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  • Summary: [WiiWare] In Crystal Defenders R1, you must deploy various units such as Soldiers and Black Mages to stop wave after wave of encroaching monsters from escaping the area with your party's crystals. There are many different types of units to choose from, some specializing in powerful short-range attacks, some wielding far-reaching magicks, and still others equipped with bows that enable them to bring down aerial foes. Deploy units in strategic locations to take full advantage of their traits. Each time an enemy breaches your defenses and reaches a map's exit, your party will lose crystals. When all your crystals are gone, the game is over. Crystal Defenders R1 comes complete with a plethora of exciting stages, each varying in layout and difficulty. Can you defend them all without losing a single crystal? [Nintendo] Expand
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  1. An extremely straightforward, arguably antiquated take on the Tower Defense formula. The game also appears to be a shameless cash-in on the Final Fantasy namesake. In spite of all that, it's still an undeniably fun strategy romp that's perfectly suited for younger gamers looking to get their feet wet with something a bit more challenging.
  2. Regardless, Crystal Defenders R1 is a solid introduction to tower defense and a decent appetizer to build anticipation for its follow-up.
  3. While it isn’t necessarily as whole an experience as its brethren, Crystal Defenders R1 supplies enough value to be worth a download for fans of the ‘Tower Defense’ genre.
  4. 60
    Newcomers to the series will find this a fun and delightful title to play around with. But veterans won’t find anything new here and should stick with the 360 version of the game.
  5. 58
    The core Crystal Defenders series is a blast, but with that being said it’s hard to recommend the Wii version to anyone but complete newcomers of the series, and those that don’t have an Xbox 360 or iPhone to use instead.
  6. Crystal Defenders R1 is a real disappointment for a number of reasons. The Ivalice World is one of the great aspects of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series and this game does absolutely nothing to add to that world. The limited amount of maps, units and challenge added to the fact that this is only the first part of a larger game only strengthen the reasons not to spend 800 Wii Points.
  7. There's no reason for buying Crystal Defenders R1. Doing so would be inappropriate because it incentivizes Square Enix to keep launching these "games" on download services of the consoles. It only makes any sense of you don't have Flash in you computer and want to experiment with the genre at any cost.

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