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  1. A great setting and lots of top shocks - Cursed Mountain is chilling in every sense. [Oct 2009, p.78]
  2. Cursed Mountain is an innovative psychological survival horror game. The interesting and deep story improves the gameplay experience. The game offers calm gameplay with many exploring moments. The graphics and the sounds give many chances to the storyline and the combination between wiimote and nunchuk makes a better experience. Actually one of the best survival horror games on Wii.
  3. Fantastic atmosphere, setting and story will chill your bones and nerves. But spotty controls and some tedious pacing keep Cursed Mountain from reaching its full potential.
  4. 80
    It's by no means perfect, the motion controlled combat can be a tad flaky and its pacing may be too languid for some, but those Wii owners looking for something a little more grown up would be well advised to put on their climbing boots give this a try.
  5. AceGamez
    Cursed Mountain is a remarkable horror game - for pure unrelenting terror it is way above the recent high-tech offerings of Resident Evil 5 or Dead Space.
  6. Cursed Mountain is a game of considerable quality, with no shortage of commendable assets - an intelligent story, well-crafted immersion into a foreign world and a high standard of audio and visual presentation mark it out as a game well worth a buy.
  7. Despite those issues, there is no question that Cursed Mountain is not only one of the finest titles currently available for the Wii, it's a welcome detour from the well-worn survival horror path that so many developers seem only too happy to tread.
  8. Limited replayability but if you enjoy your horror games tense with a good story you should enjoy this.
  9. 80
    Even with a lack of endearing gameplay advancements and actual frights, Cursed Mountain is the kind of unique experience you want from the Wii and up and coming developers.
  10. Cursed Mountain succeeds in providing a genuine mature experience on Wii. With the great use of Buddhist themes, Cursed Mountain stands out from all the other survival horror titles on the platform and is very original.
  11. Slow and steady exploration will keep you on the edge of your seat and progressing upward for some time.
  12. The first real Wii survival horror shocker! The Austrian developers tried something new and created not a great, but a good game for grown-up horror fans!
  13. At the end of the day, Cursed Mountain is actually a step in the right direction on the Wii and attempts to create something unique and strangely original on a console that is unfortunately dominated by high-end console ports or casual games.
  14. Eric has to find his brother. There's nothing more for him, just the fearless phantom figures that follow him all his way up to the Himalaya's mountain. Deep Silver had made one of their greatest games so far, with a very interesting storyline mixed with an even more interesting graphic engine. There's nothing to lose in here; it's a must-have for all terror-lovers that are looking forward to buy a good adventure for their favourite console.
  15. 75
    Despite the occasional issue, Cursed Mountain is a fun and sometimes frightening title -- I actually jumped once or twice as I played. The adventure's spooky atmosphere is something I haven't seen before, which is refreshing amidst a genre clogged with games all sporting the same themes.
  16. This Himalayan horror adventure will send chills up your spine, even though the controls are as cursed as the titular mountain.
  17. 75
    Cursed Mountain is a good choice against those great survival series available on the shelves, with a particular rhythm and an original atmosphere.
  18. Cursed Mountain is surely a title which stands out from the crowd. It’s not properly a survival horror, as in some ways it’s more a voyage through the ancient heights of the Himalaya, with the millenarian Tibetan culture as a rich framework. In terms of gameplay the combat system is fun and the controller’s motion sensor are well used and give a contribute to the title’s variety. The only faults are the non responsive controls and some plot elements which are not explained in an exhaustive way.
  19. Cursed Mountain is a real tribute to the genre of survival horror. Although not really scary, the title of Deep Silver recreates an original setting for a videogame. The attention to detail and the excellent plot, however, collide with not excellent graphic and especially with not perfect controls that will force us to repeat some steps too many times.
  20. 75
    The name of this game is Cursed Mountain. But do we curse the game itself or not? If you don't pay attention to the bad graphics and the slow progress in the game, you can really have some fun with Cursed Mountain which has actually a unique atmosphere.
  21. Cursed Mountain is a very good surprise for all survival horror Wii owners.

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#41 Most Discussed Wii Game of 2009
#7 Most Shared Wii Game of 2009
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  1. Echolocating
    Sep 22, 2009
    I'm one of those grumpy, aging gamers who is slowly becoming disenchanted with video games. Why? Because the medium doesn't seem to I'm one of those grumpy, aging gamers who is slowly becoming disenchanted with video games. Why? Because the medium doesn't seem to be evolving and maturing with me. I'm tired of playing childish games that pretend to be mature. Cursed Mountain is exactly what I needed. The game is thoughtful, has an amazing atmosphere, and a story that doesn't cater to an adolescent intellect. It has a slower pace that actually supports the immersion of climbing a mountain alone. The game isn't perfect (the motion controls could have been a bit more forgiving), but it's been one of the most enjoyable games I've played in a very long time. Hopefully, Deep Silver opened a few developers' eyes to the concept that there's a whole other level of "mature" that has yet to be truly explored in video games. Full Review »
  2. Sea
    Sep 16, 2009
    I have waited for a while for some gloomy games on the wii, so i had expectations about this. I must say that it's good. It's I have waited for a while for some gloomy games on the wii, so i had expectations about this. I must say that it's good. It's visually stunning, with a very good dark atmosphere, and nicely directed. Sounds are very good and in-the-right-place, and I must admit the thrilling is very well rendered. Many people say it's slow paced, and it's true, but again, it's a survival horror, not a shooter. I found it refreshing, and a nice way to show what the wii is capable of doing. Full Review »
  3. May 31, 2013
    CM starts out quite promising. A survival horror game on an original setting and novel mechanics, but on its way it breaks down horribly.CM starts out quite promising. A survival horror game on an original setting and novel mechanics, but on its way it breaks down horribly.

    You play Eric Simmons, star mountaineer going to the Chomolonzo a sacred mountain in Tibet to look for your missing brother. On your way up, you'll explore Buddhist monasteries and the mountain itself, which as the title suggest has some supernatural stuff going.

    The graphics are functional but primitive, PS2-esque. But their general ugliness do add to the atmosphere. The 'cutscenes' are little more than slideshows, clearly the team was working to a tight budget. They tried their best, but after a while, they feel too simplistic, you won't be looking forward to the next plot development.

    The main game mechanic revolves around fighting ghosts with your enchanted pickaxe (seriously). And this is where things begin to fall appart. The fighting is slow, broken and tedious. The novelty of dispatching enemies with waving spells wears out quickly.

    Level design is extremely basic. Progress is strictly linear, there's plenty of scenery, but you're always on an invisible tunnel. So the game boils down to walk forward and kill ghosts. That's it. There is no strategy exploration or progress. Enemies become faster and more numerous (you'll start to wonder how many people died there, as it makes next to no sense).

    The final third of the game is a textbook example of bad design, an exercise on boredom. You'll climb numerous vertical walls (which consist on pushing the stick forward and watching Eric slowly inch his way up) and dispatch waves of repetitive ghosts. Even the atmosphere breaks down as the supposedly unexplored landscape is littered with buddhist structures

    Then there's the final boss, an unbearably slow, clunky battle, which forces you down the mountain to fight ghosts again every time you fail (and you will, many times, unless you remember something they told you many hours earlier).

    Final word: Avoid.
    Full Review »