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  • Summary: [WiiWare] In Contra Rebirth, Chief Salamander and his Neo-Salamander Force travel back to 1973 AD to invade Earth. They land in Central America and take control of the Shizuoka ruins on the Yucatan Peninsula. There, the aliens plan the destruction of all the "Contra" on Earth. The Galactic President calls on Lance Bean, a member of the elite "Contra" warriors to save the Earth, but his sudden disappearance jeopardizes the safety of the planet. Now, Bill Rizer and the samurai, Genbei Yagyu are the last hope for Earth and must pick up their weapons and defeat the evil Neo-Salamander Army before all is lost. Experience the fast paced action packed 2D side scrolling adventure that pioneered the Run'N Gun Genre. [Konami] Expand
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  1. 90
    Contra ReBirth is no doubt one of the best, if not the best, titles to hit WiiWare this year.
  2. If you love Contra games, chances are you already know that Contra ReBirth is worth the 1000 points. But if you’ve never played a Contra title, and want to see what the fuss is all about, Contra ReBirth is an outstanding example of why so many gamers consider Konami the masters of runnin’ and gunnin’.
  3. Despite some shortcomings, Contra Rebirth is a fantastic download for Wii owners and at just $10, it provides a lot of fun at little cost.
  4. Not just a simple remake of the classic, Contra Rebirth is a genuine, all-new injection of classic arcade action. More committed to the hardcore and nostalgic audience, it's nonetheless a great and classy production by Konami.
  5. Though Contra ReBirth may not enjoy the same level of variety as other recent installments in the series, it's ultimately well worth the asking price.
  6. Contra Rebirth is a hard and short run & gun -shoot 'em up. It's pure neo-retro: It's done the way they used to be done and that's not necessarily a good thing. [Dec 2009]
  7. A competent Contra game, but if you look at the 'ReBirth' in the title expecting to find updated visuals and new features as the name suggests, you are better off looking elsewhere.

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  1. Ssseth
    Oct 14, 2009
    Nostalgia element was fun and I was happy with the game, until less than an hour in I passed it. Yes I was playing on easy, but an hour?! Even for $10 that is still too much for such a short game. Due to the length I just can't recommend it, there are much better (and longer) WiiWare games out there (NyqQuest for example is at least 3-4 hours long). Expand
  2. JasonH.
    Dec 11, 2009
    This game is short. Really, really, really short, with only 6 levels or so. I never played Contra before, so I'm not familiar with the story, and I didn't share in any part of the nostalgia factor. Still, for forty five minutes, my friend and I had a great time. It's fun, but every critique and compliment is overshadowed by it's length! Honestly, I felt as if I was playing literally a third of the game. It's worth 10 bucks if you're a die hard contra fan.... I suppose. Expand