiosity. If you love terrible games as kitsch, it's worth a look. [Feb 2009, p.66]
  29. As the basis for a full-on action game, Castlevania: Judgment might have worked, but the dull arenas, limited enemy monsters, and horrible storytelling means that we're only left with a poor fighting game instead.
  30. The night of fun has long passed for this underwhelming game and the morning heralds a test that it doesn't have the chops to really pass with flying colors.
  31. 20
    The soundtrack is the only thing in Castlevania Judgment that does proper homage to the series.
  32. 16
    As a fighter, Castlevania Judgment employs too many design ideas that are neither well planned nor well executed. It's a strange misstep for the beloved series, one that Konami hopefully learns from.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 49 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 14
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 14
  3. Negative: 3 out of 14
  1. Nov 14, 2011
    This isn't Castlevania, it's not a 'pleasent surprise' IGN, and it's not cool. It's a obsurd little game with a revealing cover forcing teenage girls to buy it. Now that's just sick, the graphics suck, the gameplay is dissapointing, and the game itself is the equivilant to horse dung. Still want to buy it? Full Review »
  2. Mar 27, 2014
    I regret buying this piece of **** it has to be the number 1 worst game in the Castlevania series its even worst then Castlevania 64 and Simon's Quest combined into one it is that bad. Lets start off it is a fighting game with characters from Castlevania series which is a cool idea you think till you get into the gameplay which sucks majorly. Plus all the characters in the game are on the case spoiler for you no hidden characters in the game what so ever. Character designs look like **** and are extremely embarrassing and laughable for the. Example Simon Belmont looks like a emo twink teenager, Maria Renard looks even more wimpier, Shanoa looks like a freaking nun, they made Eric Lecarde into a child literately, Grant Danasty kinda weird also sounds like James Woods (Seriously I am not even kidding he actually does), and Death looks like an animatronic puppet with a hook for his left hand and his jaw moves like a puppet. Only good looking character designs has to be Alucard, Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, Carmilla, Cornell, the Golem, and of course Dracula. But the designs are not the thing that make a game its the gameplay mechanics that does for example lets get into the game controls. Ok they are very awkward for the remote so its better you use a controller for the game otherwise your stuck thining it to attack. If you get hit with any attack in the game you get knocked down even by light attacks or the weakest sub weapon in the game.

    But wait it gets even worse the levels are alittle huge for only two fighters which means they could have added up to 4 players on the arena to make the game play more intense and fun. The characters are not balanced at all specially Cornell who is the most over powered character in the game if you use his regular special he can't be knocked down, takes less damage, deals more damage to enemies, doesn't flinch when hit, and can **** warp slash an opponent. Seriously Cornell is ungodly balanced character he is more powerful then any of the others and is even more powerful then Dracula who can't be knocked down. Seriously did they even play test this game? Plus there are accessories which don't help your character at all they just make him/her look more ridiculous looking. I mean why wouldn't they use an rpg element in this like weapons, armor, items, and actual you know equipment that benefits and helps the character in combat and shows on the character?

    You think it doesn't get any worse well it does the story for each of the characters is a blooming joke specially Maria's story about her insecurity for bigger breasts. I mean really people actually liked that story? Well anyways the story mode is complete crap and is not memorable at all and shows they put no effort what so ever in the character's stories or any animations or expressions to react. The adventure mode is even more poor and pathetic they are not even an adventure in the castle they are just challenges. That is all they are just **** challenges nothing else and they are a waste of time all you get is accessories which don't do **** for you at all as I said. They are just a waste of time and not worth it for you.

    The game uses 4 recycled monsters from the ps2 which isn't a big deal, but there are only 4 monsters that are actual enemies in the game to fight. The only actual boss in the game is called the Time Reaper which looks more like Death and is better designed then the Death in the game pretty sad to be honest. I mean come on they too lazy to put in more monsters to fight really? They could have added more playable characters like you know Richter Belmont, Nathan Graves, Albus, Sonia Belmont, Reinhardt Schneider, Christopher Belmont, Juste Belmont, Leon Belmont, Julius Belmont, John Morris, Johnathan Morris, Carrie Fernandez, Maxim Kischine, Soma Cruz, Stella Lecarde, Loretta Lecarde, Joachim Armster, Henry Oldrey, Yoko Belnades, Succubus, the little Pumpkin guy, Shaft, Hector, Frankenstein's Creature, the Werewolf, the Minotaur, Skeleton Warrior, Dullahan, Slogra and Gaibon, Old Axe Armor, Isaac, Graham Jones, Dmitrii, Dario Bossi, Ortega, Walter Bernhard, Rinaldo Gandolfi, Medusa, Saint Germain, the Skeleton, Doppelganger, Angela, Abaddon, the Necromancer, Mathias Cronqvist, Brauner, Olrox, Hugh Baldwin, Morris Baldwin, Actrise, Barlowe, Renon, Hammer, and I could keep going. But i think you get the picture overall worst game which unbalanced characters and so forth could have been better hope I never see something like this again.
    Full Review »
  3. Dec 20, 2011
    Not a bad game, the controls are great, the character selection is good and the moves and attacks can't be more epic. As a single-player game it's great and it's also great fun having a friend over and playing to death. Full Review »