Generally favorable reviews - based on 24 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 24
  2. Negative: 0 out of 24
  1. The only negative thing to say about this game is that there’s no multiplayer mode. Apart from that I’m sure that you will spend a lot of hours playing this title.
  2. There aren’t enough words to describe what an incredibly fun experience Dawn of Discovery is.
  3. 87
    Ubisoft has delivered a game that’s been thoughtfully designed around the strengths of Nintendo’s system, delivering an experience that retains the essence and depth of the long-running series while streamlining it to offer a pacier, more accessible twist on the familiar formula, replacing unnecessary complexity with gameplay breadth.
  4. Aside from those minor quibbles, I really enjoyed Dawn of Discovery, but keep in mind that if you're not already a fan of real-time strategy games, this game might not be the one to suck you in, especially not on a console. It's certainly well-adapted, but the difficulty curve is pretty high, and I'm not sure that people will have the patience to go through the tutorial that's masked as a story mode. However, if you're willing to stick it out, there's a ton of depth here that can keep you busy for hours on end, and it's a great value at $30.
  5. With great controls and an involving plot, this is one title that's well worth conquering. [July 2009, p.90]
  6. Dawn of Discovery is how every Wii strategy game should be: simple yet with a good amount of depth, this is definitely the best entry in the genre for Nintendo's console.
  7. A universally enjoyable game. [Aug 2009, p.84]
  8. 83
    By means of a good control system, a profound gameplay, and a good looking presentation, the game proves to be a perfect example of how well the RTS-genre can work on the Wii.
  9. Hand-holding aside, the story mode is really enjoyable and prepares you for the rigors of continuous play.
  10. A very pleasant diversion and a great start for genre newbies. [Aug 2009, p.75]
  11. It’s well executed and breezy, but not without its flaws.
  12. Although this is a scaled down version of the Anno experience we've come to know on the PC it still has enough depth to captivate us through for hours with it's appealing blend of intuitive controls and charming graphics. The controls are well adapted to the unique control scheme of the Wii and the presentation does a god job of conveying all that's going on at any given time. If you're in the mood for a fun and well made strategic experience of a less hardcore nature, this is the game for you.
  13. Perfectly judged adaptation of the PC series, with just the right level of complexity and challenge.
  14. Dawn of Discovery will probably be the best game to come out of nowhere in a long time. If you don’t give up on it due to its story mode, you will get many hours of fun out of this title.
  15. Directed to a public less used to strategy and management games, Anno: Create a New World is a good game which has succeeded in adapting a very computer-esque gameplay to Wii.
  16. This game of exploration and city building hits the occasional rough patch, but it's a captivating adventure nonetheless.
  17. 80
    Dawn of Discovery from Ubisoft has managed to accomplish what very few other games can claim to, specifically bringing a deep, rewarding strategy simulator to home consoles.
  18. Ubisoft brings to us Dawn of Discovery, a great adaption on Wii of the PC series. The great controls take advantage offering a good and deep gameplay. A enjoyable game in a RTS genre what works perfectly on the Wii.
  19. Finally, a deep and complex strategical experience on our consoles. Control scheme is perfect, and Dawn of Discovery shows a great variety and a nice look.
  20. Yet again, a game on the Wii that looks to be well below my level of interest surprises by focusing on the gameplay and implementing solid, intuitive controls. That it's extremely accessible thanks to the tutorial-on-steroids story mode is just another feather in the Wii's something for everyone cap.
  21. If you don't hate the genre and want to escape pirates, win handsome princesses, raise taxes, take gardening experts, build cities and much, much more, make yourself a gift and buy Anno: you will not regret it.
  22. Anno: Create a New World is a pretty rare beast: a sim game with a story mode that's accessible to newcomers yet has sufficient depth to appeal to veterans. Whether you're a longtime simulation game player or just curious, you should definitely go pick this one up!
  23. Anno: Crea un Nuovo Mondo is a good strategy game for your favourite console. It may be not too innovative or deep, but its intuitive controls, a fresh look and a solid gameplay make it enjoyable for hours and hours.
  24. Mostly, this is a relaxing Sunday-afternoon game, and good at either accompanying the digestion of a roast dinner or the slow exorcism of a hangover.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 14 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. Jul 30, 2013
    Finally, I found a Wii game that I love! I'm an adult and I haven't yet played through all the features this game has to offer, especiallyFinally, I found a Wii game that I love! I'm an adult and I haven't yet played through all the features this game has to offer, especially outside of the story mode, but just from my initial week's experience of playing this game for hours in the evening at a time, so far this game is such a keeper! Definitely more for adults and teens than young children, as reading and thinking is required. This game is cool because the cut scenes do not get in the way of overall game play. You can skip, or actually sit back and enjoy them as you're doing tasks. I also love this game is not mini-game oriented. You feel like you play in a big overall quest, and complete objectives to get to something greater. Graphics are cute, and not overwhelming, but not cheap either. Music is excellent!!! Best I've ever heard from any Wii game I've played so far. Why? You hear good woodwind instruments in upbeat catchy tunes. How often does that happen anymore? I rest my case on that, but anyway the voice acting is also quite good and makes you become more compelled to the otherwise silly characters. I love that this game is not gore-filled and violent. It is not a non-violent game, but it does a good job to keep it mild. And overall, the game has lots of content that keeps you wanting to play. You don't start with ships right away, but you get them eventually, and even battle ones you can put soldiers on! It takes quite some time to learn how the wii controls work for an army or in steering your ships clear of the enemies. You definitely need to have a well working wii remote in order to enjoy this game. But, I am very impressed! It's sort of like a Sim City game where the goal is to raise a strong population, and the discovery element is when you unlock parts on a map to get to new places. I don't think the name of this game is quite appropriate and does right justice for it. You discover things as you go along in this game, but overall, especially in story mode, you do a lot of defending and saving. Please help the people from starving, from being attacked, etc. Maybe Save the Village would be a more accurate, although probably less marketable name. I would say it has enough content worthy of a $20 purchase, however, I was lucky and found it at my local store for quite a bargain! Full Review »
  2. TimA
    Sep 12, 2009
    First strategy game I've played on a console - that is excellent. Controls are great on the Wii.
  3. SS
    Aug 30, 2009
    This game is a lot of fun. The tutorial mode is very long and thorough. But once you get past that, it's a lot of fun.