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  • Summary: As de Blob, the player uses the city as a playground by rolling and bouncing through the streets crushing as many Leech Bots as possible. The Leech Bots are the machines/creatures that extract color from the city and carry this "liquid color" inside them. To restore color to the city de Blob crushes the Leech Bots, absorbs the pigment they carry, and uses the pigment/paint to color everything it touches. de Blob is forced to take on the evil INKT Corporation agents who want the world devoid of color because "color is a crime!" Constantly under attack, the Blob in his own quirky way fights back. Rolling, bouncing and crushing are his weapons. The object is to color and/or stencil as many buildings in the city as possible while avoiding the enemy. Race against time moving at Blob speed, or choose your own pace. The city is a canvas and de Blob is your paint brush! Vast cityscapes and urban sprawl offers players the freedom to explore and make their own game-experience. Complete levels as a fun, animated superhero who transforms a hostile city into a vibrant, colorful, happy place. Creative activities and puzzles give immediate and continuous rewards throughout the entire city. Multiple challenges must be found and accepted, which can guide the player through to the next level – the destination and objective for one challenge can be the starting point of the next. Successful completion of challenges earns rewards such as points, time, environmental improvements, additional challenges, and liberating zones. An intricate single player campaign, as well as a multiplayer experience that supports two to four competitors via split screen. Sprint challenges – short bursts of gameplay where the player attempts to accomplish a single skill-based objective. Replay sprint levels to earn higher achievement ratings, which enable the gamer to unlock additional content from the Art Gallery. [THQ] Expand
Score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 48
  1. 100
    A wonderfully simple, infectiously enthusiastic joyride that maintains the spirit of the original while adding depth. If enough gamers notice it during the holiday deluge of sequels, de Blob could become a cult hit.
  2. It is a rare game that can appeal equally well to both the casual and hardcore crowds, yet de Blob does just that. It is a brilliant fusion of simple mechanics and in-depth play that deserves checking out.
  3. 85
    de Blob is an undeniably infectious game. On all fronts, the game is polished and high quality, making it one of the best third-party titles available for the Wii.
  4. deBlob is a game that is fun to play, very well polished and it reveals that Third Party developers can also make quality games for the Wii.
  5. Probably the best and worst thing about de Blob is that it's got 'Destined For Cult Status' written all over it. It's certainly not the first game to mix platform and puzzle elements, but the fact it manages to do so in such a clever, endearing, stylish and instantly playable way makes this a game we'd heartily recommend to anyone who thirsts for a 'proper' Wii game, whatever that is.
  6. There is plenty of content, several different multiplayer modes, and a large amount of replayability.
  7. We were genuinely hoping that de Blob would cater to all types of gamers, but ultimately found ourselves disappointed by its lack of development and attachment.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 10
  2. Negative: 0 out of 10
  1. TheDiPY
    Sep 29, 2008
    What an amazing game! It looks brilliant, especially in ED. The music is also great to listen to, especially as it changes as you paint things. There's also plenty to do and loads of secrets to uncover. I've been waiting for a decent Wii game for a while now, and I think I've finally found one! Expand
  2. BarneeB
    Jan 1, 2009
    One of the best games on the system. It's not just for kids, dont let be fooled by the charming visuals! Funny story, beautiful graphics, easy gameplay, but there's some depth to it as well. My only gripe about is the repetitive mission types, but even with that it's one of the most polished games I've played. I think we should all support games like this!! Developers take note!!! Expand
  3. RubendeDios
    Nov 13, 2008
    What a game, It is one of the most addictive games a have played lately. And is as good for hardcore games as for casual gamers too. Incredible grafics, responsive controls, Ass easy or hard as you want, and plenty of replay valeue. I am in love wih it's escetics. Only Flow a dodgy camera. Expand
  4. DanA.
    Sep 23, 2008
    This is quite easily the best Wii game since Wario: Land Shake It, but the first one worth buying since way back when Boom Blox/Mario Kart Wii came around, and in an arguable case, it's better than both. Well, definitely better than MKWii, but it's if anything equal to or slightly below Boom Blox. de Blob is unique, and it's something that benefits most from Wii hardware, and I think that's why so many great Wii games like this are coming from left field. On the PS2, de Blob would be a mediocre game with very little appeal, but with the Wii's controls and setup, it's a great experience. I felt the same way about Boom Blox. It never would've worked anywhere else but the Wii. de Blob is a must-have for Wii owners. The system's only got about 10-15 truly great games, and even less that you can't get on another console in better quality. So, do yourself a favor, and when a great exclusive, no matter how weird or not your style comes around, buy it. Support the movement. Expand
  5. JonathanCarrier
    Aug 6, 2009
    De Blob is great. It has the right amount of game play and challenge. The graphics are colorful, the music is great, the multiplayer is fun. My only problem is that you can't use the A button to jump and the missions such as paint this landmark or beat these many Inkt soldiers or paint this many trees does get boring after awhile. Other than that it's a great game Expand
  6. DJT
    Nov 20, 2008
    I like to group this type of game in with boom blox, or elebits - it's one of these "harmless" type fun for everyone type game where the object is to add color back to a world that has been turned gray by evil forces. It's a fun game. The controls are good - i'm a little hesitant so say there's a lot of replay, but it's a fun concept and worth keeping in your collection to pick up from time to time. There's a bit to unlock, and the ability to go back and play the levels in different modes, adds a little extra life to the title. Pick it up used at Gamestop - if you hate it, hey, return it in 7 days. Expand
  7. RG
    Oct 15, 2008
    One of the most overrated games of our time. Basically, your blob jumps around to either paint buildings or kill enemies. No depth or varied gameplay. It is the electronic equivalent of Tom Sawyer tricking you into whitewashing his fence. Expand

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