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  • Summary: Hit the great outdoors as you paddle through rapids in Wild Water Canoeing and hold on tight as you fly behind a speed boat for some wild Inner-Tubing. Get out of the water and onto the court as you hit away in Beach Volleyball and Smash Badminton, or take aim at your opponents in Arena Dodgeball. Cool down while you hit the slopes in Slalom Showdown or sweep past your opponents in Curling. Get a bird’s eye view scaling a wall in Cliff Hangers or flying through the sky in Air Racers. Perfect your aim and nail the targets in Rapid Fire Archery, then gauge your strength in the gladiator-style Joust Duel, and hold on to the reins of a champion thoroughbred all the way to the finish line in Hurdle Derby. With such a variety of sports to choose from, Celebrity Sports Showdown is the ultimate party game experience. Celebrities include: Fergie, Avril Lavigne, LeAnn Rimes, Keith Urban, Nelly Furtado, Paul Pierce, Mia Hamm, Kristi Yamaguchi, Reggie Bush, and Sugar Ray Leonard. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. A fun game to play with a group of friends and a worthy contender to Wii Sports.
  2. Celebrity Sports Showdown is exactly what I loved about Deca Sports and then they fixed what I said was wrong in that review. Makes you think that your voice really does have an impact and if you just say what you really feel you can get the game that you want.
  3. A good collection of minigames everyone will enjoy. If you like to play together with friends, Celebrity Sports Showdown is definitely your game!
  4. However most of them need work--partially because they're not great fun to begin with, and partially because the controls aren't as solid as they should be. [Dec 2008, p.104]
  5. 40
    Wii Sports bowling alone is better than Celebrity Sports Showdown and 10 sequels. The game fails on all fronts, delivering a poorly executed selection of mini-games and 10 celebrities whose likenesses are carelessly brought to the screen void of color and commentary.
  6. This shatters the glass ceiling for ludicrous minigame compilations. [Jan 2009, p.70]
  7. With £17.99, you could buy a bucket of paint, throw it all over your bedroom walls and watch it dry. For a game packed with so many so-called “celebrities”, Celebrity Sports Showdown is a big non-event.

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  1. JimF.
    Oct 23, 2008
    Wow, this is actually a really cool game! Don't listen to the critics, there are a ton of fun minigames in this one. Cool graphics and sound...and fun to match up celebrities and create your own celebrity deathmatches. Wicked! Expand