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  • Summary: Play as Richter Belmont and set out to rescue your true love, Annet Renard, from the evil clutches of Dracula.
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  1. Aug 25, 2014
    Rondo of Blood may not have the flawless control of Super Castlevania 4, but what it does have is fantastic level design that is very rarely cheap, an excellent soundtrack, graphics that have aged remarkably well, and insane amounts of replay value due to the hidden paths and alternate routes through the game. Expand
  2. Jun 5, 2013
    A True Eastern Lost Gem, Rondo of Blood Is the Most Expansive and Accessible Old-School Castlevania.

    The Good: Top notch presentation, both
    graphics and sound wise; multiple routes, bosses and secrets; well-balanced difficulty; save feature.

    The Bad: Nintendo didn't care for English subtitles even if it's a first-time Western release.

    One of the most grateful surprises to hit Wii's Virtual Console service, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood used to be a missing link for fans of the early years of the series--before the successful twist towards a "Metroid" gameplay style in Symphony of the Night (PSOne). Playing it now (almost 20 years later) is a delight not only for nostalgia sake; the game feels fresh as if it was another "new retro" release.

    In one hand it encompasses the former iterations so well that everything seems to fit together perfectly--like the boatman from Simon's Quest making more sense with the alternate routes feature taken from Dracula's Curse, for instance; in the other it develops new concepts that ultimately make it a more robust action game: weapons special moves that consume more hearts to deal broader damage, a double jump effective for dodging attacks, the possibility of buying videos that teach you how to face bosses, saving the game...

    Monsters design is another thing that deserves to be noticed here as well. Even in the cases that enemies are less intricate than older predecessors they at least shine for their style--and it can be surprising to realize how much late "Metroid-vania" titles owe this one in the matter.

    Add to that a considerable improvement in the series presentation--long voiced cutscenes, pristine music--and a more accessible difficulty level (while still posing a decent challenge) and we (arguably) have the definitive old-school Castlevania game. Or, at least, the best entry for newcomers who want to know what Castlevania was all about in its early years.
  3. Dec 23, 2013
    Before i even talk about the gameplay i should mention that this game has one of the greatest soundtracks in gaming history, tracks like "opus. 13" and "Devine bloodlines" really get you in the mood to defeat dracula's minions and i'm constantly bobbing my head while playing this game. as for the gameplay, its your typical Castlevania platforming fun and the difficulty is still here too. some of you will probably be disappointed to know that Simon's great control from super Castlevania 4 is mostly gone and the game controls a lot like the nes games again, though its not so bad this time since Richter moves less stiffly then the characters of Castlevania 1, 2, and 3. you can also unlock a second character named Maria who fans consider to be the easy mode of the game but i personally enjoyed playing as her more since i liked using her pick up weapons more and she has a double jump move which is not just extremely helpful when dodging enemies but you can only access certain areas with this move plus i still found the game to be difficult even when playing as her. the game also brings back multiple level paths like in Castlevania 3, so you get a lot of level to play in this game. the game still plays like the previous Castlevania games so its safe to say that if you like those games you'll like this one too. Out of the classic Castlevania games, this one is defiantly my favourite. Expand