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  1. 83
    As an expansion of the Dead Space universe, it provides necessary sustenance for Dead Space fans, and a fun introduction for newcomers. The game avoids treating the Wii as a gimmick, incorporating a minimum amount of waggle -- except for when you need to brush off an enemy or activate your Glow Worm (for some reason, in this future nobody has a flashlight, but there are plenty of glow sticks).
  2. Dead Space Extraction demonstrates that good conversions in Wii are possible. It isn't a survival horror, it isn't so scary as its predecessor, but it's one of the best shooters on the rails we have ever played.
  3. 87
    Visceral games shows that there is a place for mature games on the Wii and that it’s not just a partycrasher device. Dead Space Extraction is a marvelous railshooter, with the perfect mix between action and enthralling story. Fans of Dead Space will be forced to buy a Wii though, as this game won’t appear on other consoles. Not that I mind, as I’m glad my Wii finally has something mature to handle. Railshooter aside, it fits perfectly into the staple of a survival – horror shooter.
  4. AceGamez
    For Dead Space fans, it’s a must play, but any Wii owner on the look-out for a game built for gamers and not the casual market should pick this one up. Would it be more fun as a full-fledged First Person Shooter? Probably, yes, but on its own merits Dead Space: Extraction is a huge success and perhaps the savior of its genre.
  5. Visceral could have gone the easy route and slapped them on the disc as a digitized graphic novel but they went the extra mile with some great audio and subtle animations that make them worth flipping through.
  6. Whether you’re going it alone or playing co-op, this one’s a must play.
  7. Dead Space: Extraction is everything EA promised Wii owners. Rather than getting a dumbed down experience, the developers were able to play to the console's strengths, bringing an electric, scary, and polished mature entry to the platform.
  8. 80
    Innovative from start to finish and at times massively enjoyable, this is one of the most intriguing games available on Wii.
  9. A must for all Dead Space fans, then, but what it lacks in scares and scale it makes up for in visceral heart-pounding action.
  10. Overall the transition from third to first person is smooth and the on-rails gameplay really helps to make it a mature title as it captures the visual details that Dead Space is known for.
  11. Sure, Dead Space Extraction tells a good story, but at its heart, it's still an on-rails shooter, warts and all. Fans of the genre, or of the Dead Space world in general, will definitely want to add this game to their permanent collection, but everybody else may want to go with a rental first.
  12. It feels like an integral piece in the burgeoning Dead Space mythos, and it does for the light gun genre what the original did for its survival/horror brethren; while it's not particularly original, it remains wonderfully engaging, masterfully executed, and, despite its brevity, a great deal of fun.
  13. Edge Magazine
    Extraction is not just a gun game that happens to work on Wii; it's a gun game that couldn't work on anything else. [Nov 2009, p.90]
  14. Luckily for a game with such unapologetic cinematic pretensions, Dead Space: Extraction does a fine job of weaving an engaging sci-fi narrative into a slick action game. Far from being a stripped-down side-show to the main event, Extraction provides yet another reminder of how brainlessly entertaining the on-rails shooter can be when it's done properly.
  15. Do not fear Extraction's rails: those rails will guide you along one hell of a ride. Despite the not-so-great length (even if the juicy extras will keep you interested way beyond the 8-hours main adventure) this is an essential game for all the Dead Space aficionados and a must buy for all the Wii owners searching for something a little adult and peculiar.
  16. Dead Space Extraction is able to recover the original universe and put it into operation in an alternative way, a different platform and with other mechanisms of interaction, a choice that extends the boundaries of a simple on-rails shooter.
  17. Extraction is a new on-rail experience, different from any other shooter available on Wii.
  18. Dead Space: Extraction isn’t the original game redone for the Wii and that’s a good thing. This is an entirely new experience for Dead Space and a must own for any gamer who has been looking for a Mature rated game for their Wii.
  19. Whether you are playing alone or have a line of friends waiting to grab that second remote and share the ride, Dead Space Extraction is the definitive survival horror, FPS, light gun game of the year and the best Wii game I have ever played.
  20. Dead Space fans should check it out for the fiction. All other interested parties should look elsewhere for a suspensful shooter. [Oct 2009, p.95]
  21. As far as mature-rated games are concerned, Dead Space: Extraction is one of the best you’ll play on the Wii this year.
  22. For fans of Dead Space who also own a Wii, Dead Space: Extraction is an absolute must. For everyone else, Extraction is a highlight of the Wii’s exceptionally small 'M'-rated library.
  23. It's short on scares, but the well-written story, graphic dismemberment and drop-in co-op make it the Wii's best shooter.
  24. Dead Space is by far one of the best Survival Horror franchises on the market. It brought many new and familiar interesting features to the table on the big consoles but many people were wondering if the Wii could handle this game. Well Electronic Arts and Visceral Games have knocked this ball out of the park and we have possibly one of the best games on the Wii.
  25. Like Dead Space before it, this one’s a class act, through and through. Heed the censor's warning though... this is no kiddies' title.
  26. Dead Space Extraction manages to keep the atmosphere from the original game intact, while still offering a completely new gaming experience with it's rail shooter theme. Visceral Games has exceeded themselves in many ways as they've incorporated the storytelling flawlessly into the gameflow itself, giving both a huge mix of good action and plot depth. It's the best horror game around for Wii at the moment and it looks stunning despite being on the console it is. Shortcomings are that it's a bit short, and that the boss battles all almost requires the use of certain weapons, which makes an otherwise flexible game harder.
  27. 100
    Extraction is one hell of ride. It isn't pants-wettingly scary but it's a well-told story full of believable characters and situations. It does a great job of delving deeper into the Dead Space universe and offers up some genuinely engaging moments of run-and-gun action.
  28. The story shines as leading the way to the events of the original Dead Space and the visuals all look remarkable as you venture through the game’s ten gloomy and dark levels. But with a hideous looking shooting reticule, some hard-to-handle weapons and scary segments that are never remotely frightening, Dead Space: Extraction is a good weekend rental for fans to tie up loose ends with the story and nothing much else.
  29. Extraction is one of the finest on-rails shooters you will ever experience on any platform. If you are looking for a more mature Wii title, or if you are a fan of the Dead Space series, this is a game that should be in your library.
  30. Tight controls and an overall engrossing story told through equally as compelling direction and action make Dead Space: Extraction a benchmark for Wii shooters.
  31. Dead Space: Extraction takes us back to the events that transpired before Isaac and his team landed aboard the USG Ishimura and it gives Dead Space fans plenty of backstory to make the overall Dead Space storyline feel whole again.
  32. The developers took a huge chance by placing their game in a genre rife with games that did nothing but wash, rinse, repeat for years, but by creating an incredibly compelling narrative, coupled with some new strides in gameplay, Visceral Games set a new bar for the rail shooter. Not only did they prove that rail shooters could be more than generic shoot ‘em ups, they also showed that they were a developer to be reckoned with.
  33. Games Master UK
    More horror movie simulator than game, but a brilliant, tense and exciting experience still. [Dec 2009, p.62]
  34. games(TM)
    Extraction is one of the best looking, well polished and expertly choreographed mature titles we've played on Wii, and one of the finest lightgun games full stop. [Dec 2009, p.120]
  35. Fans won’t find much of anything substantially new to digest, so think of Extraction as a fast, psychedelic trip down memory lane with a lot more firepower.
  36. Dead Space Extraction is a clear example of how game portings should be made. In spite of the Wii’s technical limits in comparison to the X360 and the PS3, this game looks good, and most importantly it feels good, thanks to the control system excellent implementation. Although quite linear, its gameplay is like an offer you cannot turn down.
  37. This story-focused on-rails shooter is a worthy follow-up to Dead Space that delivers the same sorts of thrills, chills, and kills, but in a whole new way.
  38. 90
    Even if you aren't interested in the story, Extraction is still one of the best-looking and most fun action games on the Wii.
  39. The action may always be on a pre-set path, but like any good rollercoaster, Dead Space Extraction gets your heart racing and adrenaline pounding even though you have no control. A far more interesting and emotional take on the light gun scene.
  40. The game looks and sounds great as well as furthering a genre that seemed destined to be stuck in limbo.
  41. Dead Space Extraction is certainly worth experiencing, though with its slim feature set, it's a hard sell at the 50 dollar price-tag unless you're a fully-devoted Unitologist. For most, a rental will suffice. Either way, prepare yourself for great ride.
  42. Dead Space: Extraction is simply a must-play for any Wii owner over the age of 18 as you won’t find a more immersive, blood-chilling action adventure title anywhere else this fall.
  43. If you own a Wii and are wanting that game that is fun, provides an impacting story, and breaks the rules of the Wii by supplying a very mature title, than you need to own Dead Space Extraction.
  44. Whether you rent it or buy it, Extraction is a must play for any mature Wii gamer.
  45. Dead Space: Extraction is a true Dead Space experience.
  46. With Dead Space Extraction EA finally offers a sci-fi game for adults featuring an innovative rail element. This could be a reason for grownups to buy a Wii!
  47. Extraction presents a quandary. It's a pretty short game, at only five or six hours, and after what looks like a great setup for a big exciting finale, the game just sort of... ends, abruptly and poorly.
  48. 85
    Extraction isn’t like its 360 brother, but it is a true Dead Space experience, and the game is not only packed with content, but also very polished.
  49. 86
    Taking the established genre formula and adding the core elements of the Dead Space experience has made for a shooter that's refreshingly relentless, delivering a hugely enjoyable action romp.
  50. 60
    Drop-in local multiplayer, though a decent laugh on higher difficulty settings, can’t quite save Dead Space: Extraction from solid rental status.
  51. It's safe to say that the combination of Wii and on rails shooter doesn't exactly spark excitement for a new product, and as such a game Dead Space Extraction has received a healthy dose of doubt from fans of the original game. But the fact of the matter is that Extraction is a great game true to the formula and atmosphere of the original Dead Space. Despite the technical limitations of the Wii the presentation in Extraction is great, and had it not been for the short length of the storyline and lack of an online mode we'd have no problem raising the grade a notch. Nevertheless, this is one of the best games on the Wii and the best on rails shooter yet.
  52. Visceral Games have done it again. They promised to make a violent game, with lots of blood, action and a frantic rhythm and that's what they've just done after all. Extraction's the best shooter on rails for the Nintendo console without any second thoughts - if you like the genre, don't hesitate, just go for it. You won't regret it.
  53. It may lack the scares of its big brother, but this proves an impressively progressive lightgun game.
  54. Extraction is not a simple Dead Space spin-off: it takes the core elements of the first game and successfully blends them into a brand new context, becoming a full fledged episode of the series. Not only it's a must buy for all the Dead Space fans out there, it's also one of the most mature and polished games available on Wii.
  55. An amazing experience, nothing more, nothing less.
  56. A game that doesn't know what it wants to be and ends up much less exciting than it should have been. Atmospheric but empty.
  57. Extraction manages to come through on its promise of a cinematic experience by embracing the genre’s limitations and bending the expectations of what an on-rails game can and should do, all the while playing to the Wii’s strengths and pushing its technical abilities to new highs.
  58. Nintendo Power
    Kudos to EA for bringing this Mature-rated franchise to the Wii and for putting some real effort behind it. Don't let the "guided experience" label scare you. [Nov 2009, p.84]
  59. The game sheds the stereotypes surrounding mindless on-rails shooters, instead delivering a veritable interactive movie that packs more suspense, drama, and compelling characters in its five hours than other Wii games do in thirty.
  60. This is a well-honed, impressive light gun game with high production values and a lot of atmosphere.
  61. 85
    Innovative in terms of gameplay and most importantly, is pushing the boundaries of what we can expect on the “kiddie-friendly” console in terms of adult subject matter.
  62. Sure, its very nature dictates it's a dumbed down take on a sophisticated shooter but it's a classy, atmospheric and very exciting action title nonetheless, pipping Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and House Of The Dead to the Wii's best blaster crown.
  63. 80
    Dead Space Extraction is a tense, gorgeous rail-shooter which stays true to its predecessor while advancing its genre of choice. A slender package of notable quality.
  64. Pelit (Finland)
    Excellent fan service to Dead Space and a great on-rails shooter. Due to the genre change but sticking with the familiar location, weapons and enemies it’s both familiar and refreshingly new. Replay value after the 5 hour play through is questionable however. [Nov 2010]
  65. A definite departure from rail-shooters of old, Extraction prioritizes storytelling and atmospheric pacing as much as alien slaying. However, if you just enjoy spilling extraterrestrial entrails, it does that really well, too.
  66. If you liked Dead Space or simply enjoy playing first person shooters then Extraction is definitely worth a look.
  67. Dead Space Etraction has literally taken parts from the best Survival Horror games and reconstituted them in a great rail shooter with a great deal of claustrophobic atmosphere and enemies. The unique requirement of dismembering enemies will turn some off to this game, but for those who can stomach the gore and stand the scares, there just isn't a better horror game for this console. Turn off the lights and good luck.
  68. Dead Space Extraction may be short on scares, but it's one of the best 18-rated games on the Wii, and also one of the best rail shooters ever made for any console.
  69. While you may not jump out of your seat, it’s hard to walk away undisturbed.
  70. 82
    Dead Space Extraction has great quality and it improves as you play.
  71. Extraction stands shoulder to shoulder with SEGA's Overkill as a great example of the modern on-rails shooter, showing just what the Wii's capable of when developers put their minds to it.
  72. Yet another adult game for the Wii that is a must have for your collection. Just turn off the lights and get ready for a scare.
  73. Once you get past the slower pace of the game, Dead Space: Extraction provides a slick extension of the Dead Space universe. It's not quite a traditional light gun shooter, but it's also not a first-person shooter. It's a hybrid that is well suited for this form of interactive storytelling, and it nicely balances action and exposition.
  74. 70
    Dead Space Extraction is a welcome addition to the on-rails genre. You have to like the slow pace, but the co-op mode on itself makes the game a must-have for fans!
  75. Dead Space Extraction offers exceptional presentation value and a substantial length. It brings many new additions to the genre while still featuring drop in and out co-op play. Of all the rail shooters on the system so far, this is one of the few to own.
  76. 85
    The most amazing thing about Dead Space Extraction is that even with everything working against it, it still rises above the challenge.

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  1. DanielS.
    Jan 31, 2010
    Dead space extraction is an incredible overall experience. You'll never see the plot twists coming and they'll actually make sense Dead space extraction is an incredible overall experience. You'll never see the plot twists coming and they'll actually make sense unlike the end of Modern Warfare 2. The shooting mechanics are very good for a light-gun game, but putting the game on rails makes it much less scary than the original dead space. If it weren't for the game being so short it would be a sure 10, but the lack of scares and short campaign make it only a near perfect experience. Full Review »
  2. ChrisH
    Sep 30, 2009
    My comment will probably be removed as it should, but just a quick and rather obvious point, that has been made so many times before: Game My comment will probably be removed as it should, but just a quick and rather obvious point, that has been made so many times before: Game Informer: Dead Space fans should check it out for the fiction... bla bla bla. Dead Space fans, as in the people who played the original which just happened to be on the other consoles. Is it that in this gaming world of today, we are now expected to not only own the latest consoles, but own every since one of them? Nothing wrong with exclusives, but why, when they already made a game on the other consoles, did they decide to make an exclusive for the one computer they didn't do the original for. Rant ends. Full Review »
  3. Dec 27, 2011
    This game isin't the best railshooter, but it's still good enough. The game focuses more on story and cinematic experience than any other sameThis game isin't the best railshooter, but it's still good enough. The game focuses more on story and cinematic experience than any other same genre game I have played. The graphics are good for Wii game, but the immersion of being one of the characters is broken all the time, which is a shame. For example, there are numerous times, where as small thing as seeing your hands when you're climbing something, could have helped with keeping the immersion. Weapons don't also feel powerful like when using arcade pistols, though Wiimote could be blamed about it. This game is pretty long for a railway shooter, but it's still pretty short compared to other games (4-5 hours). If you can find this game very cheap, buy and play it with your friend. There isin't anything scary in this game anyway. Full Review »